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BSN Nitrix Reviews

(141 customer reviews)
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  1.  Not bad...
    Ive been using it for 2 and half weeks now and Ican feel the pump alot more however I wouldnt say my recovery time has gotten better.However I don't stack this the only supplement I'm taking, which is probaly why my results aren't coming in.
    Reviewer: shawn from canada on April 09, 2008

  1.  Best product I have taken
    I'm 5'11 235 and have been lifting for years. I am on my secind week, and am still shocked on how strong i feel. i have honestly no joke increased my strength at least 30 percent in two weeks. Im not sure who it works for and who it doesnt, but i take this with animal pack vitamins, prolabs creatine monohydrate, isopure whey protein and about 6 to 8 meals a day. I will say that some one else said it write... takes alot of discipline its very hard to takethe pills in between meals ect, but if your serious i dont see how it wont work for you
    Reviewer: Luis from Brownsmills NJ on January 28, 2008

  1.  Excellent Product
    I'm in the military, and currently deployed in Baghdad. Im an 11bravo(infantry) so stayin in shape is cucial for me. I've takin quite a few products, such as NanoX9, Creatine, Amino Fuel, Luekic, Gakic, and all kinds of whey protein. I've been workin out for years and I must say after about 1 month of taking this product, I have noticed a significant difference in myself. It increases my overall pump, and I feel less tired and worn out the next day. The only thing bad I could say about it, is the amount of caffine, considering that it kind of triggers a negative affect for a n/o product. It more or less consticts the veins, more then opening. However, due to this fact I have not noticed anything negative, so maybe the product itself has something in it to where this isnt affected. I still think the product in general is great. True Mass is def. the best whey protein I have ever tried.
    Reviewer: Michael from Baghdad, Iraq on January 02, 2008

  1.  Good not great
    This is a decent N.O. product and yes the recovery time is good. But it is a hassle taking 9 pills a day along with vitamins and protein powder. In my opinion, just take NO Xplode once a day. That stuff is amazing.
    Reviewer: tlid from CT on December 21, 2007

  1.  Bigger is better
    Well I've stack NoExplode, CellMass, Nitrix for 4 weeks. Benn taking all three and have went up in weight in all lifts. I would recommend this stack to anyone. Started out at 210lbs up to 225lbs. Eating the rights food and plenty of rest is the key to any gains but with these products you will see much more gains.
    Reviewer: Tim from Iraq on December 13, 2007

  1.  Good Recovery... and Veiny
    I finished a full 20 day supply of the Nitrix with decent results. My veins began to pop out and I noticed my strength stayed high between sets. I was able to move up in weight in all my exercises as well as gained 3lbs of lean muscle. I just bought the big bottle. I didn't notice the pumps lasting all day long. Seems to be a good product. I stacked with NOXplode and Cellmass.
    Reviewer: Dan from Lexington, KY on November 13, 2007

  1.  It's really good
    I've stack NoExplode , CellMass, Nitrix and 100% whey protein for 3 weeks. It gived me a better result than 1 year of lifting weight with no supplement . I would recommend to stack those together rather than Nitrix alone.
    Reviewer: Biggy from USA, IN on November 10, 2007

  1.  It works great
    I weigh 166 and I am currently taking nitrix, N.O, Cell Mass, and True Mass. I workout 6 days a week and train each muscle 2 times a week and let me telll you that if you disipline yourself and stay consistant it will work. Im a week into nitrix and around the 3rd day I started to feel my muscles get harder and on the 4th day I felt soo pumped workingout. I started lifting more and I guess that was the N.O working with it. The only downside is that you have to take these products with an empty stomach and thats where the disipline comes in.
    Reviewer: connor knighton from Dallas on September 12, 2007

  1.  Don't Read These Reviews!
    Nitric Oxide products work for most people but not for everyone. If you have never used N.O. then there is a good chance you are in for a treat. It gives you a lot of energy and that "just lifted" feeling for the entire day, which is very satisfying. It may not work for some people, but don't listen to their poor reviews. You never know if they're lifting the right way either. Try a small bottle and find out for yourself!
    Reviewer: Vince from Chicago, IL on August 10, 2007

  1.  almost to much vascularity for me!!
    I'm a 20 yr. old female that has been involved in fitness and aerobics training for about 5 yrs. I'm lean and have always had very veiny hands and arms. I've been taking nitrix now for 5 weeks and it's had such a profound affect on my veins that they now almost look too big!! The veins in hands and arms always look pumped and extremely large. My hands are so veiny they look wierd. LOL So..YES This definately works!!
    Reviewer: kristen from USA on July 31, 2007

  1.  Works, but no steroid
    Nitrix definitely gives you pump while working out. I have been working on a new routine that consists of completing high rep exercises with multiple sets and very little rest time in between sets. I consume the product just as it says on the back of the bottle, pluss I am on a strict diet. I can tell you that I have lifted for about 8 years, 4 of which I have been cycling nitric oxide products for about that long and I have never seen any kind of extreme gains over a peroid of about 3 weeks. I'm sorry to all of you who think that you can gain 20 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks, but that doesnt happen. Guys taking roid cycles barely see those kind of results. Not only that, you need a lot more than nitrix to build muscle. Nitrix delivers oxygen to muscles which improves vacularity, it does not by any means make you look like a cover model for muscle and fitness. In my opinion, I agree with the guy who said this stuff makes you tired. Try it, you'll feel tired all day even with adequate rest. I do like taking nitric oxide when I lift, I definitely notice a difference, but like I said, don't think it alone is going to turn your body into a powerhouse.
    Reviewer: John Smith from Miami FL on July 30, 2007

  1.  works
    I'm female and would consider myself to be a regular workout junkie when subject matter falls on cardio and low level strength training. After two weeks of using it, this stuff helped with recovery and muscle gain. Cons? Sleep deprivation and too much toilet time. I would recommend this stuff just because it does something and no improvement comes without exercise and healthy diet!
    Reviewer: anon from st paul, mn on July 29, 2007

  1.  Good but not great
    This product is seriously expensive! It calls for 9 pills a day, and that is if you are under 200 lbs like me. I would consider myself a serious athlete, I eat like a lifter, I lift 4 days a week, about 1.5 hr each gym session, and I'm looking to play water polo at a D III level. I stay fit and work hard to achieve my physique, this product promises increased vascularity and more pumps. In my experience it provided both, moreso when coupled with NO Xplode, but it wasn't a huge improvement in vascularity, I've been using it for a week and my veins aren't "sticking out like garden hoses" but there is some improvement. More time might be needed to see improvement however. Although it says there are no side effects besides gains in strength, one negative side effect is that it made me piss myself, when I coupled it with Cellmass and some water. I figured that was strange, and something that I havent done for years, thinking it was just a coincidence that this very rare occurance happened because of the cellmass and nitrix, i took both again, once again i pissed myself. Do not couple with cellmass right before you go to bed or you might be in for a surprise when you wake up.
    Reviewer: Aaron from Portland, OR USA on June 24, 2007

  1.  wicked
    hey, I don't normally write or read reviews...I go by what effects that a particular product has on myself.... I must say that Nitrix will not work amazingly with just one bottle...I'm on my 2nd bottle of 360 tabs.....and i'm stacking with fish oil, multivitamins, protein (of course), vegge greens, and cellmass! vascularity is insane, my pumps are stellar....and i cant really say enough about this product. If it has not worked for you, its probably because either your diet or your workout routine is not at an optimum level...this is a premium product for serious athletes..... i recommend this to anyone who is ready for intense pumps and amazing results!....
    Reviewer: Paul from Canada on May 31, 2007

  1.  2 bottles, followed directions, no results.
    I have just finished my second 180-tablet bottle of BSN Nitrix. I followed the directions exactly. There were no lasting pumps or better recovery. They said that you might not notice the effects until the end of the first bottle, so I ordered a second, and still nothing happened. Also, it was a pain taking 4 pills 3 times a day.
    Reviewer: Anom from USA on May 30, 2007

