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1-Testabolin-AQ Information
Did you ever wonder and dream about the day when sports nutrition and science would come together to create a naturally occurring supplement so effective, safe, and economical that you would never need to shop the black market again? Well that day has arrived!

Now achieve what you've only dreamed about thanks to BSN's release of our new breakthrough class of supplements and the world's 1st ever Designer Pro-Steroid (DPS) Complex! The first product in our DPS series, 1-Testabolin-AQ, is intended to deliver the type of physique altering results from a supplement that you've only imagined about!

No company has ever come this close to developing a more complete and effective supplement for packing on rapid, rock hard, chiseled lean muscle, and bar bending strength. We guarantee you will never need another illegal steroid again!


Dramatic Lean Muscle Gains!

Enhanced Fat Loss!

Increased Strength & Performance!

Essentially Zero DHT & Estrogen Related Side Effects!

Prolonged Androgenic Activity & A Primed Anabolic Environment!

Head Turning Hardness And Muscularity!

Natural Pro-Testosterone Enhancement!

Rapid Cell Volumization And Increased ATP Concentrations!

A Perpetually Pumped Look!

Only 1-Testabolin-AQ's pharmaceutically advanced and orally active formula delivers near 100% bioavailability of our precise anabolic/ androgenic/ anti-estrogenic/ cell volumizing combination!


17-Hydroxy-5-Alpha-Androst-1-ene-3-one-ether carbon molecular modification (17-Hydroxy-ECMM) aka 1-Testosterone is the premier anabolic / androgenic hormonal compound available for dramatic lean muscle gains, rapid fat loss, and increased strength and performance. This unique steroidal analogue has generated its own new classification as a pro-steroid. Why? Because nothing to date even comes close in either form or effectiveness to this revolutionary new compound.

17-Hydroxy-ECMM has a superior chemical profile to old-school prohormones of the past.Old school prohormones have poor conversion rates to their parent hormones, massive conversions to estrogen, and many pronounced side effects which has now rendered them obsolete. BSN's unique, highly effective, and orally active 17-Hydroxy-ECMM steroidal analogue now solves the inherent problem of prohormones and has clearly made its mark as the number one choice for pro-steroid supplementation.

17-Hydroxy-ECMM is almost identical in chemical structure and performance to Primobolan! 17-Hydroxy-ECMM also readily converts to a potent anabolic hormone which has been shown by the pharmaceutical company Searle to be 700% more anabolic than testosterone.(1) This could make 17-Hydroxy-ECMM one of the most anabolic compounds ever discovered! Due to the unique chemical make up of 17-Hydroxy-ECMM it does not aromatize! This means no DHT derived side effects (i.e. no conversion to estrogen, no hair loss, no gynecomastia, and essentially zero water retention and acne). 17-Hydroxy-ECMM has just eliminated the need to use another side-effect prone steroid or prohormone again.


BSN's technologically advanced orally active ECMM delivery system takes 17-Hydroxy to a new level in pharmacokinetics (the absorption and duration of the compound in the body). The ECMM protective barrier prevents the liver degradation process and allows 17-Hydroxy to be shuttled unharmed into the bloodstream where it binds to the receptor site for unsurpassed results. Our ECMM pharmaceutical technology allows for unmatched delivery, absorption, and uptake at the receptor site and prolonged pro-steroid blood levels that encourage near 24-hour growth. We have truly revolutionized pro-steroid delivery and bioavailability to almost pharmaceutical-like physique altering levels.


After months of research and worldwide sourcing of testosterone boosting compounds we discovered Cissus Quadragularis (CQ) aka Clomitrophin-Q (potentially one of the greatest discoveries in natural endogenous testosterone enhancement). CQ has been studied and used clinically for years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Research reveals that CQ contains a phytogenic steroid which is one of the key principals to its amazing androgenic properties. This phytogenic steroid has a direct and profound effect on the stimulation of the pituitary and the testes to release anabolic/androgenic hormones including testosterone. This direct increase in the body's natural production of testosterone produces a positive nitrogen balance, increased plasma protein content, and an increase in lean body mass. A study also revealed CQ treated animals showed an increased growth and healing response beyond that to the known anabolic steroid Durabolin.(2) Clomitrophin-Q not only helps to prevent prohormone and pro-steroid induced endogenous testosterone shut down it is also designed to help increase the body's natural hormonal output to new levels in free testosterone.


