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MLO Products Mus-L Blast 2000 Reviews

(23 customer reviews)
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  1.  really worked for this hard gainer
    I have lifted weights for over 20 years. This product works very well. when i used it with non fat milk I gained faster but added more fat. with water only I put on 20 YES TWENTY pounds with less fat. took it 3-4 per day just sipped between meals vs. chuggin it worked best
    Reviewer: david from denver on February 25, 2008

  1.  It works!
    I have been taking this for 4weeks and Ican see the results already:D when I start take this shit i only taked 200lbs in legpress, but now i take about 325lbs:P when i traning on the gym I get a realy good feeling and pump. it feels like someone blowing air in you, it's feel difrent it's feel fantactic.
    Reviewer: coleman from sweden sollefteƄ on February 13, 2008

  1.  juss started
    i juss started this product today n i already gained 3 pounds no just kidding but im going to keep at it n see wut happens .. i do 100 push ups a night n im only 15 im 6'1-176 im hoping to gain 24 pounds for football next year i hope it works
    Reviewer: the bossman from fostoria-OH-USA on November 18, 2007

  1.  This stuff is alright
    im 14 years old, 5'10 and weigh 135. i bought this product to get stonger and thicker. i have been using it for about 3 months and i can tell a lil difference in thickness increasing around my arms and its ight
    Reviewer: Travis Nolan from Phoenix Arizona on November 06, 2007

  1.  This does work!
    I have been using mus-L Blast for 12 years and it has put on the weight with allowing me to have definition as well. It has a great taste too. I have to say! if you don't think this stuff works, you probably don't know how to workout the right way either.
    Reviewer: Joel Morris from USA on September 03, 2007

  1.  gains or healthy meal
    Being tall and skinny I needed to gain allot of weight to play defensive line in college. Used this product to gain weight as a defensive lineman for a 4A college football team. I could eat and eat and not gain a pound even with heavy lifting. Gained solid 60 lbs mass over 3 years. body fat 3% at 275 lbs. Made starting team as a Junior. Added bananas, yogurt, wheat germ to shakes twice day. Did lift 7 days a week very hard, heavy with a very good versatile regime designed by a former Mr. Utah. With cardio as well. Now 15 years later use it as a good start to my day with less scoops and low fat milk. Now with football over for years at a lean 225 lbs. Still can tell when i don't take it. I take it now just to help give me some aminos and protein for my mellow workouts I do now. Beats buying similar products for $60 to $70 a can. Check the nutrition label and compare to others. I just found a similar product for $59.99 at a national chain that had almost the exact specs.
    Reviewer: Hammer from Utah on September 02, 2007

  1.  it's muscle food
    Don't be fooled by the people bashing muscle blast then advertising their own product, this stuff works. Look, when you are trying to gain weight there is only one thing that's going to make it happen: CALORIES! You have to take in more than you put out, and at 17 years old that's HARD to do. I'm 32 years old now and I've been using this stuff off and on since highschool when it was the only thing that would put weight on my body. Every time I really want to put on weight this is what I use. Another very important aspect is the fact that it's the only supplement I've seen that has a LOT of potassium which helps me avoid cramping during triathalon-type events in the military. Also, my last point, it doesn't have all these crazy chemicals in it which usually end up being illegal in a couple of years because of how dangerous they're found to be. It's just good ol', concentrated, muscle food.
    Reviewer: Chris from Colorado on March 25, 2007

  1.  used properly - very good
    One should not use the specified serving sizes, unless certain that # of cals is needed. For example, as a smaller athlete (5' 8" 160 lbs), I will use 1 or 2 scoops during workouts timed to help counter declining glucose and glycogen levels. This keeps calories in roughly equal to expenditures. If I am trying to get leaner, I factor that into daily calorie totals. The 1:4 protein:carb ratio is good. The addition of med.-chain tris helps with energy.
    Reviewer: Gordon from Memphis, TN USA on November 17, 2006

  1.  horendous
    it made me lactate milk from my nipples and im a guy...this sucks
    Reviewer: DJ Blanchard from Las Vegas on August 08, 2006