  1.  it worked for me
    i started using nitrix after high school and began seeing results after the first week. i was working out five days a week for some two and a half hours per session. i believe, and this is true for all supplements, if you work your ass off, you'll see results. realistically speaking, you can't expect a supplement to do the work for you, but to merely give you that extra push toward your goals.
    Reviewer: joel from tx, usa on May 28, 2007

  1.  mass
    This works 100 % , I have gained 20 pounds mucle in 3 weeks. And i bench 40 lbs more ! great stuff
    Reviewer: jon from usa on May 24, 2007

  1.  not good gives you good pumps when you go to the gym but it didnt help my recovery time at all nor it helped with gaining size and be honest i think it actually made me more tired, rather then give me more energy as it says it does but thats my opinion...maybe it works for some people but not for me
    Reviewer: Klibal from Cleveland,OH USA on April 27, 2007

  1.  give it time
    for you or atleast for myself i haven't noticed anything until 3 weeks of use with nitrix but add to the fact that i am also use NO EXPLODE..the loading phase is true..but give it right...and you will see much better results when you are taking these supplements then when you are not
    Reviewer: Arnald from USE on April 24, 2007

  1.  wonderful
    I stack NoXplode, Nitrix, Anavol, and Pro-complex Gainer. Im 5'5'' 125lbs, and a sophmore in high school, i have roadmap veins and amazing pumps all of this stuff combined is amazing, i would recommend for anybody
    Reviewer: sophmore from oregon on April 10, 2007

  1.  BSN= Bull Shit Nutrition
    Combine GNC Mega Whey for protein, with MRI Anabolic switch(7 different forms of creatine, no load time and very little monohydrate so little to no water weight) and NaNOx9 you will have much faster results, BSN has a high return rate where I work. Its only given me a headache when i took it. Problem with NOXPLODE is the fact that it was independently tested by University of Michigan along with many other supplements and caffeine was found in it. Here is the problem with that if you dont know what caffeine does to you veins. It constricts them. So here if you constrict the veins more than you open them with the Nitric oxide then you are not doing anything but throwing money away. So BSN=Bull Shit Nutrition. By the Way MuscleTech to my surprise since they were shitty for so many years actually was the top rated supplements in that test at the University of Michigan
    Reviewer: Dan from MI on March 31, 2007

  1.  it's great
    ive been stacking NO, cell mass, nitrix, and 100% whey protein in my day. Ive seen clear results, and totally recommend it. It's great stuff and is worth the money. I;m only a freshman and highschool so i have a lot of time left.
    Reviewer: ian from boston on March 21, 2007

  1.  A real review with common sense, research, and 2 month worth of use
    I won't attempt to sound scientific or break down what I've learned about this products compounds. What I will tell you is that this is something that will assist your workouts. Your muscles will stay pumped, warm, and the veins will pop. If you have poor circulation, this may not be the case. Within 3 days my veins absolutely started surfacing. I'm not one to have veins popping out of my arms, sometimes my forearms will achieve this effect in warm weather. My actual biceps and neck reflected major veins. And as I continue to use this product, they become more refined. I do however, think the marketing of this product by BSN is a bit farfetched. You will NOT turn into a beast because of this product. It will assist your workouts and diets. If you do not diet and workout as needed, then why waste your time. I use Nitrix along with CellMass, and No-Xplode. The results are astounding. This is coming from a guy who started lifting about 3 months ago. Unfortunately the main factor of these pills along with No-Xplode and CellMass, is that you need to have an empty stomach to achieve the results. If you are one who isn't disciplined then don't bother. If you follow an eating regiment, you WILL notice results. More positive effects. Your skin will look amazing, my face looks healthy and blushed out in a good way. You will have sexual side effects, and GOOD ones. No lie, feel free to research. You will feel like a god.
    Reviewer: BusyBees from San Francisco on March 01, 2007

  1.  In your head
    All of this stuff is in your head. Those guys that say, "wow, i felt it in the first two days..." that is all in your head buddy.
    Reviewer: poopsmith from clearwater, florida on February 14, 2007

  1.  Nitrix Works
    I know this works. I have tried all sorts of Creatine and Protein Shakes. This supplement if you follow the real method is take it empty stomach. Then gradually you will see the difference. Everything takes time to settle in the body. Dont be in a hurry - there is no capsule which will work over night. But this stuff is great!!!
    Reviewer: Akshay Bakshi from Tampa FL on February 09, 2007

  1.  Awesome!
    I am a hardcore track sprinter, and although i have been taking this stuff for a short amount of time, it really has enhanced my strength, recovery, and my endurance. I'd recoment this to anyone who wants a serious workout/training session. This stuff is Kick ASS!
    Reviewer: Paul from Canada on January 31, 2007

  1.  Great Results!
    I've been taking Nitrix stacked with N.O. Xplode and a daily sports vitamin. I've been lifting for about a month and taking the supplements for about 2 weeks so far. I have to say I'm amazed at the results. My skin wraps tightly around my muscles. I've got great definition and I'm growing fast. The only negatives have been minor stomach aches and recent chest pains. Although it's possible the chest pains have nothing to do with the supplement. All in all I highly recommend this product.
    Reviewer: Kyle from Colorado on January 20, 2007

  1.  Poopy
    Ive got to say that b4 u buy this product buy a lot of toilet paper!!!! This stuff had me shittin my ass off all week and Im not a skinny bitch or a fatass like people would think .Im 6'1 215 with 8% body fat. I drink the reccomended amount of water and i have a very nutritional diet. I would not reccomend this product for most people but it may not have the same effect on you.. so do what you will but just letting you know my story and what happened to me wen i took it
    Reviewer: TOFTT Joe from CT on January 17, 2007

  1.  First Time Users, Ignore Negative Reports
    I have been using this product for over six months now and the results are astonishing. In just half a year my bench went from 335 pounds to over 400. And I gained over 15 pounds of muscle. For all the negative reports that I have been hearing, ignore them. These people usually dont read the directions on the back and dont drink the recomended dose of water, and plus most of these people are just fat and lazy and expect results by sitting on there ass and eating junk food and drinking pop. Well if you weightlift and you take the directions seriously, you will not experince any negative side affects. Also if you weightlift at a high intense rate everyday or every other. And get a nice steady source of protein and carbohydrates, you will see amazing results like the other writers that have sent reviews. So again ignore the negative reports because they have no idea what they are doing.
    Reviewer: Tony Peterson from Madison, WI on January 16, 2007

  1.  no x
    i started nitrix about 2 weeks ago. The first week i began to notice the new strength and endurance i found. Im about 145pnds and bench right at 260, My bench has gone up 15 pounds in just 2 weeks and when you have worked out for 2 years that seems like a hole lot to you. The recovery time is way quicker then anything else i have tried before.
    Reviewer: ryan from usa on January 09, 2007

  1.  get it
    this stiff works in a matter of 5 days. if you take 3 tablets 3 times a day and still work out hard and get a good amount of protein in your daily diet this will work. the peop[le that it doesnt work for prolly think that this is a miracle pill and dont even lift. work hard and it will for you!!
    Reviewer: dave from clearwater, fla usa on January 08, 2007

  1.  This stuff is awsome
    ive been taking it for not even a week i feel a constant pump its awsome i weigh 150 and max at 190 hopefully that can increase... i read a couple of the reviews and it made me a little nervous i guess ill see what happens...
    Reviewer: Zach from North Ogden, UT on December 14, 2006

  1.  Great
    This stuff works great. I have had huge amounts of energy and I can just tear it up in the weight room. And to all of you people complaining about your health problems and depedency, if you followed the directions telling you to drink water then you wouldn't have these complications. You need to drink a load of water, gallons maybe, to flush all these supplements out of your system.
    Reviewer: Sung from New Orleans on November 24, 2006

