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Liquid Yohimbe Bark

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Liquid Yohimbe Bark
Liquid Yohimbe Bark Information
Lately Viagra has dominated the news and headlines as the only remedy for erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence. Despite the aggressive media campaign on behalf of Viagra, natural remedies are available that are equally effective, probably safer, and certainly more cost-effective in restoring erectile function.

Used for centuries in West Africa, yohimbe bark was used as a tea to enhance virility. For more than 50 years, before the advent of Viagra, an extract of yohimbe bark, with its active ingredient yohimbine, was used in the United States to treat sexual problems in both males and females.

Some human trials have shown that yohimbine provides benefits if there is no organic cause of erectile dysfunction. That is, if the decrease in libido is a result of stress, anxiety, or advancing years, and not due to any illnesses, including psychiatric conditions.

The latest German study published in 1997 shows that 71% of 83 males diagnosed with erectile dysfunction responded favorably to yohimbine treatment over an eight-week period. More importantly, it should be noted that yohimbe bark extract does not require testosterone as an aid to enhance libido.

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What is the Optimal Dose for Yohimbine?
The doses of yohimbine reported to be safe vary from 18 mg to 100 mg per day, and should be divided into three or four doses. One study reported that a single dose of 100 mg per day did not prove to be effective.

Does Yohimbine Have Adverse Effects?
Most researchers deem it to be safe and is generally tolerated well when used in the recommended doses. Increase in dosage may cause anxiety, dizziness, headache, nausea, increased urinary frequency and insomnia. Yohimbine may also cause high blood pressure and, as a result, occasional arrhythmia. The individual optimal dose may be determined by consultation with a healthcare provider.

Who Should Not Take Yohimbine?
Men with known and diagnosed high blood pressure or a family history of high blood pressure should not take yohimbine.

Liquid Yohimbe Bark Ingredients
25mg of Standardized Yohimbe Bark Extract (standardized extract containing 2% Yohimbine) In a Base of Saw Palmetto Berried and Sarsaparilla Root (smilax-officinalis)

Liquid Yohimbe Bark Suggested Usage
Place one milliliter (1ml) under the tongue, one or two times daily.

Liquid Yohimbe Bark Contains
U.S.P. alcohol&20%, Standardized Yohimbe Bark Extract

Liquid Yohimbe Bark

*These statements about Liquid Yohimbe Bark have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Liquid Yohimbe Bark is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1.  This Stuff Really Works
    I have been taking it as directed on the bottle for four weeks now. I am having much harder erections, and the staying power is much longer. I feel much better mentally, and physically. Also, I have noticed that my penis looks "full" all the time. This is great stuff!
    Reviewer: William from San Antonio Texas on February 02, 2004


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