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357 Magnum

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Supplement Brand: BDI
357 Magnum
357 Magnum Information
Are you looking for something that will give you that extra pep you need? 357 HR Magnum tablets, the national best seller, will do just that! These layered tablets help fuel the body in a quick effective way. Each 357 HR Magnum bullet-shaped tablet delivers 200 mg of caffeine anhydrous, which provides the stimulant provides the stimulant boost you need to maintain an active lifestyle.

357 Magnum

*These statements about 357 Magnum have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 357 Magnum is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued 357 Magnum and we no longer have it in stock.

357 Magnum Reviews

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  1.  Yup They work! GREAT!!!
    Well a freind gave me a couple of these to "Boost my stamina" ,and THEY WORK GREAT!!! Forget what the critics say they don't know! Try'm they work :) But dont get carried away with'm!!!
    Reviewer: Vethormr from Lake Ozark, MO on May 08, 2008

  1.  whatever
    This stuff is really good due to the fact my father has been on them for about 9 years and never had a problem and neither did i. i have been talking the 3 years to help my Cluster migraines and they work. i believe that this could help keep there migraines down and give them a lil pep. So people this stuff works and is not bad for i never had any problems.
    Reviewer: Jeremiah Honaker from Mt. Sterling, KY on August 17, 2007

    This stuff is awful. Never ever take it. I and three friends used it. It made us so sick that one of the individuals involved had to go to the hospital. This stuff is to potant for and indivdual. I am not nor are my friends to any of the stimulants found in this stimulant. If you value your mind and stomach you will not take this product. I found my self Vometing the whole after noon and in to the night.
    Reviewer: 357 hatter from New York,New York on September 06, 2006

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