  1.  Does what it suppose to do
    If you really stick to it and train hard you would see results real fast. I just finish my first bottle and I had to go out and get a second. I can't wait to see more results in a couple weeks. Most important thing is train hard and follow the instruction and this will do the rest. Hope this product would work for you just like it did for me.
    Reviewer: Infamous from Philly, PA on October 28, 2006

  1.  When are you supposed to take it?
    i plan on going to the gym monday,wednesday,friday after school and tuesdays,thursdays before school. i have lunch before 12 so when should i take the pills. now im only a freshmen so i plan on taking only 6 pills instead of the recommended 9.
    Reviewer: Joe from NY on October 28, 2006

  1.  Believe the hype!
    this stuff really does work, been stacking it with no-xplode and results are coming fast, great pumps loads of energy and building muscle fast. train hard and take the instructions on the tub seriously. results are worth the cost!!
    Reviewer: Paul D from Jersey United Kingdom on October 17, 2006

  1.  i think it works
    well i have been useing this for a little over a month now while going to the gym almost every day... ive tried creatine and protien and all that good stuff.. but when i took creatine i got bigger more pumped it helped me build yeah but right away if i stoped takeing it my body just shrank... but takeing this at first i took it went to the gym a few times then stoped for a good 3 weeks then i started back up again... i didnt take the supplement while i was nto goign to the gym... but when i decided to go back to the gym after takeign a break it didnt seem liek i ever stoped at all my muscles were not sore after i had lost of energy i mean i love this stuff i went from benching 185 max to 275 in around a month so i recomend this stuff to anyoen who wants a really good build.... so go out and try this stuff it really works
    Reviewer: ian from usa on October 17, 2006

  1.  Great Stuff
    This needs to be taken as a stepping stone after regular use of Protien and Creatine etc. By itself it does help to an extent, however if you want results this is to used once you have mastered the basic supplements. Try using smaller doses initially and take it from there to avoid stomach upsets or craps. Having said that this is an excellent product to use and has various benefits.
    Reviewer: Matt from Australia on October 07, 2006

  1.  Living Proof
    I started taking Nitrix in sync with NO-Xplode and Cellmass last January when I began working out. At that time, I was between 145 and 150 lbs., and my max on the bench was maybe 160. Now, less than two years later, I'm at 190 lbs. with 7% body fat, and my max on the bench is 300 lbs. If you take it as directed, dedicate yourself in the gym, and be patient, you'll see amazing results.
    Reviewer: Eric from Omaha, NE on September 21, 2006

  1.  Follow the instructions and see the results...
    I just added Nitrix to my program. I've been taking Nitrix for about two weeks now. This stuff is awesome! I also only use bsn products (Trumass, N.O. Explode, and Cellmass) as they are recomended by BSN. I've gone to the doctor and everything. I drink the recomended amount of water and then some. The pump is awsome. After about 6weeks of my program I've gained a steady10-11 pounds. I'm happy with BSN & Nitrix.
    Reviewer: TJ from Miami, FL on September 21, 2006

  1.  Medical Problems
    I took Nitrix with a combination of No-xplode, The results were amazing, however I strted getting severe stomach pains and a tingling sensation in my arm, I went to the doctor , he said to stop taking the pills for a little while, and see how I feel, I stopped completely with the nitrix, and I actually went through withdrawl, my body needed those pills. Since then I have been back and forth to the emergency room with uncontrollable stomach pain, heart palpatations, and a dead arm. I recccommend this product for vast improvements, it does what it says, but at the risk of possible heart problems, paralysis, and tearing of your intestine and stomach lining. Good luck.
    Reviewer: Bruce from USA on September 12, 2006

  1.  awsome
    ive been on it for 2 days and i have been able to work out alot more i feel the pumps on my first day this stuff is great
    Reviewer: brad from ga on September 03, 2006

  1.  works
    It really worked for me. my cousin gave it to me and said it worked only for a little bit but for me it was awesome! i giuess it depends on the persons body but fro me its was awesome i recommend it to everybody
    Reviewer: Jonathan Lozano from Houston, Tx USA on August 18, 2006

  1.  works for some
    this stuff only gave me a pump the first week i took it. it does help muscle recover but i am not going to buy it again cause its just like any other supplement you have to find the one that works for you because all people react different to supplement, you just have to find the one that works for you. Nitrix did not work for me like it said it would.
    Reviewer: trev from missoula, MT USA on August 12, 2006

    This is a def. a good product...I'm a little guy and I blow pretty quickly anyways, but which this stuff I not only blow up, but i feel it in the gym throughout my whole workout.....Just put it this way, instead of taking 9 pills a day, 6 does the job for me
    Reviewer: BOB from PHILLY on August 09, 2006

  1.  Ouch
    I'm just starting on Nitrix, and the pills are killing me! These jokers don't play! I wish BSN would tone these down in size a bit...I just about choke on them even when I split them in half. I hope the results are worth all this trouble.
    Reviewer: Rob from Atlanta, Ga on August 04, 2006

  1.  great stuff
    i have just started about a week ago and already i have the allday pumps and the fullness it said i would
    Reviewer: will from cincy, OH USA on July 31, 2006

  1.  Wow
    Nitix has worked wonders for me. The full body pumps are great. I can now don't have to feel self conscious w/ my shirt off. Ripped....I think so.
    Reviewer: kevin from helena, mt USA on July 03, 2006

  1.  Does what it says! I just want to say anybody giving this a bad review is just some fat ass or skinny punk who thinks they can take a few pills and instantly be a giant. No, it doesnt work like have to put in a good effort, at least 4-5x a week and you WILL see the promised results. Me personally, I decided to try a bottle ( I got the double sized bottle) after I had been using Whey Protein and Creakic for a couple months. I was getting good gains with those, but I wanted something to put me over the top. When I started taking the Nitrix, I was 5'11 204lbs, 12% body fat, and maxed bench of 330. Now after only one month of use I'm 212, 10% fat, and max bench of 365! The ONLY thing I changed about my diet, or supplementation was Nitrix. I eat alot of protein, and good carbs...and I've always lifted weights like a madman. You HAVE to put in the effort to see the results. The only thing, well 2 things I didnt like about it is me having to time when I ate and didnt eat around taking the pills. But after a while you get used to it. Also, it says not to take glutamine. Pretty much any quality protein powder you buy will have a good amount of glutamine in it, so I dont know how much of the Nitrix effect was diminished due to that. Other than those two small things, I cant imagine this stuff being better (especially for the price) than it is. It's definately worth your money!
    Reviewer: Brian Johnson from Dallas, Texas on June 27, 2006

  1.  review after 4 days
    well after 4 days of using the product I hit the gym hard today. (after playing 11 games of sevens rugby yesterday) and i felt like i could go forever. my pumps arent super right now, but im only at 4 days so im still waiting for them. the only prob is that i feel no aches at all 5 hours later after working out, and i want to go again lol.
    Reviewer: kyle from lancaster, PA on June 26, 2006

  1.  HORRIBLE!!
    After the 3rd week taking it i noticed i was becoming sick. Constant headaches / diarehha. Now after being off it for almost 4 weeks my body is completely dependent on it. Eventhough u take the recomended amount WATCH OUT!!
    Reviewer: Mike from USA on June 18, 2006

  1.  just started...........
    well i just got some Nitrix and i took it as recommened (3 tabs/day, 3x/day) and i hit the weights hard today and i must say i am already feeling and lookin a lil bit stronger (not drastic, but i cant wait till a month from now!). i am stacking Nitrix with BSN No-Xplode and Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey and i know i will be a beast by the time school starts in mid-august! just hit the weights hard and it'll work wonders for you!
    Reviewer: sam from salt lake city, utah on June 16, 2006

