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CLA (Tonalin)

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Supplement Brand: Dymatize
CLA (Tonalin)
CLA (Tonalin) Information
Dymatize conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) contains an amazing 1,000 mg of TonalinĂ½ per capsule. CLA has been shown to play a vital role in reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone according to human clinical studies, and laboratory testing.

CLA (Tonalin)

*These statements about CLA (Tonalin) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CLA (Tonalin) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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CLA (Tonalin) Reviews

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  1.  I believe it works!
    It may be psychological that I'm taking 6 a day and a good diet of about 2000 cals with weights and cardio 4 times a week.. But I don't lose weight readily like this without supplements- it's hard like a yo yo. Over the first week on CLA , I've lost a 'real' pound and my waistline (muscle belt) feels a little tighter! The second week the same. Then the third... If this continues I'll be happy as although I am monitoring my food intake heavily, I am not actually dieting! Like I say, everyday I do 1800 to 2300 calories and exercise, take in less than 55g of fat, about 80 to 100g protein, 22 to 38g fibre and carbs vary 260 to 350g a day(depends what I eat)... My digestion is affected slightly as it is leaving my stomach feeling warm and a little tender??(not a problem) with fattier loose stools. I had a tendency towards cholesterol, that's why I know what nutrient content my food has in it. Although my waist does not measure smaller on the tape after 3 weeks, my trousers do have a looser grip on my hips. But you see I have a big, round 45'' chest on a 34'' fat but weight trained waist, so it wont shrink quick due to musclemass there too. I hope I've delivered good enough information from a genuine Joe in the street. With the truth as it has happened for me.
    Reviewer: Neil Tilley from uk on April 07, 2004


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