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Nutrex Vitargo-CGL Reviews

(7 customer reviews)
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    Vitargo is great! My muscle recovery has shot through the roof, nomore waking up to a sore body. The taste is great, Fruit Punch is great. You feel it get to work after a hard w/o, it really helps you as well the next day you work out, my strength has been rising ever since the first 3 days of taking it. Great Product!
    Reviewer: Gary from Connecticut on January 11, 2007

  1.  vitargo review
    i am a competetive bber and vitargo really does work. for post workout recovery it is second to none. it makes all of your supplements twice as effective... vitargo may be a little pricey but it is worth it because you get what you pay for. Vitargo should be a mainstay in anyones supplement arsenal.
    Reviewer: cv from mt on November 01, 2006

    this stuff is awesome! it tastes so good, no upset stomcah or anything bad. as you keep taking it the strength goes up, the muscles get bigger, and the intensity goes thru the friggin roof! this shit is for serious bodybuilders, and if you wanna gain like 15 lbs of pure muscle take this shit
    Reviewer: tommy from canada on August 23, 2006

  1.  great product
    i think this product is great ive been taking it once a day does any body recomend taking it any other times ...i just take it once before i work out. what do the rest of you guyz do?
    Reviewer: sal from new york, ny on March 29, 2005

  1.  works great
    i was using cell tech that worked great but this product is even better. im gaining so much more muscle using this product
    Reviewer: Corey from USA on March 13, 2005

  1.  Great resaults
    You want resaults than go with this product. It really works.
    Reviewer: Joe R from Ontario, Canada on February 03, 2005

  1.  the truth
    this product really works,i call it the truth
    Reviewer: jeff from new york city on March 18, 2004


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