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iSatori Lean System 7 Reviews

(15 customer reviews)
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  1.  Actually gained weight...
    So, I have always been a fairly active gal - been into triathloning and other sports. I did gain a few pounds recently and was looking for a product to help me shed a few pounds. I followed the directions very carefully and took the pills as directed. After taking Lean System 7 for a month, I have actually gained weight, weighing more than I have in years. I have been eating and exercising regularly. Within a week of stopping the product, I lost weight immediately. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have seen no benefits at all. Stick to eating healthy and exercise.
    Reviewer: Sarah from Nashville, TN on November 05, 2007

    Anyone considering taking this should spend the time researching the ingredients first. This supplement contains citrus aurantium, or bitter orange, which has been known to increase blood pressure and cause strokes. It has also been known to be used in making amphetemines. The other ingredients--green tea and yerba mate--are basically code words for caffeine. There's no question that large amounts of caffeine, acting like speed, will aid in weight loss, but this is an extraordinarily unhealthy and dangerous way to do it. If you're going to use it, know the risks first!
    Reviewer: Lisa from Los Angeles, CA on June 17, 2007

  1.  Works for me
    This stuff works period. Like another review I have just read use it as an enhancement to your diet. What surprises me is that I don't get jitters and feel "freaked out" like the other stuff do. I started about 6 weeks ago feeling sluggish low energy aches and pain...well I have lost 18 lbs feel fantastic! I ride a bicycle for 6 miles about 2x times a week. The weather has been bad I'd do it. more. I have exercise equipment indoors but I am an outdoors person. Anyway, I have eliminated my carb intake and this is working for me. I really don't eat too much and I eat healthy "tasty" stuff. This is what pissed me off - I tend to keep weight on. I am well aware of the nutritional value of foods so I know what I am talking about. I found some old measurements from a couple years back. Surprisingly, I was 7 pounds smaller but my measurement from neck to ankle were in the range of 1-3 inches larger! For heaven sakes I even lost .5 inches in my ankles! I find myself getting into clothing I haven't worn in years. Just the other day co-workers are telling me I look skinny. So something is going on. Lean System 7 is helping with that definitely! Too bad this site discontinued it just get it from somewhere else or to the LS7 site its worth it.
    Reviewer: Ms D from MA USA on June 09, 2007

  1.  2 Excellent Benefits
    I'm a user of LS7 and I can testify to two excellent benefits to using this suppliment. #1....It will give you that extra energy you need to get more done in the gym...(especially during your cardio workout). #2.....It WILL do a great job in curbing your appetite, therefore enabling you to eat more sensibly. This is not a miracle pill by no means. If you aren't working out and eating right you're still gonna be fat even if you are taking LS7. I recommend this suppliment as an ENHANCEMENT to your fitness regimend. One last tip.....drink plenty of water......water....water.....water! Your liver will function more efficienly therefore increasing your metabolism.
    Reviewer: Woozie from USA on May 08, 2007

  1.  Works for me
    I am a seasonal weight gainer/loser as many of you probably are. However, I work out all year long, mostly with weights. I'm 26 years old and have tried many supplements during my weight loss seasons in the past (Feb-June). I have been using LS7 for approximately 2 months now and I can honestly say that it is the best product that I have tried so far. With a good diet and weight training (I hardly do any cardio/running) I have dropped from 220 to an even 200 lbs with no muscle loss. Great product!
    Reviewer: Eddie from Baltimore, MD on April 12, 2007

  1.  great product
    This is the first of this type of supplement that i have used and i have had positive results from using it. I train about 5 times a week and had plateaued for a couple of weeks, this helped me push through the last couple of weeks and gave me more energy. Do follow the directions as taking three tabs twice per day the first week is too much and makes you feel a little sick and lightheaded from all the caffiene. Try it for yourself - of course with an adequate diet and exercise regime :)
    Reviewer: cathy from brisbane, queensland australia on March 13, 2007

  1.  Trying this product...
    I am giving this a shit, I have tried, the so called desert burn za750, and didn't lose an ounce! Hoodia is just as much hype. I have also had success with Zantrax 3, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone. shit makes you go crazy, and gets you used to a certain amount of caffeine. It was impossible to sleep and act normal. I think different products work for different people. I think this product sounds good.
    Reviewer: N.rush from b-ville okla. usa on December 29, 2006

  1.  rubbish
    after 2 bottles i hav,nt lost an ounce...its utter crap.
    Reviewer: rod from england on November 18, 2006

  1.  Worked for me.
    With exercise and proper diet. It works. I have lost a total of 11lbs in less than 1 month. It's been almost 3weeks. It def. helps with curbing my appetite. Follow the directions and start with 2 pills a day. I am now up to 6 pills a day. I never felt jittery because I let my body get used to it. I just bought my second bottle. I will continue to use it until I reach my target goal. which is only 28lbs away. I can't beleive I only have that much left to lose. I never thought I would see the day. Thank you LEAN SYSTEM 7!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Lisa from Brockton, MA USA on April 27, 2006

  1.  review
    well i started to take the drug but, i dont think its wrking for me as i thought it would. i mean i tried it for 14 days and all it makes me do it get a rush ... and gives me the energy after i feel down. could some one suggest something else that i could try please. something that will help.
    Reviewer: nai from west midlands on April 22, 2006

  1.  My Weight Loss and Body Fat Success
    When I tried iSatori Lean System 7 was the best decision I made to help me reach my weight loss and body fat loss goal. I lost 22 pounds during my first 4 weeks of using iSatori Lean System 7. I maintained an effort with my exercises routine and reduce calories meals along with following the direction label from iSatori Lean System 7. Now 2 months later I can wear all my old skinny clothers that have been resting in my storage room. iSatori Lean System 7 really works, well it worked for my body because people are different. I watched the weight loss and body fat loss dropped off my hips, thighs, legs, arms, and stomach. Give it time iSatori Lean System 7 really works .
    Reviewer: Rita Ribeiro from USA on June 24, 2005

  1.  Works great so far
    I have only been using LS7 for 14 days now at the maximum of 6/day and have noticed a change already. I've lost nearly 7 lbs since the supplement induction. This has also been combined with exercise and watching my food intake. I wasn't expecting a wonder drug. There is no wonder drug. However, my muscles are more prominent and I've dropped inches and fat from my waistline.
    Reviewer: Stacy from Chicago, IL on May 31, 2005

  1.  Blah..Blah...Blah
    I took Zantrex for 4 months and lost 35 lbs, but wanted to go for something less potent for a while, Lean System 7 "looked" good. After a whole bottle, didn't lose a pound. After a long period of time it may work, but with Zantrex I had results after the first bottle.
    Reviewer: Stephanie from Phoenix on July 17, 2004

  1.  I've tried almost every popular fat-burner you can imagine...
    but Lean System 7 worked better than I imagined. The first thing i noticed was a nice energy boost (great for workouts), and then i definately felt my body heat up from ther thermogensis and fat-burning. I've used for over 3 months now and I have to say, it made dropping pounds of fat much, much easier than doing it alone. It helped me accomplish my goals in competing for body for life challenge. bottom line: it works!
    Reviewer: Tom M. from Fresno, CA on April 30, 2004

  1.  Works ok, but u need alot of effort
    This isnt a wonder drug !,it works but takes a while and an awful lot of hard work.It took 3 bottles and alot of exercise to lost around 5 pounds from my stomach. The good thing about it is that the fat you lose seems to come from your stomach rather than anywhere else.Considering the price i wouldnt use it again,exercise is free and just as effextive.
    Reviewer: Bobby from Manchester, England on March 20, 2004


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