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KMS Carbolizer Reviews

(6 customer reviews)
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  1.  it's BACK!
    Carbolizer is in stores again among others Ephedra products! this workes for me, im in ti again today its my first day i took twoo at noon and it's 5:19 pm and im not hungry again...
    Reviewer: Erika M. from Dominican Republic on February 12, 2007

    Tried everything I can find and read about, nothing has worked as well as this product. Please bring this back!!!!!
    Reviewer: Pam from ATL from Atlanta, GA on December 22, 2005

  1.  this one was the best
    this one really helped me to get back in shape.i bet who ever ordered to discontinue this product stocked up on it
    Reviewer: jackie from Virginia on October 21, 2005

  1.  good stuff
    I lost 20lbs on this product in a 3 month time frame. then it was taken off the market. I tried several other products that said they "melt the fat off" and NOTHING worked like this product did for me.
    Reviewer: Rod from FT Walton Bch, FL on October 17, 2005

  1.  bring back!!!!
    I LOVED LOVED this product!!!!! Please bring it back!!!!
    Reviewer: Theresa Murphy from chicago, IL USA on April 19, 2005

  1.  It does the job
    Ive use this product in the past to help me slim down, and it did just that. It really helps you control your appetite
    Reviewer: Pete Benjamin from Long Beach, CA on February 27, 2004


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