  1.  amazing
    i started nitrix about two weeks ago and from the first time i took it it was amazing how much extra i could lift i felt like a mack truck!! i was with my friend at the gym and he was freaking out at how much my veins were popping out! i feel tighter all day and have gone from a lean 150 to a more cut and muscular 165 in just two weeks!!
    Reviewer: Roger from Salt Lake City on June 02, 2006

  1.  day 20
    used NO@ and nitrix in the past... after a recent weight loss I was down to 190lbs at 5'10" I quit cardio & epherda at 8% and went back to nitrix, 4000 calories a day and 2 isopure's I fight MMA & lift.. i need the calories after just shy of three weeks I weighed in and had by bf % taken again... I was down to 6.5% (same 5 points, time of day, and after a rest day) and weighed in at 198 lbs. I LOST 1.5% bf AND GAINED 8lbs in less than three weeks.... in terms of power.. I added 50lbs to my deadlift 1rm, another 80 to squat, and a whopping 65lbs to my bench in 20 days.... *amazed*
    Reviewer: Brian from Miami Beach, FL on May 21, 2006

  1.  gained 24 pounds after 3 weeks- no juice
    I went from 224 to 250 after 3 weeks. this stuff feels like my skin is tight all day. Truely amazing stuff. I even have before and after pics if anyone wants them. I did take NO-XPLODE too but that is it. Alot of protein and heavy traing too. This stuff is no joke!
    Reviewer: John Manganello from TAMPA, FL on May 10, 2006

  1.  Did not work
    After 4 weeks I hardley had any improvement
    Reviewer: Tom Topez from USA on May 02, 2006

  1.  Great product but...
    Great product but...I never felt the pumps "all day." I have noticed size, strength, veins, and recovery being shorter. But the pumps I never really felt. Great product though. P.S-Stop bitchin' about the pills, they are big, but they aren't that hard getting down. Take a big mouthful of water and put the 3 or 4 in your mouth at once and swallow hard then drink like a cup of water and it's done.
    Reviewer: Ricky Alle from Blue Point, NY USA on April 28, 2006

  1.  Power
    Used Nitrix for 12 weeks, I'm now on my off weeks, can't wait to get on again. The pump is not the best thing about this product, but the power I get in the gym, it's unbelieveable. I use the whole BSN stack, everything works great, but I like Nitrix and No-explode best. I don't notice that much effect with No-explode right now, but as soon as I combine it with Nitirx, I'm an animal in the gym, 110% focus!
    Reviewer: Jan Erik from Norway on April 28, 2006

  1.  Expensive but good.
    I really like this stuff. I have gone through 2 bottles of this, and I just ordered the newer version w/ CE3. When used with noxplode the pumps are great. i didnt get cell mass cause nitrix and no-xplode are expensive enough! make damn sure u shop around cause i just bought a new bottle w/ 360 pills for $55 shipped. Best part about these pills, like they say, is the effect on the " man down stairs." didnt give me any extra size, but he sure does stay harder longer! U got to love that. My GF can tell when i am supplementing w/ it "wow, are u on that nitrix?" HAHAHAHAH
    Reviewer: jason from Orlando on April 19, 2006

  1.  screw the size
    NO, i am not dis'in the NITRIX. i love this stuff and i've been on it for a day. I am a big guy and yesterday i did legs, ok maybe im not that big, but i ripped my legs apart with 535 pound leg press, 280 pound hamstring curls (the machine only went that high on the machine) and 335 quad extensions. well anyway i should be soar as hell but i just have a little ache and i know it is from this product. I love it.
    Reviewer: James Berry from el paso, TX on April 09, 2006

    This stuff seems like a great product, but there is bad side to it. The pills are so BIG that its hard to swallow. So if its hard for you to digest pills think twice about this product!!
    Reviewer: JP from northport, al on March 16, 2006

  1.  AMAZING!!
    WOW!!!! I have to say this is amazing, and I feel so sorry for thoes of you who had no reaction. My vains are poppin OUT! and I gained about 10 lbs. of muscle in 3 weeks. I would also reccomend to just take the nitrix as it said to, but after your workout take CellMass. AmAzInG!!! Can't wait for BSN'S next mind blowing product!!!
    Reviewer: andrew from Chicago on March 12, 2006

  1.  big time
    This stuff is awesome. I have repped my bench and squat max 3 times. These maxes were from 4 weeks ago. I have gained 13 pounds. My clean has gone from 215, to 235. Hit the gym hard and it will work!
    Reviewer: Edword from Spokane Wa on March 10, 2006

    im 16 when i started taking this i was 153 now about 1 and a half weeks into this ive gained almost 10 pounds and my strength has increased dramitcally. i go to the gym about 3 or when i can 4 times a week. my curling increased alot i was curling 45 for 12 and now i can curl 70 for 12
    Reviewer: lui from pa usa on March 04, 2006

  1.  This stuffs great
    I used to take this stuff like the bottle said but i started to notice a lot of headaches, so now i simply take two in the morning and four about 30 to 45 minuts before i work out with NO-xplode and the pumps i get are quite phenominal, those of you who are contemplating taking roids, try this instead i dont think you'll be disappointed. Good luck..... Oh ya, and as far as NO-xplode goes lets just say, when i started working out in 2002 i weighed in at 185, now in 2006 i way 237.
    Reviewer: Bruce from San Dimas Ca. on February 16, 2006

  1.  Pretty impressive stuff
    I'm a 58 year old male, 6'1', with an off again on again history of exercise and diet. Since August 2005 I've gotten serious again and was slowly but surely losing fat and toning up, with regular 3-4x weekly gym workouts. I added NOExplode to the mix in November and boy, what an energy boost! Then on Jan 23rd I started the BSN Stack --what the hell, I thought-- Cellmass, Nitrix and NOExplode. Took as directed. It's now Feb 13th and I am impressed all to hell with the results, and so are other people. From my August weight of 215, I am down to 188, bodyfat from 21% to 15%. My strength and endurance continue to grow and I have a kind of (modest, but for me, startling) mass and definition I haven't had in many years. Now the vein on my bicep stands up again! For self-esteem and a feeling of energy and wellbeing, this is great and makes the workingout, the eating right, etc very worthwhile. Well worth the cost, when I look in the mirror and wonder for a second, "Wow, who is that guy?".
    Reviewer: EssEm from San Francisco, CA on February 13, 2006

  1.  Huge Explosive Loads
    Not only does does this stuff work well for muscle building I also have insane explosive load blasts! I pull out and blow my load straight in my sex kitten's face, from 2 feet away. I am not making this up! And I recouperate faster too, I am ready for round two within 5 minutes at 40 years old...
    Reviewer: Dietrick from Beverly Hills Ca on January 25, 2006

  1.  Not to bad
    i v been using it for 2 weeks and have the feeling of pumping specially the night after workout while sleeping!!
    Reviewer: Ali from Ca on January 23, 2006

  1.  YESSS SIRRR!!!
    I've been lifting hard for about two years now. I was very discouraged after minimal gains with other products, I went from 5'10 160 lbs. to 5'10 190 lbs. in three months on this stuff my bench went from 190 to 285. If taken with a proper diet and Whey protein it will kick your butt.
    Reviewer: J from Detroit on January 22, 2006

  1.  amazing
    im 16 trying to pack on weight..i tryed alot of things no2 did not work for me..weight gainers did nothing but make me shit..i tryed the nitrix with no xplode and cellmass. its amazing. im just about 2 weeks i gained just under 10 pounds and im not lieing or exaggeratting at all...this stuff is amazing gives great pumps everywhere i would recomend it to any1!! plus my bench has went from 165 to 190-195 in 2 weeks more endurance veins harness its amazing...A MUST HAVE
    Reviewer: guy from USA on January 14, 2006