  1.  good stuff
    i am convinced this stuff is decent because i used it less then the recommended serving and put on about 25 pounds of muscle in 4 months i give it i say it is average because i havent used other products to know if this is to;p of the line
    Reviewer: joe from detroit michigan on July 29, 2006

  1.  dont use it
    this has to be to worst protein supplement out there.....with 560 calories, 400mg of sodium, 68g of sugar!!!!, and only 21g of protein, this will just make you fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: brad from compton, LA, cali on June 15, 2006

  1.  aweful
    ive been taking this crap for 6 months and it hasn't done anything for me. i work out 5X/week but diff muscle groupz like ur sposed 2, but it aint working. some people on here sayin they gained 20 lbs on muscle mass in 3 months thats BS. they reccomend 1 serving a day, RIGHT! taking this junk u'll need 7 servings just to gain a little!!!!!!! this is the worst stuff ever. right now i'm on Cell-Tech Stack creatine and Nitro-Tech Stack protein and it's working wonders. the only thing goin for MUS-L Blast 2000+ is that it tastes alright.
    Reviewer: lskafjlkdsajglkj from ATLANTA, GA on June 11, 2006

  1.  The best!
    The best protein shake ever. With reasonable diet plus work out I toned my muscles so great. It made me look something I could not even dream of. Thanks so much for the product, reasonable price and great taste. Your customer for life!!
    Reviewer: Goran from Michigan on January 17, 2006

  1.  Awsome
    great taste, and it works. just one serving a day, all the others you need 2 or 3 servings a day. this rocks!
    Reviewer: Ricky Biddle from Dallas, TX USA on November 20, 2005

  1.   effing horrible
    i used it for a year and lost muscle weight and put on 15 pounds of fat. my bench and practically everything else dropped. i am currently on the nitro-tech cell-tech stack and its worked wonders try 15 pounds of pure rock hard muscle in a month. it may be expected but it works. everything i buy now is musletech cuz its simpy the best and it works. MUS-L BLASTS BLOWS.
    Reviewer: MATT RUDY from USA on October 24, 2005

  1.  grams of protein
    Hey jack the grams of protein is not the only thing that you should worry about, I mean im not exactly sure but i think that your body can only break down around 20 grams of protein per hour so too much more would be a waste. I only know this becasue of my field of study so be carful b/c tpp ,amy grams of protein at once is a waste of ur money cause it wont get processed
    Reviewer: jl from greenville on August 18, 2005

  1.  doesnt work
    product sucks it only has 20- grams of protein and it recomends you to take 1 serving a day i am currently taking pro complex by ON and it is alot better because it has 55 grams of protein and it is a mixture of whey and egg protein.
    Reviewer: jack from Franklin,TN USA on July 30, 2005

  1.  l-blast 2000 first supp i ever used when i was 18
    Its great and is good enough to drink anytime... I use 2 servings in between meals in order to increase my cal intake. I take it also in conjunction with other , vitamins and supps, plenty of water and I hit the gym about 6 times a week. In the three month period i took it i picked up 20 pounds of muscle mass and dropped my Body percent fat down to about 7% from around 14 or so...the best stuff on the market if you have a weak stomach for bad tasteing supps.
    Reviewer: jerome leach from Raleigh NC on May 24, 2005

    This thing really works. I've gained 5 pounds in a week and a half. The product is awesome! I tried only chocolate and its the best tasting supplement I've tried. I'm 16.
    Reviewer: Walter from New Jersey on April 23, 2005

  1.  It's the bomb
    I had have been using it for a week now..and the changes are already dramatic..its surely works..i have no doubt that i have already gained 5 pounds..its super
    Reviewer: Bryon from Dallas, TX USA on January 23, 2005

    Reviewer: DAVID from DENVER on April 07, 2004

  1.  GREAT!!!!!!!
    I've been using Mus-L Blast for only one week and have allready gained 5 pounds!
    Reviewer: Spencer Hayden from Kentucky on March 15, 2004

  1.  great!
    I am using this as a meal replacement. I have been using it so far for 3 days, and oddly, I can already tell a difference. Starting to pack on a little more fat. (what im trying for)
    Reviewer: Christian from El Reno, OK USA on February 19, 2004


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