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Supplement Brand: ErgoPharm
1-AD Information
1-AD by Ergopharm is undoubtly the strongest prohormone ever produced, and now this second batch is even more amazing. This batch utilizes the "diol" version of the molecule, which unlike the previous 1-AD version will not irritate the stomach . 1-AD produces the same incredible muscle and strength gains without hassle because it is no longer necessary to take with food.

1-Ad Is A Natural Hormone Made in the Body

One of the remarkable things about 1-AD is that in addition to its impressive pharmacological activity, it is also a natural androgen produced by the human body. This means that 1-AD is not foreign to your body, and that it can sold legally as a nutritional supplement. Additionally, 1-ADýs high rate of active conversion after oral administration is not just a ýtheoryý of ErgoPharmýs. It has been demonstrated and published in a reputable peer reviewed journal.


*These statements about 1-AD have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 1-AD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued 1-AD and we no longer have it in stock.

1-AD Reviews

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  1.  irreplaceable
    I took one cycle with only protien and gained 25 solid lbs and lost 1.5% fat. I had no side-effects whatsoever.
    Reviewer: Adam Shealy from Atlanta, GA, USA on January 17, 2008

  1.  get hard
    1 bottle use a 2 a day, for 2 weeks to get in system and then 3 for the rest. 2 bottles 2 for 2 weeks, 3 for the 4th & 5th week and finsh with 4 for the rest if never used- just do 1 bottle come off using 6oxo and stay of for 1-2 months i suggest 2 month to let body rest- and bring back ball size and sex drive and workout still hard and eat good after 2 months go bye take 2 bottle cycle i suggest for anyone juicing or has used before do 2 bottle dont go higher then 4 will loose hair and acne comes 4 will base u out to gain 25 pounds 2 bottles increase about 35-50 pounds strenght this shit is no joke i went form 185- 220 8% fat 7-8am walk 1hour tread mill 8am 6 egg whites 1 wheat english 10am protein drink 12pm 2 piece grilled chicken wrap 2pm protein drink 4pm quarter pound turkey or chicken 5pm teddy peanut butter and green apple 6-730 gym 30min cardo 8pm carb protein drink 14 gram carbs lean body shower 10pm 2 turkey burger fn bed 1030 satuday same thing food eggs morning with honey turkey in it (like ham) just bring 2 drinks in car protein add water later go sub shop get wrap sunday eat whatever but lean stuff i eat steak tips rice or burito beans rice chicken carb up for monday u can do it no fn cheating get big
    Reviewer: craig from usa boston on December 04, 2006

  1.  1 AD tip
    Its too bad this stuff discontinued. This product works amazingly...I gained 10 pounds of muscle over my cycle with no side effects. Again its a disspointment that they discontinued a product that actually works...If anybody has this product still stack it with 4 AD..You will have rediculous gains... enjoy
    Reviewer: Ryan from Manchester, NH on June 15, 2006

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