  1.  Follow directions exactly for promised results
    Like your average consumer of fitness suplements i was blown away at the hype of this product. Being a person that looks into things a great deal i read reviews from people like myself to find your average review was very good for this product. To share my experiance with nitrix i am 2 days away from my second week with this product i have follwed the directions exacty and i truely have started to see results. i weigh 240 meaning i have to take 4 at a time 3 x daily i had to buy another bottle to ensure i can get a full 4 weeks you are not supposed to go over 4 weeks at a time with this product. it helps deliver nutrients to your muscles so whey protein is a must in combination with a healthy diet of complex carbs and lean meat. And the 2 best things about htis product recovery time is very rapid and also being a product that increases blood flow the man down stairs defintily enjoys this product.
    Reviewer: paulythenomad from NEW YORK on January 05, 2006

  1.  WOW!!!
    I don't normally workout and I had some trouble with some exercises but not any more. I just started taking it and it's already working better than I could of imagined. I recommend this stuff to everyone!!!
    Reviewer: Tay from FL on December 30, 2005

  1.  Nitrix & no-xplode
    Started using the products Nov 1, 2005; my chest then was 39" waist 30", biceps 13 1/2...this stuff is damn awesome dudes, i have increased my chest to 41 & bi's are 14 1/4, waist is 31. No-explode is nasty to taste, but with the results noticed...i will keep on using the product. Thinking about completing the stack with cell-mass. Good stuff guys.
    Reviewer: Jacob from Kansas on December 29, 2005

  1.  No good
    Didnt work for me. I took them right and no change in weight or strength. The NO-xplode is ok. But I would try NO2 before you take this product.
    Reviewer: Guest from FL on December 09, 2005

  1.  Muscle and Hardness after all these years
    I am 41 and I been taking Nitrix for around 8 months now and taking one month off after a 12 week period. I have always been very skinny and never really able to gain weight and muscle until I strated taking Nitrix, cell mass, and NO explode. Later I also started axis and I have went from 184 to 210 of solid muscle in 8 month period. Also got bigger down below as a result and my wife is also excited as well.
    Reviewer: Glenn from CA on December 07, 2005

  1.  Pleased with results
    I have almost finished my first bottle of nitrix and am happy with the resluts so far. For the first two weeks I took it in conjunction with cellmass and began to notice some changes in my pumps and overall workout. I didn't want to take NO-Xplode because I am prone to panic or anxiety attacks and items with caffine can bring on these attacks. Well I decided to give it a try anyways and once I started using all three my results improved much more quickly. I now look forward to every work out and push myself much harder than before. I have not noticed much of a weight gain since I really don't keep track of my weight. As for results, well when I started taking the stack I was repping 60, 70 , 80 all with 8 reps using dumbell flat bench. Now after three weeks I do 80, 90, 100. I am sure that the results will slow down, but even if it did keep this up for another two or three weeks it will have been way worth it. Just to remind people taking the products read the directions and take it excactly how it says. Make sure to take everything on an empty stomach, but never skip a meal to take what you need. Happy Lifting.
    Reviewer: Scaramanga from Austin, TX on November 30, 2005

  1.  Gav_Sneddon
    God Thiz shit iz Good,to be honest tho a can only afford nitrix at tha moment and not the other 2 products but believe me nitrix will give u muscle mass and strenth u can actually feel the difference in 2 weeks as long as u train hard n eat rite dont fink poppin tha pills sittin in ur house helps u gotta prove to be hardcore if thats wot u wana be, deffo get the product again but were can u get it for cheap a jst paid £40 jst for nitrix, but defo thumbs up,,,,
    Reviewer: Gav from Scotland, Glasgow (uk) on November 14, 2005

  1.  does not work
    I used nitrix for 6 weeks and got no results
    Reviewer: Petter from Florida on November 10, 2005

  1.  This is the Shit!!
    I have taken two bottles along with Cellmass and NOXplode. I have gone from 168 to 199lbs. My bench has increased 125 lbs in 2 months. My biceps have grown 2 1/4 inches. I love this shit. All day pumps after 9 days. I get the steroid complement almost every day in the gym.
    Reviewer: P from Houston on November 05, 2005

  1.  It Works
    Im going on my third month now on nitrix. I also take no-explode and cellmass. Before i started taking this stuff i weighed 154 lbs. and now after the third month of being on this i weigh 181 lbs. This stuff is just amazing. I have noticed the best results when taking all three supplements. Every week i am always going up in weight in at least one body group. Make sure you by the whole mass stack (Cellmass,NO-explode,and NItrix)!! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!
    Reviewer: Andrew from BAtavia, Illinois on November 04, 2005

  1.  This stuff is simply amazing!!!
    I am just finishing my second week using the Mass stack (NO-Explode, Cell Mass, Nitrix). My workouts are amazing, great pumps, muscle volume is amazing and I feel huge during my workouts. I feel stronger and much more daring to try heavier weights. Through out the day when I am not working out, I noticed that my forearms and hands have larger veins and alot of definition and size. You definetely feel like you just stepped out of the gym all day long. Here's some advise I'd like to give to new comers and current users of BSN: 1). BSN says to be patient, results vary and can take up to 3 weeks or longer to see first results. It took me at least a week to 10 days to start to feel the beginning effects of that all day pump when using Nitrix. It gets better every day. 2). Take Nitrix on an empty stomach. But not to the starving point, then you have entered a catabolic state. I aim for 2 hours after my meal. If you eat smaller meals throughout the day, then this shouldn't be a problem. DON'T ever skip meals for Nitrix, this stuff only works if nutrients are in your system. Plan your meals and supplement intake carefully. Give at least 30 minutes after taking Nitrix before eating your next meal. 2). NO-Explode works MUCH better on an empty stomach. I give 2 hours after my meal before taking NO-Explode, then wait about 30 minutes before working out. I tried to experiment and used NO-Explode shortly after eating a meal and worked out 30 minutes later, the result was a crappy workout, little pump and my muscles couldn't get volumized to the level I was used to when taking NO-Explode on an empty stomach. Since now I am without food for 2.5 - 3 hours, I take a shake high in whey and simple carbs to keep my body in anabolic state during my workout. 3). As far as Cell Mass goes, just treat it like any other creatine. I take it right after my workout, and wait at least 30 minutes before my post-workout meal. Also before bedtime, at least one hour after my last meal for better absorption. 4). Watch your diet, to get cut and see better results with the BSN stack, stick with lots of protein and COMPLEX carbs. Stay away from foods with sugar, period. Non of the BSN products contain sugar. NO-Explode contains ingridients that act as insulin mimickers, so your blood sugar level will be at an obtimum level to drive glucose into your muscles during your workout. Cutting sugar out of your diet will significantly improve your physique over time and amplify the visual results when using the BSN stack. 5). BSN says that taking Glutamine with Nitrix significantly diminishes Nitrix's effects. I'll take their word for it. Cell Mass has Glutamine, so taking it twice a day on workout days should be sufficient. 6). Because of my strict diet, I take an Animal Pak every morning with my breakfast to make sure I am never deficient in any nutrients. A multivitamin is by far the most important supplement for any bodybuilder if you're on a strict diet. I am also thinking of trying Axis-T sometime soon to increase my free testosterone levels. Anyways, hope this helps. I just started the BSN Mass stack, but already see results. This stuff is awesome, I'll post an update on my results in a couple of weeks.
    Reviewer: GrowingInCanada from Canada, Ottawa on October 29, 2005

  1.  NICE Product!!!!
    So I tried Nitrix w/ NoExplode for about 3 weeks than decided to take a week off and see what the workouts would be like without it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I am ordering more of this\\\'s great you cannot wait till you go to the gym once you start using it. For me it took about 1 week to really work. Pumps were great gained about 3.5 lbs in those 3 weeks, not a lot but still just the beginning. LOVE IT The only downside is the price...
    Reviewer: Me from Seattle, wa on October 21, 2005

