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Supplement Brand: ISS Research

We've discontinued 4-Androstene and we no longer have it in stock.

4-Androstene Reviews

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  1.  Info
    I know because of attitude problems and because it is becoming a steriod if u take it take an estrogen blocker and a liver and kidney protecter i know it turns me into a monster attitude wise but it is good for workouts i noticed slight gains in a week but better than anything i have ever took please email me back we could help each other
    Reviewer: Joe from Usa on November 17, 2004

  1.  Why is this product no longer available?
    Why is this androstene being taking off the market? I haven't heard why it is and i'm curious. If any one has any iformation on why it's no longer available, please let me know.
    Reviewer: John Stevenson from Dover, OH USA on March 13, 2004


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