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    I was clean 9 days before a test but was still positive on a at home test. Was really skeptical about trying it, i used as directed and now i have my new job! THANKS SO MUCH!
    Reviewer: DirTjerz from Central NJ, USA on May 14, 2008

  1.  Worked for me
    This Product worked for me, i failed an at home piss test and was advised to try this product, i went out and bought it, took it exactly as directed and it worked. If you idiots that say it didnt work would follow directions you would pass! I hadn't smoked for 9 days prior and drank some water the day before, and i passed. Thanks to the "the Stuff" i have a better job closer to home.
    Reviewer: DirtJerz from New Jersey on May 12, 2008

  1.  Worked once for me
    Ive tried this product once about 2 yrs ago so I cant remember exactly how I did It or even how much I was smoking at the time. But now I had to take a pre employment test for a reaaaally good job that I really want.. so lastnight I drank like 5 cups of water.. peed a lot.. drank 2 cups of water this morning,peed a lot.. then took THE STUFF and drank one more glass of water and took drug test 1.5 hours later. I wont get results till tomorrow I think but Im so nervous. I hope It works I weight 200pds but I took THE "EXTRA" stuff for 200pds+ .. so I hope It will work.
    Reviewer: Chantee from TEXAS on April 01, 2008

  1.  Worked for me (twice)
    This is the second time I've used this product and the second time it has worked for me. I'm 6'3" 235lbs, quit smoking 8 days before. I excercised frequently, drank a lot of water and beer in the days before the test and on the day of the test I FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS and it worked fine. Another option would have been to have a clean person piss in anything and take it in. The place I went to in downtown Denver (WizQuiz) just handed me the cup and said the bathroom was down the hall. No supervision or even temp check. But it was just a pre-employment screening.
    Reviewer: Joe T. from Denver, CO on November 02, 2007

  1.  liquid stuff it up their asss
    its a crock of shit it doesnt work
    Reviewer: pedro from weston, wv usa on October 25, 2007

  1.  this stuff WORKS!!!!
    smoked tne night before. Took stuff at noon EXACTLY as directed, pissed 2-4 times, took test at 3:30. Got the call the next day CLEAN!! Start new job on Monday.*** AWESOME***
    Reviewer: Keif Riffhard from phila, PA on October 16, 2007

    i have to use the liquid stuff for a job andi hope it works or im going to punch the guy at the vitamin shoppe in the throat.
    Reviewer: Smoky Mc Pot from Mokena, Il USA on October 10, 2007

  1.  3 times a charm
    i used product 2 times and passed with flying colors drank alot of water i have to take one more time praying i pass, i write follow up after i take test for 3rd with product, i;m skinny guy so i hope i will be good
    Reviewer: john from nj on September 25, 2007

  1.  Awesome stuff
    I don't know what others are doing wrong but in my case, which is a parole thing, this stuff worked freaking EXCELLENT. But the test I was used on was a dipstick. So I ate, drank and was merry on the day of my test and 2 hours b4 I drank the stuff and low and behold it worked without a hitch.
    Reviewer: Awesome stuff from STRNJ on September 19, 2007

  1.  Wasted Money
    Followed instructions to the letter...lots of water the day before and after. Drank product 1.5 hrs. before test to make sure I was in the "clean" window. Tested POSSITIVE.
    Reviewer: eddie from Burlington, Vermont on April 10, 2007

  1.  Better to just stop before test!!!!!!!!!!!
    It did NOT work, followed directions to the letter, did not eat for 5 hours and drank plenty of water beforehand and did not use for 15 days before test. If you smoke more than once a day better give yourself at least 30 days before taking the test, YOU KNOW WHAT, is not water soluble and binds to the fat cells in your body making it harder to get rid of quickly no matter how much water you drink. It's up to you but take my advice and STOP now if you want to pass.
    Reviewer: T from ATL on January 20, 2007

  1.  heres a suggestion
    So i have a tip on how to pass the drug test. Stop smoking u jackasses. thats why u fail, cause ur dumb and smoke, come off it now, if u really gotta get high theres other drugs u can do that wont show up.
    Reviewer: Moronic from Somewhere on December 04, 2006

  1.  yes passed the test
    This was the first time I used the liquid stuff and I past my test. I have known of other people that have used it with the same results. As I was told by all you have to follow the directions exactly as they say or it will not work. I would use it again over and over without any hesitation. I have tried other products and they do not work but this one is the best and I know that I can count on it.
    Reviewer: Sherry Engs from Jacksonville, Fl. on September 18, 2006

