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Supplement Brand: VPX

We've discontinued Decavar and we no longer have it in stock.

Decavar Reviews

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  1.  Works very well!, age35, bdy wt: 149, ended w/ 154
    Before vaca i started this cycle. Had 4 weeks, so it was short cycle. My bench was stuck at 155 (weak), after my 2nd week, i was hitting over 200lbs, my soreness was nil, and i assimilated protein (via Muscle Milk) well. Looked and felt good on the beach..on off cycle i used Biotest Tribestan for libido&estrogen control..real strength gainer..
    Reviewer: Joe "Kidd Vicious" from San Francisco on September 10, 2004

  1.  who knows
    I haven't tried this product. But I am definately excited to take it. It sounds convincing in As soon as i am done with the cycle, ill get back to this review.
    Reviewer: Big Panch from Chicago, Illinois on February 13, 2004


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