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Versa Grips

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Supplement Brand: Power Grips
Versa Grips
Versa Grips Information
Developed by strength trainers, VERSA GRIPPS mold between your hand and the lifting bar, locking your grip in place during pulling exercises - such as deadlifts:

Comfortable, they stand up in front of your hand, making them easy to use, even over your head.

VERSA GRIPPS - protects your hands like gloves during pushing exercises, such as bench pressing.

Versatile and offer good wrist support and made in the USA of strong, high quality, custom engineered, non-slip material.

Versa Grips

*These statements about Versa Grips have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Versa Grips is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Versa Grips and we no longer have it in stock.

Versa Grips Reviews

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  1.  Money well spent on training!!!
    This is one of the best investments I have made in training equipment. In fact I had to buy a second set to lend / give to my training partner to get him to stop barrowing mine. For some serious advancements in training, and confidence you've got a grip on those big dumbells, this is the product, watch your number go up as you train.
    Reviewer: Aaron Paul Ocean from Balad, Iraq, US ARMY on January 31, 2006

  1.  versa grips
    I am a bodybuilder so lifting heavy weights is my job. Versa grips allow me to lift more poundages then ever before and i noticed amazing gains of muscle mass. Thanks to this great product i have won the Arnold Classic this year.
    Reviewer: Dexter Jackson from USA on April 09, 2005

  1.  Versa Grips
    They are the best type of wrist and palm protection ever made and its supposed to be for your grip. I know lift 5 times more weight then i did before for eample i would only row 60 pounds but thanks to versa grips i know do 100 pounders like a beast!!! buy this product if you are a seriouse weight lifter and bodybuilder for maximum performance.
    Reviewer: Edward Shermann from USA on April 02, 2005

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