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Clarinol CLA Plus

Clarinol CLA Plus Fat Absorption Control System in a Convenient Great-Tasting Liquid - Orange Creamsicle Flavor!

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a dietary supplement ingredient which is an effective product for reducing body fat and improving body shape. CLA not only helps you to lose body fat more effectively but also boosts your immune defenses.

Unfortunately, an effective dose of CLA has been about 4 to 10 capsules per day depending on the quality of the CLA source and the size of the gelcap. Now a great-tasting liquid version of highly concentrated CLA is available. Clarinol CLA Plus is a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to possess a number of health benefits. Just 1/2 a tablespoon per day is all you need to get the full benefits of CLA that have been detailed in study after study.

CLA has been shown to help your body reduce fat.
Studies indicate that CLA boosts your immune system.
CLA occurs naturally in dairy products and vegetable oils and is part of a healthy diet.
CLA consumption has decreased dramatically over the last 100 years mainly due to the increased use of low-fat foods and changes in the way cattle are fed.
Clarinol(tm) CLA Plus contains the highest possible concentration of beneficial active CLA fatty acids, which are called isomers. In a range of 1.4 to 6.8 grams per day of these active isomers, CLA provides an optimal daily dosage for fat mass reduction. At least 3.5 grams (3500mg) of CLA per day is recommended by many experts. Most encapsulated CLA products contain just 750mg of CLA per 1000mg gelcap so you need to take about 5 of them to match the amount of CLA in a serving of Clarinol CLA Plus. Not only is Clarinol CLA Plus more convenient than a handful of gelcaps, but much more economical as well!

Clarinol CLA Plus is provided in glyceride form. This form is identical to the CLA which occurs in natural products as vegetable oils, dairy and meat. An additional benefit of the glyceride is that it has a pleasant taste.

CLA has been shown to decrease body fat in many scientific studies to date. Therefore, when used in combination with a sensible diet and moderate exercise, this may result in safe and effective weight loss.

A number of studies in animals and humans indicate that CLA supplementation decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass. The increase in lean muscle mass is most pronounced in individuals who are exercising regularly, which makes it an ideal aid for maintaining desirable weight after extra pounds have been lost. The impact of CLA on fat metabolism comes from its effect on the interaction between fat storage cells -adipocytes- with skeletal muscle, the principal site where fat is burned to meet the body's energy needs. CLA appears to reduce the adipocytes. At the same time, CLA enhances the breakdown of fat molecules in the skeletal muscle cells, and it may mitigate the breakdown of muscle tissue to provide energy. Thus, fat is burned at a higher rate, while muscle is both fueled and preserved, leading to a reduction in fat and an increase in lean muscle mass.

CLA is a vegetable oil with a unique structure. Following digestion CLA is absorbed and metabolized by the body - as are all types of oils. Studies in animals and humans have shown that if the amount of CLA in the diet is increased this will result in an increase in the CLA levels in the body tissues.

CLA Plus

*These statements about CLA Plus have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CLA Plus is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued CLA Plus and we no longer have it in stock.

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