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Calcium Citrate Chewables

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Supplement Brand: TwinLab
Calcium Citrate Chewables
Calcium Citrate Chewables Information
Calcium is necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth, also prevents muscle cramping, risk of colon cancer, maintain regular heart beat, protects against osteoporosis and helps relax the central nervous system. Calcium citrate is an ionized, soluble and chelated form of calcium preferred by many health and nutritional experts. It is often better absorbed than insoluble forms of calcium such as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Calcium citrate can be an enormous benefit to older people and people with greater calcium needs. It is also less likely to cause constipation than some other forms of calcium. In addition, each delicious calcium citrate wafer provides the added benefits of magnesium and vitamin D.

Calcium Citrate Chewables Ingredients
Elemental Calcium (from calcium citrate) - 1000mg - 100%, Elemental Magnesium (from magnesium aspartate - magnesium oxide) - 500mg - 125%, Vitamin D-3 - 400iu - 100% [% U S RDA]

Calcium Citrate Chewables Suggested Usage
Adults and children 4 or more years of age: 4 wafers daily. Post menopause women : 6 wafers daily. Children under 4 years of age: 2 wafers daily.

Calcium Citrate Chewables Contains
In a delicious all natural citrus fruit base. Each chewable wafer is slightly sweetened with pure crystalline fructose

Calcium Citrate Chewables Does Not Contain
Vegetables, Corn, Soy, Yeast, Wheat, Milk, Egg Products, Added Salt, Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, Milk Products.

Calcium Citrate Chewables

*These statements about Calcium Citrate Chewables have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Calcium Citrate Chewables is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Calcium Citrate Chewables Reviews

Be the first person to write a Calcium Citrate Chewables review!


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