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Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules

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Supplement Brand: BSN
Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules
Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules Information






The Most Sought After Transformation In Bodybuilding Is Now A Reality! Introducing The Powerful Anabolic / Insulin Induced Metamorphosis!

Forces new levels of lean muscle growth and noticeable reductions in body fat!

Induces a supreme pump, rock hard muscularity, and tremendous vascularity!

Amplifies nitro-nutrient loading and retention (shuttles protein and carbohydrates into muscle cells and away from fat stores)!

Contains our orally active new breakthrough ethyl carbonate delivery technology!

Enhances strength, speed, and endurance!

Repairs muscle tissue and decreases recovery time!

Safe for men, women, and teenagers!


Within 2 weeks your muscles will be fuller and rock hard, your pumps will be intense and last all day, your strength and performance will sky rocket, your fat will start to disappear, and your body will start to take on a new lean muscular shape.


Have you ever felt like you were doing everything right (i.e. training hard and with consistency, eating the right amounts of protein and carbs at the right times) and you still didn't see results. Well you are like many frustrated bodybuilders. Be frustrated no more! 20E makes your muscle building efforts easy and allows you to make the advancements you have been searching for but always fell short of obtaining. A research study confirms that 20E dramatically increases lean muscle (when taken with protein). The subjects in this study showed an average increase of 7 lbs of lean muscle in only a few short weeks. This super potent anabolic compound promotes lean muscle, increases strength and performance, and decreases body fat by directly impacting your body's ability to synthesize protein and increase the amount of nitrogen in the muscle. Your muscles are made up of protein and nitrogen. 20E allows your body to retain more of the protein you consume and convert it over to more muscle building nitrogen. A simple translation: 20E + protein = a dramatic increase in lean mass. You can eat all the chicken, tuna, eggs, and protein powders you want, but if you don't utilize and retain that protein it's worthless and your muscle growth efforts will suffer. All you will end up with is a big grocery bill and an empty pocket book. 20E immediately maximizes your protein consumption and growth potential. You will literally feel and see the difference within weeks!

7-Hydroxy -ECMM is the superior and far more potent parent compound to 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone. This breakthrough new anabolic muscle building and leaning agent stays active in the body 4 times longer, has near 100% bioavailability, and is up to 3 times stronger than its precursor version 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone. It's like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. The difference is overwhelming. It doesn't stop there; we also dramatically improved the pharmacokinetics (the absorption and duration of the compound in the body). We attached our orally active ECMM (ethyl carbonate molecular modification) delivery technology to the 7-Hydroxy molecule. The ECMM protective barrier prevents the liver degradation process and allows the 7-Hydroxy molecule to be shuttled unharmed into the bloodstream. Our ECMM technology allows for unmatched delivery, absorption, and elevated blood levels that encourage 24-hour growth, recuperation, and fat loss.

4-Hydroxyisoluceine (aka 4-Hydroxy) is potentially the most powerful natural insulin agent to ever be discovered. We have all heard about the power of Insulin, the most anabolic hormone in the body. Insulin is the real deal when it comes to all day pumps, dramatic fat loss, and adding freaky new muscle (it is so powerful it far exceeds even the strongest steroid stack). The power doesn't stop there. If you were to stack insulin and anabolic steroids - LOOK OUT! You are in for a mind blowing experience - A total body metamorphosis! One so dramatic your mother won't recognize you. Until now the only way to obtain the sought after effects of the anabolic / insulin induced metamorphosis was to use dangerous prescription insulin and illegal steroids.

Well now, thanks to a breakthrough from BSN, you can obtain all of the benefits and none of the side effects of the anabolic / insulin induced metamorphosis. 4-Hydroxy acts to mimic the undeniable anabolic effects of prescription insulin. Insulin works by directly shuttling carbohydrates and protein into muscle cells. Where it serves to significantly build and recuperate muscle tissue while at the same time shedding your body of excess fat. Instead of adding more insulin into your body 4-Hydroxy makes better use of the natural insulin already there. 4-Hydroxy makes your muscle cells more sensitive and receptive to your own insulin, but doing it in such a powerful way that you would think your were using the real thing! This truly revolutionary compound is so amazing it alone has the ability to take your body in new directions. Now add this to our already powerful anabolic cocktail of 20E and 7-Hydroxy-ECMM and the result is the anabolic / insulin induced metamorphosis!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For best results, use in conjunction with an exercise program. **Reference - Simakin, S. Yu., et al., The Combined Use of Ecdisten and the Product 'Bodrost' during Training in Cyclical Types of Sport. Scientific Sports Bulletin, No. 2, 1988.

The feedback is in and after just a few weeks of use, Betalin-7-EC users are looking in the mirror and reporting dramatic transformations. Even the most seasoned athletes are reporting increased strength and endurance, tremendous lean muscle accrual, dramatic pumps that last all day, increased muscle fullness and hardness, along with a very noticeable reduction in body fat.

I only thought I could pack on muscle like this from creatine or steroidsThanks for showing me an alternative! Joe M., NY.

Everyone in the gym is asking me what I'm on. They don't believe that I look the way I do off Betalin-7-ECI have never looked or felt better. My training partner has been watching my body change and has seen my strength shoot up. He ran out today to buy 4 bottles! Steve R., IL.

You guys keep amazing me at how effective your products areBetalin-7-EC is the best! Gary K., CA.

I have been searching for years and now have finally found something that is safe and works like I imagined. I'm pumped all the time, I'm leaner, my strength and recuperation are incredible and I have added 17 lbs of muscle in 12 weeksthis stuff really works! Tony L., TX.

I have been dieting for 2 months and have dropped 12% body fat using your Thermonex. I just added Betalin-7-EC about 4 weeks ago and my lean muscle has already shot up 7 lbs. and I am still getting leaner! Stuart D., FL.

My girlfriend has been using Betalin-7-EC for about 10 weeks and her body fat is down about 4% and she is rock hard and toned. She is really freaking out and so am I - She looks amazing-Thanks! Ken W., GA.

Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules

*These statements about Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules and we no longer have it in stock.

Betalin-7-EC 90 Capsules Reviews

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  1.  betalin kicks ass
    Betalin 7 ec is a great product but is so expensive. I got it cheaper than usuall though. I payed $55 for only 22 days. I put on a lot of wieght to all my lifts, gained like 6 pounds, and lost a good amount of body fat. My endurance also sky rocketed and all my testing for football increased a huge amount. A friend and i both did betalin 7 ec and agreed that it was great and our resluts were the same too. All of my friends want ot try it now. If nothin else is workin give this a try. (just eat a lot of protein with it)
    Reviewer: Tom from Long Island, NY on November 13, 2005


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