  1.  This shit SUCKS!!!!!!!
    DID not smoke for 3 weeks and took the drink.....****en failed. Don't waste your money on this scam..........
    Reviewer: Failed from ATL on August 14, 2006

  1.  PISSED
    Reviewer: TYLER from MIDWEST on April 23, 2006

  1.  READ directions
    if u dont follow directions to a T, u might fail...get this, ...stuff has worked for me on ALLLL my tests in the last 4 years...but last test i took, i drank "too much water" after taking the stuff...directions clearly said "u may drink 1 additional glass of water".. well i was forced to drink more...because i was blowing up waiting for them to call my damn name.... so i went to the parking lot and PISSSEDD...then when i came back to the waiting room...i realized my name was coming up soon!! so i sat next to the water machine and chugged almost half a gallon so i can "piss on command"...they call ur name and expect u to piss...but if they take to long..u might pee on urslef....god this can be tricky!! it came back "too dilute" inconclusive...the company asked me to re-take...i said NOO, i hate taking those test..i have to drink tons of water to will be "too dilute" again...they ended up hiring me anyways!!! hahah well, wish me luck on my new job tomm...i have to pee again, but i have not smoked in almost 4days, and i been exersising lost 10lbs in the last 2 weeks... and i will take the stuff again!! will let uknow if i pass or fail :-(
    Reviewer: Adrian from westpalmbeach, FL on April 17, 2006

  1.  water over liquid stuff
    Found out I had to take a drug test for a new job. I had just smoked but didn't have to take the test for two weeks. So for the next two weeks I drank nothing but water and on the day of my test I drank the liquid stuff. Mind you I followed the directions to the T. Took my test and thought I was in the clear. A couple days later I got my test back which came up inconclusive. I was told that it was possibly diluted. I just smoked again and had to take another test with in a week. I was told by a nurse that the cause of my test coming up inconclusive was because of THE LIQUID STUFF. This time I drank nothing but water!!!!!! My test came back negative, less than a week after I had smoked. My suggestion is not to rely on it. Drink alot of water and take at home drug test that you can purchase at most pharmacy before hand
    Reviewer: Georgia from Newton, NJ on March 29, 2006

  1.  Questioning use of the STUFF?
    I weight about 205 pounds, and 5'7. i have read several responses to using the Liquid Stuff. Is it true that I have to fast for 4-5 hours? Does this mean not to eat or drink anything before I take this product. I want to buy this so that I can pass my piss test but I'm skeptical because of the negative reviews. I've haven't smoked pot for @37 days and for the past week I've only been drinking cranberry juice and hella water with apple cider vinegar. Help me out here, I have to take this test on March 23, 2006. I am also a cigarette smoker, does this hurt my chances of passing my test even if I use your product. Regards, MAI
    Reviewer: Mai from San Francisco, CA on March 18, 2006

  1.  potheader
    it worked great for me!
    Reviewer: patches ohillihan from tampa,fl on February 10, 2006

  1.  weedhead
    This shit worked for me and i only quit the day before the test. Dont eat and drink lots of water before the test.
    Reviewer: greg from St.Petersburg,Fl on February 09, 2006

  1.  Miracle
    I am 240+ pounds and smoked a lot a week before my test. Night before and day of I drank a crap load of water. Best bet is to take liquid stuff three hours before test and refil bottle three times with water and drink up. Worked for me.
    Reviewer: Mr. DrunkBoy from USA on January 31, 2006

  1.  needed to pass
    i had to piss for a great job so i quit smokin for two days drank the liquid stuff 3 hours before the test drank some water on the way and know i got the job. i think the people who failed were to heavy remeber pot smokers thc sticks to fat.
    Reviewer: vincent from florida on January 19, 2006

  1.  close call
    I smoked on a saturday and I had a piss test on a Monday. This isn't no ordinary test either, it is very exact. It has to do with Military. I took the "Stuff" and followed the instructions exactly and consumed a ton of water and it worked.
    Reviewer: Bob from VA on January 12, 2006

  1.  this product does not work
    if you are an extreme smoker trying to pass a UA in one or two days...DON'T buy this crap!! It does not work believe me, i bought the crap at GNC and it tested positive for THC
    Reviewer: james from oklahoma on January 11, 2006

  1.  Pothead
    I had to pass a federal test. Followed the directions exactly and passed. Next time for a regular job.... passed. Now, I'm drinking it for the third time and am sure I'll get a passing mark. Drink lots of water before and after ingesting the drink. If you're heavy, drink 16oz and don't eat fried foods or heavy amounts of oils. Apple cider vinegar also helps.
    Reviewer: Pothead from Atlanta, GA on December 07, 2005

