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DHEA Information
For many years DHEA, or dehydroepiandosterone, was considered a junk hormone, since researchers could not attribute any specific function to it. In the past few years, DHEA's image problem has been totally refurbished. It is the most abundant hormone in humans and other mammals, and it plays a critical role in many different bodily functions. In fact, decrease in DHEA levels is being increasingly used as an indicator of reduced immune response, loss of libido and lack of a sense of general wellbeing. Clinical studies over the past ten years show that DHEA may be the most critical single chemical in predicting health and disease.

The body produces DHEA in the adrenal gland using cholesterol as the starting material. It is metabolized to androstenedione, which is converted directly to testosterone. Like testosterone (estrogen in women) and other critical hormones, DHEA levels peak in the second or third decade of life, after which the decline begins. In men, roughly one-half of DHEA is lost by age 40. Reduced levels of DHEA mean reduced amounts of androstenedione, testosterone and other steroid hormone metabolites. It is interesting to note that as cholesterol in general increases with age, DHEA levels decrease. As a result, DHEA deficiency is associated with an array of chronic conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and various immune deficiencies, including autoimmune diseases.

DHEA directly affects glucose metabolism. High blood glucose inhibits growth hormone (GH) and low blood glucose stimulates growth hormone. Stimulation of growth hormone is beneficial to DHEA, because it suppresses insulin. By the same token, fasting increases both GH and DHEA. Thus, the importance of DHEA in intense exercise and endurance training can hardly be overemphasized. In fact, Dr. William Regelson of Medical College of Virginia in his book The Superhormone Promise calls DHEA the superstar of hormones and one of the most powerful tools available for enhancing and extending life.

Clinical results show that oral supplementation with DHEA can have numerous beneficial effects including:

Feelings of energy and wellbeing.

Improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Reduced risk of coronary artery diseases.

Lower obesity/waist-to-hip ratio.

Enhanced libido.

Reduced depression and increases cognitive ability.

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What is the Difference between DHEA and DHEA Sulfate?
The total DHEA in the blood is a combination of free DHEA and DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S), which is a DHEA molecule with a sulfur atom attached to it. Although no distinction is normally made between DHEA and DHEA-S, it should be noted that DHEA-S functions as a ready reservoir of weakly bound DHEA.

Does Oral DHEA Supplementation Work?
Numerous studies, some of which are listed in the references above, have shown that oral DHEA works quite efficiently. Intake of as small an amount as 100 mg DHEA each day can result in remarkable increase in both physical and psychological wellbeing. It helps improve muscle mass and muscle strength is increased. Since it is a powerful hormone, in cases of any clinical conditions, it should be taken under clinical supervision and in consultation with your primary care physician.

When Should One Use DHEA Supplementation?
If the DHEA levels in the bloodstream drop below a certain value --normally, 180 ng/dL in women and 220 ng/dL in men-- DHEA supplementation may become necessary.

DHEA Ingredients
Dhea Dehydroepiandrosterone - 50mg

DHEA Suggested Usage
One (1) capsule daily or as recommended by a licensed health care professional.

DHEA Does Not Contain
Starch, Wax, Preservatives,Yeast, Artificial Color, Flavor.


*These statements about DHEA have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. DHEA is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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DHEA Reviews

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  1.  Great Stuff!
    I picked up some of this stuff at wal-mart for around $5.00. I didn't expect much as I've tried virtually every supplement out there and find that the manufacturers claims are often exaggerated or misleading. I've been taking DHEA (50mg/day) for about a week now and I can honestly say that it has had a very positive effect on me. I truly feel better and the physical effects are quite obvious. I've always been lean but now I have much more definition with regards to my muscle groups. I've actually gained a few pounds of muscle. In my opinion this is one of the few legitimate over OTC drugs that actually perform as claimed.
    Reviewer: Marty Smith from Kingsville on August 19, 2006


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