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Supplement Brand: BSN
No-Xplode Information
NO Meta-Fusion is the core of NO-Xplode. It is the catalyst that makes the entire formula and its amazing body altering and mind enhancing effects possible. NO Meta-Fusion opens the door to vaso-muscular enlargement by immediately ramping up and sustaining Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. NO widens the blood vessel, which in turn accelerates blood flow to the muscle. This sudden blood surge causes mind blowing pumps and a rapid increase in the overall size and shape of your muscles. And it all happens within minutes! The result? Your veins will stick out like a garden hose and your muscles will be jacked up beyond belief. NO Meta-Fusion precision delivers a powerful blend of the new muscle volumizing creatine matrix that only NO-Xplode provides.

Instant Gratification With The Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix : No Bloat, No Stomach Cramps, No Fat Gain - Just Rock-Hard, Swollen Muscles!

Existing creatine supplements and related products make you wait days, weeks, or even longer to get results. If you're like many, you won't get any results at all. A key problem is that these products don't 'train' your muscles to store more creatine. Your muscles can only hold so much creatine. Once they're topped off, the gains come to a screeching halt; and if your muscles are topped off to begin with, you may not respond to these products at all ('non-responder').

NO-Xplode has eliminated this problem by increasing you body's creatine saturation point. It completely opens up the blood vessels which feed the muscle, allowing the Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix to stretch the muscle cell and force it to hold more creatine and other volumizing nutrients. And what's even more amazing, is that this starts happening within minutes of ingestion.

Not only does NO-Xplode start producing results you can see and feel almost immediately, but it also doesn't require sugar to make it work. In contrast, other creatine products come loaded with fat promoting sugars. They can cause you to gain fat and appear bloated or 'puffy'. With NO-Xplode you'll never feel bloated, retain water, or get fat. Plus, your stomach won't have any problems absorbing it, which eliminates painful cramps or stomach discomfort! Now even the toughest creatine "non-responder" will experience intense pumps and pack on rock hard muscle!

Get Dialed In, Every Single Workout, With The Ener-Tropic Xplosion !

To get a maximum pump, you've got to connect with your muscles with 100% focus on every set and every rep (the mind-muscle connection). Existing stimulant products give you a general mental 'kick' that often leaves you less focused (and more agitated) than you were before .

NO-Xplode's one-of-a-kind blend of methylxanthine and nootropics (brain stimulating nutrients) energizes your brain and body with the most focused intensity imaginable, within minutes of ingestion . It physically and mentally prepares you for the most growth-stimulating workout possible, and then it carries you through it . You not only feel an improvement in your mood and well being but it actually seems to stimulate the desire to workout.

Complete Muscle Hydration And Nutrient Saturation With Glycerol Hydrating Polymers And Phospho-Electrolyte Replacers!

This complex blend is a powerful magnet for water, protein, carbohydrates, creatine, and other muscle building nutrients within the muscle. It not only pulls and traps these nutrients inside the muscle, but also improves there uptake by the cell. This innovative system dramatically enhances the pump, fuels the body for intense training sessions, reduces lactic acid build up, replenishes lost electrolytes, enhances endurance and stamina, and saturates the muscle with nutrients for growth.

Now You Can Start Seeing and Feeling Rapid Results For All Your Time And Effort!

Nothing is more frustrating than investing time and effort into training, and then not achieving the result you envisioned. Time is your most valuable asset, start saving yourself from hundreds of hours of 'growth-less' workouts. NO-Xplode will not only make your time and effort worth while, it will quickly take your long term goals and make them short term accomplishments. This is the product that they should have handed you when you signed up at the gym. It's like the set of keys that came with your car.

With NO-Xplode there is no more waiting, hoping, or praying for results. No more workouts where your muscles feel and look flat, or where your mind and your muscles are not synched up. No more leaving the gym feeing like shouldn't have even gone in the first place. Other supplements may have you waiting days, weeks or months with no visible results. In fact, with many products, you may never see results. All that has just changed!

NO-Xplode begins working within minutes of taking it, it gets you dialed in and pumped for every single workout. No other products can say that. No other products can do that.

