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Juiced Protein

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Supplement Brand: Pinnacle
Juiced Protein
Juiced Protein Information
The first protein supplement that unlocks a key genetic regulator of muscle growth.
If you consider yourself a hard gainer or just feel like youve maxed out your potential for growth, Pinnacle scientists have come up with a powerful answer!

New Pinnacle Juiced Protein delivers a muscle-building advantage never before available to the general public. Its not just a little better than other protein powders on the market, it makes them all obsolete!

KFC breeding gigantic chickens three times normal size! McDonald's raising massive cows yielding 6 times more meat!
Researchers at Johns Hopkins creating mighty mice 200 to 300% more muscular that ordinary field mice!

No, it's science's next great push to bio-engineer super beings. More important to you, it's a major breakthrough
that could help bodybuilders and weight trainers grow bigger, leaner and more muscularfaster than ever!
Now, a revolutionary new product from Pinnacle called Juiced ProteinTM with MyoZap Natural Myostatin Neutralizer gets you in on the ground floor. Three years in development, it's everything you ever wanted in a protein powder, plus something you could never, ever have!

The key to the fast food chains' and Johns Hopkins' huge new developments is the manipulation of something called the myostatin gene (nicknamed the Schwarzenegger Gene). Common to
many animals as well as humans, it produces a protein called myostatin that helps regulate and limit muscle growth in the body (the more myostatin you have, the less muscle you can build).
But remove this regulator and ...Zap! You can bust right through your genetic growth ceiling. Genetic engineering of animals as mentioned above (i.e. chickens, cattle, mice) has already successfully reduced myostatin levels resulting in unbelievable muscle gains (see mice photo).

Since you cannot be genetically altered, the next best thing is trying to mimic this myostatin neutralizing effect in your own body. That's where new Pinnacle Juiced Protein comes in.
It contains a natural myostatin neutralizer called MyoZap (derived from standardized marine vegetable extract, Cystoseira canariensis) that has been shown to help safely and effectively scavenge myostatin in the body.
When combined with a diet and training program, it can help supercharge growth to a entirely new level!

But Pinnacle Juiced Protein doesn't stop there. It also creates an optimum environment for lean muscle synthesis by delivering the highest quality whey protein available (104 BV as established by the World Health Organization). It's a one-two punch that only new Pinnacle Juiced Protein delivers!


The news is awesome! So stunning that its gonna rock the bodybuilding world and have a lot of nay-sayers and non-believers eating crow For the first time, the natural myostatin
neutralizer MyoZap/CSP-3 in Pinnacle Juiced Protein has been proven to induce significant protein synthesis (anabolic muscle growth) in human beings when supplemented with whey protein. Thats rightsignificant anabolic muscle growth in human beings!


The landmark human study was the next logical progression in the Myostatin Project which is researching the extraordinary anabolic potential of natural myostatin neutralizers such
as MyoZap/CSP-3 in Pinnacle Juiced Protein. Initial studies done on cattle and mice showed unprescedented muscle gains when myostatin was neutralized (suppressed). Now, for the first time, a human study has confirmed that 40 grams of whey protein with MyoZap/CSP-3 is 50% more anabolic than whey protein alone.


According to the clinical study which was just completed (October 2002) at the internationally-renowned Russian Olympic Wrestling Center, test subjects who were administered 40 grams of whey protein plus 500 milligrams of MyoZap/CSP-3 twice a day as part of their diet and training regimen experienced a remarkable 50% greater protein synthesis (anabolic muscle growth)
than the test group that took whey protein alone!


MyoZap/CSP-3 is a proprietary natural myostatin neutralizer containing Crystalline Fraction C isolated and purified from
cultured marine plant Cystoseira canariensis. Combined with a
complete diet and exercise program, Pinnacle Juiced Protein delivers MyoZap/CSP-3 plus the highest quality whey protein to
create a highly powerful, synergistic combination that can help
supercharge muscle growth to the next level!


The human subjects included 18 professional, world-class competitive wrestlers from Russia who were divided into two groups one, which took whey protein plus MyoZap/CSP-3, and a second, which took whey protein alone. All the subjects maintained their professional training program during the trial. Before and after 60 days of supplementation, samples of muscle tissue were measured (using serial muscle biopsy) revealing the eye-popping results! The study was conducted independently in cooperation with Russian Olympic Wrestling Center (Dagestan, Russia Federation).

Juiced Protein

*These statements about Juiced Protein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Juiced Protein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Juiced Protein and we no longer have it in stock.

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  1.  great
    this product isnt bad its strawberry flavor is pretty good mixed with milk,a little ice in a blender....descent results with the myozap
    Reviewer: jack from san diego on July 12, 2004


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