  1.  nitrix and cell mass
    i bought the mass stack, but decided not to use the no-xplode. I'm towards the end of the bottle of nitrix with about 4 days remaining and i have put on 8 lbs of muscle. From 153-161. I could really start feeling the effects of nitrix about midway through the 2nd week.
    Reviewer: Jared from Albany, NY on October 20, 2005

  1.  good
    took a bottle over the summer and really liked it, im a novice builder and i took it with protein and creatine... the truth - nitrix makes every workout feel like your best
    Reviewer: kb from houston, tx on October 17, 2005

  1.  #1
    The best I have gain 7 in. within a week
    Reviewer: Ben from Dallas, Texas on September 28, 2005

  1.  big bigger biggest
    this product gives me the extra energy to boost during my workouts already after 1 week. Awesome!
    Reviewer: kurt from belgium on September 25, 2005

  1.  holy FUCK!
    ok ok lets start off at the begining of the summer 2005, i just turned 15 and i weighed around 145 - 148. I havent had trained alot before that because of school. I decided to give the BSN stack a shot. I bought BSN's Cellmass (creatine), No - explode (pre-workout) and Nitrix. I used them for about 2 months and i was suprised with the resuslts. Currently i weigh around 175 ( with the help of weight gainer ) but i am bigger than i ever was. ! I got alottttt bigger and noticed major increases in my strenght. It was so dramatic that people that havent had seen me during the summer actually thought that i was taking steroids, and some of them are still in doubt. TRY this STACK !
    Reviewer: bsn from ca on September 21, 2005

  1.  This works. I am 53 years old and have been training for years.
    I have been taking the Nitrix, NO-Xplode and Cellmass for 3 weeks. I am getting stonger and stronger. I did not think this was possible at 53 years old. Besides getting stronger, I also have way more endurance.
    Reviewer: Jeffrey S. Medley from Atlanta GA, USA on September 08, 2005

  1.  andrew
    I started taking this stuff about two weeks ago. All ready i have gone up in weight on my bench and many other things. This product also helps you to stay focused on your work out. Before i would have troubles finishing my work outs but now i am actually adding on more to them. THis stuff ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Andrew Sereika from batavia, Illinois on August 25, 2005

  1.  This Product Is not what it seems
    I Want to inform everyone that this product alone does not make you big at all, you have to get the other 2 products with it ,(No explode and Cell Mass) they cost more than 50 bucks a piece. if you use all 3 then ya you can get big but not just by using nitrix
    Reviewer: Biff from Canada on August 12, 2005

  1.  results
    I\'ve been using the product for about 2 weeks. It definitely works!!!
    Reviewer: Sean Austin from washington, dc on August 10, 2005

  1.  HOO YEAH
    this stuff is amazing. i got so pumped the other day and pushed an old lady in front of a train. its the real deal. dont be fulled by imitations. BUY THIS NOW!!!!
    Reviewer: alan gibbens from venture on July 31, 2005

  1.  im excited..
    i just bought the whole stack from BSN and im interested to see wat its gonna do... i was on NO explod for a whole bottle before i had enough money to get the whole thing haha... but im excited to see wats goin on... and vaso xp does not work... that crap sucks... BSN knows the ish
    Reviewer: justin from marlton, new jersey on July 30, 2005

  1.  This Stuff Is HOT
    I have been using Nitrix for several months now and I love the transformation it has produced. My Workouts have improved greatly and I have gained nearly 20 pounds of muscle. This stuff will help you get huge if you are a serious lifter. I plan to continue using Nitrix. The ladies notice the change as well.
    Reviewer: Jesse from New York on July 27, 2005

  1.  Key element!
    I started using Nitrix after I was taking NO Xplode and Cellmass 2 months before. I didn't realize that something was missing until I read an article on Ronnie Coleman taking this stuff. You need to take all 3 products to get the maximume effect or outcome. It's my second year in college and I have went from 315 to 385 just by taking these products.
    Reviewer: John from Newbern, TN USA on July 22, 2005

  1.  Definitely worth the money, helps you train harder
    I've used Nitrix for about 2.5 weeks in conjunction with NO-Explode. Almost immediately i noticed better long lasting pumps. After about 5/6 days my vascularity began dramatically improving, along with my muscle definition. This product also greatly improves my focus. Only side effect i've noticed is I seem to sweat more easily, but that can be a good thing. If you're looking to get huge or are really looking to improve definition and vascularity then go with this product. But if you want something that still gives pumps and improves definition but to a bit lesser extent then i suggest BSN's NO-Explode.
    Reviewer: Todd from Sacramento, California on July 13, 2005

  1.  NITRIX
    This is the first time ive been to the gym on Nitrix and i felt the pump.
    Reviewer: dan D from long island NY USA on July 10, 2005

  1.  its awsome
    Lots of people who say this stuff doesn't work is probably because they don't know how to lift. Any jerkoff who doesn't gain an easy 10-15 pounds off 1-2 bottles is one of those jerkoffs
    Reviewer: mike from NY on July 05, 2005

  1.  Okay
    Okay i\'ve been working out almost a year now,Nitrix does work well..reason i\'m posting is to the idoit below..With Steriods you DO have to just JUST as hard..learn to read.
    Reviewer: Jason from IL on June 22, 2005

  1.  So far, so good
    I'm working on my first week of taking Nitrix. Beaware, I do take NO Explode before I workout and have been taking it for at least 2 and 1/2 months. But so far I notice I am able to lift more weight when I do chest. The pump I receive when I workout my arms is almost unreal though. Week by week, I will inform the people who are thinking about Nitrix of my results. Beaware, during the first week, I only substain my bicep pump for a couple of hours.
    Reviewer: General from Houston, TX USA on June 15, 2005

  1.  big and cut
    It takes a few weeks to work, but when it kicks in you know it. I used it for a full 3 months and gained 20 pounds. Over the next 6 months I lost no weight and my strength went through the roof. basically when you get off the product, you keep your muscle.
    Reviewer: Jeremy from San Francisco, CA USA on June 14, 2005

  1.  Does not work
    I took two bottles of nitrix then switched to no2 and i noticed that nitrix did nothing.
    Reviewer: jack from tampa ,fl usa on June 03, 2005

  1.  Hardgainer
    I am a hard gainer that has been lifting for over 5 years. A guy in the gym swore by this stuff and recommended that I try it. Unfortunately it did little for me. I gained no weight and could not lift a noticeable amount more than before taking Nitrix.
    Reviewer: BD from Salt Lake City on May 25, 2005

  1.  1 year on Nitrix
    At 5"10, 205lbs now and after using Nitrix for about 1 year, let me tell you that this stuff works. I packed on 45lbs of of solid weight. I tried MRI NO2, that cost almost twice as much and still have not gotten nearly the same results. I have tried almost every type of supplement, this is the ONE!!! IT WORKS!!!
    Reviewer: Adam from MLPS, MN on May 22, 2005

  1.  this stuff rocks
    i've been taking for two weeks and already went from 205 to 235 on the bench.NO JOKE!It's really worth the money.
    Reviewer: chad from us on May 18, 2005

  1.  Shits workssss
    At the end of football season, i was beat..i started running back as a sophmore and did well but i only weighed 180 pounds. I started takin this shit a month ago and im up to 190, hopefully gettin to 200 before next football season. My bench went up from 215 to 255 and my squat from 335 to only 16 yrs old, no side affects and it also let me maintain my quickness(4.6 forty). My muscles are much bigger and next year, ill be puttin the beatin on the other ****in team.
    Reviewer: greg from Orlando FL on May 17, 2005

  1.  shit worksss
    Right after football season, i was 180 pounds as a sophmore. Ive been using nitrix since the end of the season and im looking forward to starting running back for a second straight year at about 6'1, 200-205 pounds. This stuff also allows you to maintain your quickness. still hold a 4.6 forty, but im jacked out of my mind. Bench went from 190 to 225 and squat from 325 to 390..HOLLA
    Reviewer: Justin from Boston, MA USA on May 17, 2005

