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Supplement Brand: Klein-Becker

We've discontinued Aprinol and we no longer have it in stock.

Aprinol Reviews

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  1.  Best Product Ever!!!!!!!!!
    Please bring this product back!!!!!!! Aprinol is the only product that really, really works!!!! Aprinol did exactly what Aprinol promised. The fat on my upper body practically melted away within 2 months of using the product. I was amazed!!!!!! I didn't have any side effects from the product, and I never felt better. It's a real shame that this product was discontinued. Please bring it back.
    Reviewer: Madeline from New York, USA on March 20, 2006

  1.  Awesome Product
    This product is well worth the price. If you do what the directions say, it's a very effective weight loss product. It's a shame it has been discontinued.
    Reviewer: Shane from Olympia, WA USA on July 01, 2004

  1.  Best weight loss product yet
    I felt unsightly until I started taking this product and now I feel sexy!! The best product I've come across that really works! And I never exercised!!!! Its such a pity this has been discontinued.
    Reviewer: Sadie from Lauderdale Lakes, FL on March 18, 2004


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