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ErgoPharm 6-OXO Reviews

(11 customer reviews)
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  1.  Save your money
    Pretty worthless. Finished a whole bottle with almost no results. Felt like I had a little more energy during my workouts but that could just be the placebo effect. As a muscle builder this product stinks save your money for something like creatine.
    Reviewer: Ed from Fairfax, VA on February 19, 2008

  1.  is this searious
    For the price of this product it really doesnt do anything. It seems to me to be a huge marketing hype. It should be priced at 10$, the 40$ that i cost should have been used to by chicken breast or somthing more usefull. Idiodic claims, does anyone really see the affects in 2 months, or do they see the affects of their hard workout triaining, duh, its the training, this stuff is just a claim to make money.
    Reviewer: Not Important from Vermont on September 12, 2007

  1.  Very decent
    This product is actually very decent, but if you are taking it by itself, it will not work to the degree you want it to. I took it for months with high dosage of tribulus and your regular protein and glutamine. Only reason it doesn't score higher is because of the price, expensive stuff.
    Reviewer: c-money from canada on August 29, 2006

  1.  Not Bad
    6 oxo is a good product. Its not real potent, but it will restore your test levels fast and help bring estrogen down. Got a lil strength gain, but not really worth the price.
    Reviewer: Jimmy from Richmond, VA USA on April 14, 2006

  1.  I got nothing
    I showed no progress after using this product for 2 months. Maybe it's just me.
    Reviewer: Weeksy from Greenville, NC on December 12, 2005

  1.  good gains way overpriced
    I got solid gains form taking this product. Of course I was working out regularly and eating a bunch of food. But I've been in the supplement industry for many years now and know that this $40 product only cost $5 to make. The other $35 goes to marketing and of course the company needs to turn a profit. Nothing wrong with making a profit but 80% of what we pay for goes towards marketing.
    Reviewer: G divvy from Oahu Hawaii on July 25, 2005

  1.  Works well but works better stacked
    I take it with DHEA and Tribulus. I also use V12 Turbo from SAN. This combo has really given me nice gains in size and strength. You should cycle The oxo as directed and only take the Dhea and tribulus about 1 hour prior to work-out. Cycle the Dhea and tribulus two weeks on two off, as not to mess with your natural production. The 6-OXO will keep the girly hormones away.
    Reviewer: Mrfilter2u from Winston-Salem NC on July 14, 2005

  1.  Great
    Very good product, comparable to clomid post-cycle.
    Reviewer: oxo man from Ontario, Canada on March 30, 2005

  1.  Not as efective as Nolva but it works
    This product works, but if you get gyno or other estrogen induced side effects you have to use something more potent.
    Reviewer: Jeff Robinson from San Diego, CA USA on March 09, 2004

  1.  REALLY WORKS!!!!
    Reviewer: BOB SMITH from USA on February 05, 2004

  1.  excellent so far, during Test Enanthate and Deca cycle
    I am stacking Test Enanthate and Deca right now, using 2 mls each 2X a week. The 6-OXO has kept the estrogen problem in check, and kept my natural test levels up. I am going to use it for post-recovery as well. Many friends have used it with much success. It's a great product
    Reviewer: jimbo from Boston MA on January 21, 2004


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