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Nutrex 1-TU Reviews

(11 customer reviews)
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  1.  Great stuff!
    Hard gainer here.. I gained 15lbs of lean mass in 5 wks using this Vitargo CGL and Lipo-6. Been off this stuff for over a yr now and just started back on it. I'm now taking it with NO Explode and Lipo-6. Looking to gain another 15 lbs in 5 wks. BTW no side affects on this products. Serious mass builder here.. too bad its banned now :-(
    Reviewer: Eday from Orlando FL on September 07, 2006

  1.  use cautiously
    1 TU is a great mass builder. I used many different supplements, and some "other" things as well. Tu is as good as any mild black market anabolic. Be carefull though. It may sound panzi ish to those hard steroid user who think they know everything now, and wouldn't even bother with something like tu. I can tell you from experience, from using just about everything you can imagine over the years, any of this stuff can be dangerous. Use it moderatly and consult your doctor for regular check ups when using anything of this nature to prevent possible side effects. Overall, a great product for strength and muscle gain!
    Reviewer: x pumper from ct on December 13, 2005

  1.  buy it
    realy good the best
    Reviewer: marts from canada on September 03, 2005

  1.  Wonder Drug
    I would have to say that by far this suppliment surpasses anything in this day and age. I went from a 100 pound weakling, benching 125, to a 275 pound monster benching 755 pounds. I can say that this product is the best thing out there and will forever be the best thing to take.
    Reviewer: Monsterous Dave from Chicago, IL USA on December 28, 2004

  1.  good product
    I'm on third week and so far i have gained 7lbs and my bench haved increased 90lbs. looking to see more results in the third week and so forth. Havent noticed any sideffects yet works bifferent for different people so try your luck and see what you get... Thanks
    Reviewer: Slo-Motion from Chattanooga,Tn. on December 12, 2004

  1.  serously this shits bad
    many people who use this are having horrible side effects.Try mass builders and creatines instead.hard work is worth it
    Reviewer: Johnny O'Brien from Manteca, California on December 02, 2004

  1.  Great stuff - stack with 4-AD.
    Just finished second 6-wk cycle. Great gains in strength/mass both times. Gains started in 2nd week of first cycle then at end of 3rd week on second cycle. Recommend stacking with 1@4-AD as without it sex drive reduced on first cycle without 4-AD.
    Reviewer: Chris from USA on November 22, 2004

  1.  DONT DO IT
    dont take pills dude they shrink your balls and give to girly tits ......i gained power but side affects arent worth it.......just stick to creatine and protein
    Reviewer: ANONYMOUS from california on November 13, 2004

  1.  get it now
    im a very hard gainer it takes me about 1 yr just to gain 10 pounds with 1-tu i gained it in one month absolutely amazing , note to mexico guy if you take this product you must work out modestly meaning dont kill youre self in the gym just 2 workouts a week will do the trick you must give youre muscles time to rebuild and you must also eat right ,proper nutrition is alwase key.
    Reviewer: tim from houston tx on August 09, 2004

  1.  I'm waiting
    I took 1-TU since 2 weeks ago and I didn't see any change in my body (no gain, no loose).... I'm going to finish the cycle 4 weeks more, but I'm disappointed.
    Reviewer: Omar from Mexico on February 10, 2004

  1.  Extraordinary results with 1-TU
    I would definately be described as one of your customers with extraordinary resuslts. In two and a half weeks on 1 TU I have gained 17 lbs and increased my bench by 70 lbs. I am extremely happy with your product and soon will be ordering more 1TU, and also Lipo 6. At first I was skeptical, but now I brag about your product all over the town.
    Reviewer: Jason from Rochester, NY on January 16, 2004


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