  1.  5outta5
    Ive taken this 5 times all of them good. drink lots of water dont eat. once i was stoned when i took the test. I only weigh 165, If your 190+ i dont know.
    Reviewer: stuffer from LA on November 30, 2005

  1.  get it!!!!!!!!
    i used it twice and it beats losing a job for smoking
    Reviewer: charlie from texas on October 09, 2005

  1.  Liquid bullsh*t
    Well, I posted back on Nov 9th - and finally almost a year later, I will soon be set free by the law - no more supervision - not more drug tests - and I just want to say once again - Liquid Stuff - thanks for nothing!!! I spent a preposterous amount of money buying drug tests from drug stores so i could take them and see exactly what liquid stuff could do - and the what I found is it did NOTHING! So, I just had to do what I had to do - and really cut down on drugs - but now, my case will be dismissed, and I will soon begin breaking every law known to man!!!!!! Way to go, me!!!!!
    Reviewer: Chet from new jersey from USA on September 09, 2005

  1.  Two times, Two passes!
    I had two job interviews and two tests in one week. I was two days clean with one and four with the other. Took the liquid stuff right when I got up (without eating) both days about two hours before the tests. drank about 20oz of water, Urinated about 5 times before, and passed both!
    Reviewer: Mel from Kansas on July 21, 2005

  1.  Maybe the third time is a charm?
    I've used this "Stuff" twice now and failed both times. I thought the first was my fault for only peeing twice before the test so I gave it another shot, the second time I was clean for nearly a week, followed the bottles directions strictly and still came up positive for 2 substances, I'm pretty sure all this did was gather all toxins left and submitted it for the test. I would have been better off with water. Now I see directions over the net that you are not supposed to eat well before taking the stuff - wish that info was on the bottle.
    Reviewer: JD from Sea, Washington on June 16, 2005

  1.  Jackpot
    I knew I had to take a urine test in order to get a very nice job so I went and bought the liquid stuff. I smoked out of a "water pipe" heavily 3 days before the urine test. The day of the test I woke up and drank the liquid stuff 2 hours before the scheduled urine test would begin. [I think I urinated 5 times before the actual test] When it was all on the table The Liquid Stuff really came through for me.
    Reviewer: Rsumptia from St.Louis on June 04, 2005

  1.  Failed
    Did bad things Friday night that should last in your system 2 to 4 days. Was done by about 8 o clock on friday. Drank liquid stuff monday night at 9:30. Took test I purchased from a drug store at 11:30. Failed the test. The only part of the directions i didnt follow was fasting for 4-5 hours. But I had not ate or drank anything for about 2 hours. I weigh 195. I did this test 75 freakin hours after ingestion. It should have almost naturally been out of my system, but I was still positive with this drink. If anyone has a test coming up with serious consequences (Parole, probation, job) you are insane if you rely on this.
    Reviewer: Chet from New jersey on November 09, 2004

  1.  Kept my probation record perfect
    Hell yeah. I mostly stuck to the 48 hour rule, used this stuff, and everything was kosher. I'd bet money that that guy who failed his test weighs 240+ pounds - I know a guy, heavy smoker, about 250. Didn't pass. Probably shoulda drunk 2.
    Reviewer: Miller from NY on October 07, 2004

  1.  Saved my ass!!!!
    I had to take a drug test within a week of smoking and this stuff did the job. I drank a lot of liquids and then took this about two hours before the test and it worked! I have to say I was skeptical of how much a purple grape drink could do, but believe me it works!!!
    Reviewer: liz from new brunswick, nj on August 02, 2004

  1.  WilberFl
    The Stuff saved my ass- did some bad stuff on saturday night into Sunday morning, had a drug test on Mon. Followed the instructions exactly and passed with flying colors. (Remember it had only been about 24hrs since I did what I did, and they say to stay clean for 48 hrs, but it still worked!)
    Reviewer: Matt from Tampa, FL on June 24, 2004

  1.  Stuff is Awesome !
    I was really scared when the company I work for told me that I would be selected for a drug test. I bought the "Stuff" took my test, and I passed the test with no issues. Thank you Liquid Stuff for saving my job and my family
    Reviewer: Sonny Clark- Wisconson from USA on June 15, 2004

  1.  should be called this stuff sux!
    followed all directions to the T and all i got was a test that came up positive for everything that was in my system. I think that if i would have drank a bunch of water that it would've worked better than this crap. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS PRODUCT IF YOU PLAN ON PASSING A DRUG TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: DAVE from USA on February 26, 2004


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