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Cytosport Cytomax Reviews

(5 customer reviews)
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  1.  Charlotan Powder
    What a joke! The claims are ridiculous and the marketing is shameful. This isn't even scientific enough to qualify as "junk science". It is just overpriced junk.
    Reviewer: Brad Keenan from Michigan on May 01, 2008

  1.  Fraud
    I am Philip Kafka and although I did enjoy this product... I did not write that review. I'd appreciate it if refrained from putting words in my mouth. Thanks. -pk,
    Reviewer: Philip Kafka from Chicago on December 13, 2007

  1.  40 pounds in 8 weeks my ass
    no way did you put on that much muscle. if you gained 40 pounds of lard, then it is probably normal for you.
    Reviewer: aj from boulder co on August 27, 2007

  1.  Awesome
    This stuff is so great. it lets you push harder each day while eliminating a large amount of the soreness.
    Reviewer: philip kafka from Dallas, TX USA on July 08, 2004

  1.  great stuff
    this product worked just like they have promissed me i gained 40 lbs in just 8 weeks
    Reviewer: angelo from holland on April 04, 2004


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