Your perfect workout awaits with NO-Xplode. Take rightful ownership of it today.

A Personal Note To All Supplement Consumers!

BSN has quickly become the " go to " company for cutting edge science and the most effective, result producing supplements in sports nutrition. This has been our goal from day one and continues to drive the company on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time and the standard of quality and excellence we strive to live up to; but more importantly we are driven by the results BSN consumers have come to expect from products like Nitrix, Thermonex, Testabolin, Lean Dessert Protein , etc.. However, this is definitely not the time to pat ourselves on the back! Instead, we will buckle down, work harder, push the limits of innovation, and keep creating the most effective products available. Our mission is not only to rapidly transform your body but "WOW" you in the process. BSN has created the highest level of expectations not only for our company, but for you as well. With that being said... FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! We must continue to not just merely deliver the goods, but instead, completely blow you away every time a new product is introduced. I can sum up NO-Xplode in two words - "Mission Accomplished" !

Formulating The Unimaginable!

If you are looking for something to compare NO-Xplode to - there is nothing! If you are looking for a product that has similar ingredients - you won't find it! If you are going to wait until a knock-off comes out and try that - you will be extremely disappointed! NO-Xplode is truly revolutionary in every aspect. The ingredient profile is mind-blowing ! Many of the ingredients in NO-Xplode are completely unique and relatively unheard of, and to date have never been applied to a product of this magnitude. If you think there is something out there or that will come along that will outperform this product - it's not possible! I spent year developing this product and it is more complicated to formulate than imaginable. Most companies are not willing to spend the time or money on trying to develop a product of this caliber. In an effort to protect NO-Xplode from knock-off companies, BSN has filed for various patents to help protect the products integrity. Simply, there has never been a product to date that has even come close to producing the growth, pump, mental focus, and performance factors that NO-Xplode will come to be know for. NO-Xplode is an amazing accomplishment in the history of supplementation.

No-Xplode Suggested Usage
RECOMMENDED USE ON NON-TRAINING DAYS: As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 4-8 oz of cold water or any beverage of your choice (on an empty stomach). To achieve maximum results, avoid eating a meal or drinking a protein shake within an hour of taking NO-Xplode.

NOTE: To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within 4 hours of bedtime. Taking NO-Xplode with food or on a full stomach will diminish its effects. Additionally, while taking NO-Xplode it is ideal to keep L-Glutamine powder supplementation to 10 grams or under per day. Taking a product that contains ephedrine will also diminish the effects of NO-Xplode. To fully benefit from the vaso-muscular volumizing effects of NO-Xplode it is recommended to take it everyday, and consume 120 oz of water per day and a diet that is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Every individual's body chemistry and weight will determine how long it takes for NO-Xplode to induce its maximum efffects. Many individuals may notice the initial energy, mental focus, and volumizing effects within 5-15 minutes of ingestion. These effects tend to become progressively more pronounced every few minutes thereafter. Others may begin to notice the initial signs within 30-45 minutes of ingestion. Again, these effects tend to become progressively more pronounced every few minutes thereafter. NO-Xplode induces its maximum energy and vaso-muscular volumizing effects within 1-5 hours after ingestion.


*These statements about No-Xplode have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No-Xplode is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued No-Xplode and we no longer have it in stock.

No-Xplode Reviews

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  1.  aight!
    believe me this stuff really works but you will crash hard afterwards
    Reviewer: kev from tx on March 06, 2008

  1.  Shits great.
    I've taken it for 2 days now...and it works great. I have a ton of energy now in practice...and when im done with practice I still have energy to come home and life weights. Don't listen to the stupid ass people who are probably competiters below me trying to nock the product. Stuff is good, and its worth every penny.
    Reviewer: Logan from Freeport, Illinois USA on February 20, 2008

  1.  bsn(bullshit nutrition)
    The 1st day taking this stuff was the bomb, what a rush. From day 2 onwards for a whole month there was no kick whatsoever. This product is pricy and it is bull shit.
    Reviewer: dhiren from Johannesburg, South Africa on September 10, 2007

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