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Cyclo-diol Powder

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Supplement Brand: ErgoPharm
Cyclo-diol Powder
Cyclo-diol Powder Information
Cyclo-Diol Powder!

Cyclo-Diol Powder provides the greatest rise in testosterone, in the shortest amount of time (minutes), of any commercially available dietary prohormone supplement!

Cyclo-delivery provides the maximum testosterone response of any delivery method or prohormone product. (See graph above).
Maximum benefits are achieved in 30-40 minutes, with benefits that last for hours (See graph above). No other delivery system can compare.
Results confirmed in University studies.
What is in Cyclo-Diol Powder?

Hydroxypropyl-beta cyclodextrin, the most effective and soluble cyclodextrin available for prohormones, is chemically complexed with Androdiol into a versatile water-soluble powder.
Androdiol (4-androstenediol) offers the highest testosterone conversion of all the andros, without the downside associated with androstenedione*
How should I take Cyclo-Diol Powder?

You have two options:
For maximum effectiveness, put half a scoop under the tongue, and let dissolve. Do this three times a day.
Mix two scoops in a drink, three times a day.
Put half a scoop under the tongue, and let dissolve 30 minutes prior to working out, or anticipated sexual activity, for quick acting performance increases.
Also can be used in conjunction with Ergopharm oral capsules (Androdiol Select 300) and Ergopharm sprays (Andro Spray) to increase results.
Who takes Cyclo-Diol Powder?

Men looking for increased muscle growth, sex drive, and energy levels and other benefits associated with testosterone increase**. Men looking for optimal anabolic and androgenic benefits from a testosterone precursor.
Men looking for the most effective way to take andro prior to a performance, whether it is in the gym, on the playing field, or in the bedroom!
Men looking for the most economical way of purchasing a Cyclo-Diol product.

*Androdiol is the most potent and effective andro tesosterone precursor on the market today. Androdiol is recognized as the andro leader because:

Androdiol offers the greatest testosterone conversion, over a 310% greater conversion than androstenedione in University studies.
Androdiol cannot directly aromatize to estrogen (a problem with androstenedione).
Androdiol doesn't convert to DHT or its derivatives. DHT is linked to undesirable efffects such as male pattern baldness or prostatic hypertrophy (a problem with androstenedione).
*Testosterone is the most important male hormone, not only because it affects muscle mass and strength (anabolic effects, but also because it affects mood, sexual drive and energy level (all androgenic effects), as well as many other positive effects.

Cyclo-diol Powder

*These statements about Cyclo-diol Powder have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cyclo-diol Powder is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Cyclo-diol Powder and we no longer have it in stock.

Cyclo-diol Powder Reviews

Be the first person to write a Cyclo-diol Powder review!


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