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Supplement Brand: MRI

We've discontinued NO2 and we no longer have it in stock.

NO2 Reviews

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  1.  Great results.....high price
    I started taking NO2 about 1 year ago and from then until now my work outs have changed drastically. I started taking when I was almost 18, benching 250 10 reps. I am now maxing out at 420lbs. IF you drink the recommended 60 - 80 ounces of water a day this will help keep your muscles look and feel good. Before I started taking NO2 I weighed in at 205 at 6 foot. I now weight 217. My entire workout has dramatically changed since first taking NO2. If you can stick to your workout 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours each time and keep cranking, you will see results. The only downfall to this product is the price.
    Reviewer: Cody Kline from Shippensburg, PA USA on January 17, 2008

  1.  Strength increase, yet no perpetual pump
    I've been on MRI NO2 for about a week now, I have to say my strength has gone through the roof; however, I haven't noticed any perpetual pump, other than how i normally am. I used to incline bench 45 on each side and now i can do 60 on each side (30lb increase), also, my squat strength increased by about 40 pounds. It's important to note that I also take Celltech, glutamine, and a multivitamin. For those of you who will say that my increase in strength also comes from celltech, I've been taking this supplement for about 3 months now so the overwhelming increase in intensity I believe is attributed to the NO2. Is it a psychologial effect? who gives a ****, im stronger than ever and will use that to my favor. Hope this helps.
    Reviewer: Pedro from Bloomington, IN on June 15, 2004

  1.  best supplement ive tried
    NO2 definitely increases muscle size and streangth. After two bottles I gained about ten pounds and lost a little fat in the process. You really notice the perpetual pump too.
    Reviewer: phill from Pittsburgh on April 04, 2004

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