  1.  Do the pro's out weigh the con's
    I have noticed a substantial increase in in my muscle hardness, strength and definition since taking this product for roughly one month. It has created a major transformation in energy and desire to go to the gym. However It has cons for me as well. Drinking the recommended dosage of water has been the most daunting task of all. I simply can not do it. I have battled numerous migrains and have felt on edge since taking this product. Perhaps it is because I find it difficult to consistantly drink the required amount of water to prevent dehydration?. Not to be gender biased or disrespectful towards women, however I believe I now realize how they feel when they are on their period. The ultimate question for me is having this enhanced body worth the headaches and constant state of PMS. I have found the answer for me to be no. Realtionships, family, work and friendship in comparision to a selfless act of improving my body has been the decisive factor in stopping this product. However out of all the products I have taken the past ten years this has given me the most apparent improvment.
    Reviewer: Lack of Water? from CA on May 11, 2005

  1.  Works for me!
    I started taking NO-Xplode for two weeks before I started taking Nitrix and Cellmass in a stack with NO-Xplode. I have noticed more energy and more stamina when I work out. While it is still early, I have noticed considerable pumps after working out that last on average about 2-3 hours longer than normal. But, even if I wasn't getting that I will still keeep taking it from now on because it has improved my sex life immensely! I used to have impotence problems, but not anymore! I had thought of the Viagra route, but had read that Viagra contains NO2 also, so I will stick with Nitrix because it's way cheaper. I am 37 years old and I cannot even remember when I consistently woke up everyday with a woody. LOL. I love this stuff!!
    Reviewer: Russ from Minneapolis on May 08, 2005

  1.  worse product ever!
    it did nothing for me after two bottles. its horrible!
    Reviewer: jim from manhattan, ny on May 07, 2005

  1.  okkkkkk
    nitriz is ok i finished 1 bottle and the results were iffy....debating whether to buy another 1 nd see or switch to VASOxp. Has anyone tried that VASO yet???????
    Reviewer: AJAY from Long Island, NY, USA on April 26, 2005

  1.  weeks of good results on week 5
    during week one I thought it wasn't working so I kept on taking it I weighted 147lb by week four I weighted 167lb and was getting even more stength by the days it works it really really works.
    Reviewer: Roderickus hunt from Alabama on April 22, 2005

    if pumps are what you are looking for BSN NITRIX is what you need. I hope everyone knows that they shouldn't take any nitric oxide product if they are trying to gain weight they should take weight gainers instead. At my gym i have people asking me all the time and complaining they are not gaining any weight from nitrix. Nitrix and any other nitrix oxide products are mainly to get a bigger pump and get more CUT or RIPPED. Nitrix is a far more better Nitric Oxide product than the MRi Nox2 not only because it costs more than twice as less but here ill tell you why. L ARGININE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE IS WHAT GIVES YOU THE PUMP.. IN THE MRi NOx2 THERE ARE 3000mg of L ARGININE ALPHA KETO GLUTARATE IN EACH 3 PILLS WHICH IS THE RECOMENDED SERVING DOSAGE. at your retailing GNC this would cost 80 dollars( can you say rip off). IN THE BSN NITRIX THERE IS ALSO 3000mg of L ARGININE ALPHA KETO GLUTARATE IN 3 PILLS. BUT NOT ONLY THIS THERE IS ALSO ADDED PHOSPHATES AND TIME RELEASE TECHNOLOGY TO INCREASE THE ROLL OF THE L ARGININE ALPHA KETO GLUATARATE IN YOUR BODY. A BOTTLE WILL COST ONLY 35 DOLLARS AND THERE IS 60 SERVINGS IN A BOTTLE WHICH IS MORE THEN THE MRi NOx2.. i have used a 3 bottle cycle myself and believe me you HAVE TO TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT. I tried MRi NOx2 and BSN NITRIX is far more better. It gave me more strength, vascularity, energy output, and most importantly i FELT A GREAT PUMP... i did not notice any noticable weight gain but notice a great increase in strength and i did get more cut or ripped..... THANK YOU HOPE THIS REVIEW WAS HELPFUL TO YOU....
    Reviewer: Rustyn Totoki from Honolulu, Hawaii on April 15, 2005

  1.  works even better with cellmass and noxplode
    I been taking it with cell mass and noxplode and im seeing unreal results and am very satisfied. My friends think that i am juicing and dont believe me when i tell them what im taking. but it works great!
    Reviewer: joaquin from hawaii on March 25, 2005

  1.  Great reviews!!
    This stuff is the real deal!! Just load up with plenty of carbs and water!
    Reviewer: Dante from NY on March 09, 2005

  1.  Good results
    Increase in strength, size, vascularity and recovery time is unbelievable. Bench increase from 170 to 220 over month and a half and my body weight has increased from 160 to 175.
    Reviewer: FootballGod14 from Minneapolis, MN USA on February 23, 2005

  1.  I dont know yet?
    I haven't tried this stuff yet but I orderd it and it was only $26 and i see most prices to be like $40 or even $50 I heard lots and lots and good things and some bad im currently taking androstenedione and methyl 1 test.
    Reviewer: Mike from PA on January 23, 2005

  1.  Not a magic pill
    those on this page who say even with steroids you need to work are wrong. You can take steroids and have a growth of up to 15 pounds of muscle without lifting a weight. But the downside is potential hair loss, acne, injury due to lack of skeletal support, and the list goes on. Taking an NO2 type product is totaly different. You will gain a greater pump and if it works as advertised nutrients will be more efficiently distributed throughout your body, this COULD help you build muscle more efficiently. Not sure it will have any effect on testosterone though. My results are as follows: I have used the product for 3 weeks. You must follow directions and should maintain a diet of six high protein meals a day with 120 OZs of water. I feel the pump. It does last throughout the day, at least more than without this product. I switched to a 10-12 rep scheme with 60 seconds rest between sets and all sets to failure. This type of workout alone would produce a greater pump, so I'm not 100% sure it is due to product. Beginning of third week I switched to a lower rep, more rest workout out. Results are pretty good. Bench Press: previous max 250, now doing 250 for 3 reps...previously could do 225 for 6 reps, did it for 8 reps.... I figure this is at least in part due to this product. Suggestion: If you can dedicate 3 weeks to trying this product do it at a time when you will be able to work hard at the gym and eat right at home.
    Reviewer: kevin J from Boston, MA on December 03, 2004

  1.  OK
    I ordered this product for the "freakish" vascularity and pumps. This hasn't happened, surprise suprise. However, I have no doubt that taking this product has done 2 things for me: (1) significant and noticeable increase in the poundages all around for all the sets I do; and (2) dramatically reduced recovery time. Before I took this stuff, I would always be sore for several days because I always push my sets hard. Now, my recovery time is ridiculous. Basically, I don't experience any soreness whatsoever. But I am a bit disappointed not having seen the vascularity/volume gains the product claims. I've been on it now for 3 weeks. Maybe this stuff will kick in later.
    Reviewer: Yogi from Atlanta, GA on December 02, 2004

  1.  Nitrix works great...but i have a question
    I am in my second week and it seems to be working, because i notice that i have gotten great pumps and im starting to get bigger. My only concern is that i feel "zoned out" when I take it and i was wondering if anyone else felt the same way?? If anyone could lt me know that would be great!
    Reviewer: John from Philadelphia, PA USA on November 17, 2004

