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Beta Statin

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Supplement Brand: Betastatin Research
Beta Statin
Beta Statin Information
BetaStatin-WPI2 is an anabolic/anti-catabolic meal replacement. Studies have shown that trained athletes experience significant increases in muscle mass, muscle strength, and endurance with subsequent decreases in bodyfat by way of a clinically proven synergy of ingredients promoting the following metabolic functions:

Increased protein synthesis
Decreased muscle breakdown
Increased nitrogen retention
Significant mobilization and oxidation of fat cells during exercise
Decreased cortisol production
Increased cell voumization and glycogen storage
Increase growth hormone (GH) levels
Increase immunological response to infection

Here's Why Everyone's Switching to BetaStatin-WPI2...

How can you tell which meal replacements are truly effective, scientifically sound ergogenic catalysts? First and foremost, and the easiest way to distinguish the best from the rest is by looking at the protein source on the label. Protein is the most important component as far as bodybuilders go, and the protein source is the most important disclosure on the label. Lower-grade proteins, like milk protein isolates and caseinates, have a lower biological value (BV) and while they may represent X grams of protein, a smaller fraction ends up being used by the body because of their lesser quality. With a biological value of as high as 159, whey protein isolate is the highest quality and most effective protein source known to science (ultrafiltered/cross flow microfiltered whey protein isolate being the best of the best in absorbability and the most complete in protein microfractions).

Adding precise amounts of glutamine, phenylalanine and arginine will effectively round out the amino acid profile of whey protein, and could enhance its overall performance considerably (glutamine preferably in its more stable peptide form). Also, look for the addition of taurine, the second most abundant amino acid in the muscle cells next to glutamine. Its documented cell volumizing effect and probable role in decreasing protein breakdown make it a powerful complement to the modern meal replacement. Also look for other effective additions to the mix such as vanadyl sulfate, alpha keto glutarate (AKG) and the powerful anti-catabolic acetyl L-carnitine now showing up in some high-end meal replacements.

What about carbohydrates?
Not much to talk about here since the vast majority of companies marketing meal replacements do not seem to pay much attention to this component. Most use straight maltodextrin, a cheap complex carbohydrate from grain that burns more like a simple sugar than a complex carbohydrate. BetaStatin-WPI2 uses a combination of maltodextrin, brown rice complex, along with a special extraction of complex carbs derived from oats. This makes a sustained release complex to further regulate insulin levels and make the athlete feel more satisfied and less hungry afterward.

Let's take a look at what sets this superior quality product apart from all others:

BetaStatin-WPI2 is a precise blend of ultrafiltered/cross flow microfiltered whey protein isolates and hydrolyzed whey peptides. The words caseinate or milk proteins isolate do not ever appear on this label! This product contains the purest, most effective protein source of any meal replacement in existence.
BetaStatin-WPI2 is fortified with bodybuilding's most important amino acid, L-glutamine, in both the peptide and free forms. Glutamine is the most abundant free form amino acid in muscle tissue and is well documented for its potent anti-catabolic and growth hormone elevating effects. BetaStatin is enriched with taurine, the second most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Taurine mimics insulin and is shown to exert significant cell volumizing effects. BetaStatin is fortified with precise amounts of phenylalanine - the limiting amino acid in whey protein; and arginine, which occurs in relatively low amounts in whey proteins.
BetaStatin-WPI2 is fortified with the powerful (and very expensive) anti-catabolic acetyl L-carnitine. This potent super nutrient has been shown in research studies to prevent muscle breakdown and increase testosterone and growth hormone levels.
BetaStatin-WPI2 is heavily fortified with pure German creatine monohydrate. Creatine promotes significant cell volumization to increase lean muscle mass with dramatic increases in muscle strength.
BetaStatin-WPI2 is also fortified with vanadyl sulfate which along with taurine creates a powerful insulin-like synergy by which carbohydrates converted to glycogen are systematically absorbed to create significant increases in cell volume within the muscle.
BetaStatin-WPI2 contains a patented multi-enzyme blend called Digezyme designed to help increase digestion and increase the absorption of the entire nutritional spectrum. It also virtually eliminates indigestion, bloating, stomach gas, and heartburn. BetaStatin also contains a precise profile of vitamins and minerals integral in this metabolism and utilization of proteins. The makers of BetaStatin-WPI2 have created what is quite possibly the perfect bodybuilding food. User surveys indicate tremendous customer satisfaction with significant gains in muscle mass, strength, and endurance. With the introduction of scientifically based products such as BetaStatin-WPI2, the meal replacement concept is now entering a new frontier. If you are looking to gain the most out of your bodybuilding efforts, these next generation meal replacements will be one of your most valued tools.

Beta Statin

*These statements about Beta Statin have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Beta Statin is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Beta Statin and we no longer have it in stock.

Beta Statin Reviews

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  1.  Very good results
    I switched to BetaStatin to find something that tasted better. I have been on it for 4 months and am very pleased with the results.
    Reviewer: Daniel from Seattle, WA US on December 01, 2005

  1.  horrible
    horrible experienced mediocre results i should have stuck with isopure
    Reviewer: mike from lubbock texas on November 11, 2004


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