Kre-Alkalyn is a powerful patent-pending ph buffered highly bioavailable rapid cell volumizing agent designed to dramatically increase intramuscular ATP concentrations. Kre-Alkalyn maximizes cell growth and recuperation. It also provides measurable gains in strength, performance, and endurance. By shuttling needed cell volumizing nutrients to the muscle tissue Kre-Alkalyn creates a perpetually pumped (just walked out of the gym) look that lasts all day long! Kre-Alkalyn was implemented to work synergistically with 17-Hydroxy-ECMM and Clomitrophin-Q to create a primed anabolic/anti-catabolic environment.


1-Testabolin-AQ and our ECMM delivery technology eliminate the need for old school prohormones and less superior delivery systems! Gone are the days of transdermal sprays and gels, cyclodextrins, and liposomal liquids. Now you can achieve superior absorption, bioavailability, and prolonged anabolic activity in the blood stream with the convenience of an easy to swallow capsule.

1-Testabolin-AQ is clearly the new choice for bodybuilders and athletes of all calibers searching for dramatic lean mass gains, increased strength and performance, and that sought after ultra-hard muscularity!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For best results, use in conjunction with an exercise program. (1)Counsel et al., Anabolic Agents, Derivatives of 5 alpha-Androst-ene , J. Org. Chem., 27 (1962), 248-251. (2)Role of CQ on Fracture Healing. Adv Res Indian Medicine; 15 327-343. Udupa, K. et al., (1965).

1-Testabolin-AQ was just launched nationally. However, as part of BSNs commitment to ensure product quality and effectiveness every product undergoes a rigorous beta testing program. This program is designed to confirm the effectiveness of the product, monitor its results and effects, and make sure the product produces unparalleled real world results. Here is some of the feedback from the 1-Testabolin-AQ beta test group. If this is any indication (and we think it is) this product will fastly climb its way to the top as the most effective pro-steroid formula ever developed.

I have been using BSN products for the last 6 months and they are definitely the most effective products I have ever used. That is why I begged to be a part of the 1-Testabolin-AQ testing program. Let me tell you it was the best move I have ever made for a rapid gain in lean dense muscle. This is the most hardcore muscle-building product I have ever used. It puts the hard in hardcore. Everyone was amazed at my results only after a few weeks. Brett K., FL.

I have tried almost every roid under the sun and let me tell you 1-Testabolin-AQ is right up there in results. Aside from the freaky results that I got off 1-Testabolin-AQ, the thing I noticed most is that I didnt get any side effects like when I use the juice. This has definitely given me an alternative to roids. The results are just that good! Mike T., FL.

The testing program was awesome, thanks BSN. You guys really know how to make great supplements! I, like many, have tried steroids, and this is right up there as far as growth goes. When you increased the dosage to 6 capsules a day I felt like I was on 200mg of test! Thanks for excepting me into your testing program. Will P., FL.

What more can I say you guys are the bomb. You put another powerful product. Great results, no side effects, plus it didnt shut down my own testosterone production like a lot of prohormone formulas do! Please keep me in mind for any upcoming testing programs! Jimmy B., FL

I have never been leaner, harder, stronger, or bigger than I am right now. Mark my words, 1-Testabolin-AQ is going to take over the supplement industry as the best muscle builder available. Keith W., FL.


*These statements about 1-Testabolin-AQ have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 1-Testabolin-AQ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued 1-Testabolin-AQ and we no longer have it in stock.

1-Testabolin-AQ Reviews

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  1.  Just o.k
    Decent results, seen better with andro;s
    Reviewer: Carl from Boston, MA USA on July 26, 2005

  1.  4 weeks deep, on second bottle
    I recently went to a wedding, saw friends that I havent seen in a while, and they thought I was on roids. Only thing, maybe I'm just getting old. I think that it may cause hair loss. May be a coincidence, I dont know, but my hair is thinning since using the product, and I have very thick hair
    Reviewer: goldcoin from Boston, MA on May 28, 2004

  1.  Great stuff
    This is the best stuff i've used, I gained 8 lbs in three weeks and im alot stronger.
    Reviewer: Simon from Detroit, michigan on March 02, 2004

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