  1.  AMazign
    Amazing...veins huge. enegery. and power
    Reviewer: Rydawg from Miami on September 30, 2004

  1.  Does not cause acne
    I just started my second bottle and the results are questionable. I will continue through the secondone since other seem to have success in the long run, and my physique began quite scrawny. I'm yet to see freakish pumps, but this week I have noticed that I can do 3-5 more pumps after a normal failure. I am unsure as to whether this is due to my workout or if the Nitrix is helping. P.S. Has anyone else seen both the brownish and white pills? I ordered twice from same place and they said it is same stuff.
    Reviewer: Mike from Worchester on August 25, 2004

  1.  Alright... but not spectacular.
    I've used two bottles of Nitrix. After using the first, I did feel the pump referred to in the advertisements. I lifted more, felt a little harder, a little more confident. I gained, however, little. My workout routine is champion, and my food intake is awesome... I'd recommend taking the product in spurts... then breaking from it. Your body gets used to it, and the effects diminish over time. Better than NoX2 though. 2 stars. Juice is next on the list. All these supplements are CaCa.
    Reviewer: Joel from Toronto, Ontario on July 28, 2004

  1.  this works!
    i suggest u to try it once. because it resulting. u will love it
    Reviewer: waseem from pak on July 17, 2004

    Truely this is an awesome product. Nitrix is the $h!T...this product really works. My job depends heavily on my physical being. After taking two bottles of nitrix i went from 150 to 175 in about 2 and a half months. I was even threatened by my Commander saying if I was on roids he would kill me. Sure enough I got a drug test and was clean. This stuff is NO JOKE! Take it as directed with a good workout routine and YOU WILL see results. Nothing but pure cut muscle!! On the other hand once your done with your two bottles CONTINUE that same work routine if not harder. My buddy was slacking thinkin the muscle would stay put w/o continuing to work and he slowly stared loosing muscle! I have Nitrix to thank for my awesome bod, along with a killer workout routine! And what they say it does to your sex drive is also TRUE!!!! two more bottles are on the way and I expect to take my bod to the next level. Along with my BF.
    Reviewer: NAVY SAR from Rome, IT on July 15, 2004

  1.  nice effects
    i started taking this product 3 weeks ago...i saw results within the first arms were finally getting massive in a short period of time(not saying that they werent big already), but these pills increased their size greatly...i also noticed the pumps it left me with after the work out aswell...this product is well worth its money...if you havent started it yet...GO OUT AND BUY IT!!!
    Reviewer: mIKE from nj on July 13, 2004

  1.  Works but better stuff out there
    I have been taking nitrix for awhile and still taking has worked really good for me....i went from 175 on bench to not complaining...even though there is better stuff out there i would still take this supplement...In the future i will eventually use this again
    Reviewer: JC from Lompoc, CA USA on July 11, 2004

  1.  taking a while...
    I'm now almost finished with my second bottle and I am a little stronger and a little more cut.. it seemed to be on a 3 week loading phase where i saw no results then within the past 3 weeks it is kicking in... long story short... stick with it and drink water...
    Reviewer: Happy in reno from reno, nevada USA on June 28, 2004

  1.  It Works.!
    This stuff work. After using one bottle of Nitrix I decide to try NO2x. The NO2x was ok, but did not provide a better performance than Nitrix. Let me put it like this. I ordered another shippment of Nitrix and not NO2x. Now please keep in mind you do have to work out people....hello!
    Reviewer: Bad Boy from Charlotte, NC on June 15, 2004

  1.  best legal supplement yet
    i took 3times daily and within 2 weeks was seeing quite a difference in my lifting potential all around. 1 set of squats, could feel the blood pumping into my quads, freaking awesome! same with bench press. been using slow techique. bench increased from 225 to 290 on 1 bottle. full body workout, 1 set each muscle, 5 reps 7 secs up and 7 secs down. very important to drink water, and if you dont lift you probably wont see much of a difference. :) taking whey and creatine,( 5 grams) daily on the side. did not make any major increases until nitrix was introduced. never thought i would be writing a review about a supplement, but id have to say loading the body with no2 has been the best way (legally) to physically see improvement for me. thanks.
    Reviewer: travis from melbourne, fl usa on May 11, 2004

  1.  Works, but I got questions
    I have been taking Nirtrix for about two weeks now, and I have been seeing theh so called "Pumps." The only question I have is that when the bottle is finished, do you shrink and lose what you gained from the Nitrix? What is the situation after the bottle is done?
    Reviewer: Paul from Gr.Rapids, USA on April 20, 2004

  1.  Nitrix Man--Man
    Well I started taking Nitrix along with Glutamine and man I have seen good results. I followed the directions 3 pills on a empty stomach 30-45 min before breakfast and the same before lunch. After my work out I.E. Sprinting and pushups/situps and light weights. I have noticed great gains of cuts and my jumping ability has increased 5 inchs in about 3 weeks. I have just added Andro Stack but only take 1 pill before I work out. I dont want my testes to shrink. Now my pump has increased big time and I dont feel angry at all. I have no had any mood swings like they say when you take the recomended dosage. To make a long story short. Nitrix works really good if you take it with Glutamine this is just my opion. Drink plenty of water.
    Reviewer: large74 from Los Angeles, CA on April 18, 2004

  1.  Great
    I am on my second wek here and people are already asking what the hell ive been doing, they have even accused me of being on the roids. this stuff is unreal, i recommend it to anybody lookin to up their lifts
    Reviewer: Jeff from Vancouver, Canada on April 16, 2004

  1.  This stuff works
    I've almost finished with my first bottle and recently ordered my 2nd. I GAINED 17 POUNDS ON ONE BOTTLE. I went from 147lbs to 164 in 2 months. My bench jumped from 170 to 215. Just remember to drink plenty of water and take it on an empty stomach and it will work. Nitrix is the real deal
    Reviewer: scott from WV on April 14, 2004

  1.  It does work, it probally doesnt for you bc..
    i bet for the people who see no results is because you dont take it on an empty stomache, and wait 30-45 min after, to eat. do this and it will work
    Reviewer: Todd from Zimbabwe on April 08, 2004

  1.  I guess YOUR and idiot
    Hey, this stuff is great just finished my first week and have already begun to expieriance the effects. I have noticed myself lifting heavier with more reps, for example in my first week i have put on 10lbs on my bench i have also gained about 2-3lbs. I stack this product with whey protien and creatine and love the results. The reason for my title is because it is refering to the person below me, you can't just take the product and expect to be huge (its not freakin' steroids) you have to lift hard and work towards results. Good luck and enjoy the product.
    Reviewer: Kyle from US on April 05, 2004

  1.  I guess Im an idiot...
    Because my 2 bottles did nothing for me. And yes, I took it as directed with 120 daily ounces of water and a strict muscle building diet. And I mean NOTHING. Not even decent vascularity, let alone the "freakish" vascularity it claims you see in the 3rd week or something. And Im not the only one, several members of my chat forum have tried it with no results.
    Reviewer: Julian from Dallas on March 19, 2004

  1.  Good but not Great
    I notice decent results, an increased pump throughout the day, and my weights went up slightly , ex : 20 lbs in my bench and 50 lbs in my squat in a month. A bit better than if I were taking nothing. I'm interested in anyone that has taken both this and another NO2 product, and how they compare. Thanks
    Reviewer: Bernardo from New York State on March 15, 2004

    Reviewer: LOGAN THOMASON from MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE on February 29, 2004

  1.  Nitrix Works!
    Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't work. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but the nitrix bottle I have is directly from BSN. My bottle is red, and I've seen others that are white. I'm not sure if there is a difference, but I can tell you that it works. You can't just expect it to work without the proper workout and diet. I think you are a total idiot if you don't see results. This stuff works!
    Reviewer: Joe from Chicago, IL on February 22, 2004

  1.  didn't do a thing
    After buying a bottle, I found that the required dosage was 3 times a day rather than others that required twice a day, so your using more per day. After going through the entire bottle, it did not work. I have used both NO2 and NO2X which both worked very well.
    Reviewer: Dave from Houston, Tx USA on January 31, 2004


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