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Dimaxx Muscle Creatine Plus Reviews

(8 customer reviews)
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  1.  best stuff ever
    i put 130 pounds on my bench in 5 weeks. i got the cut abs that i wanted in just 3 weeks.
    Reviewer: josh czech from san fransico, CA USA on May 11, 2007

  1.  best creatine supp.
    Tremendous pumps and energy throughout my entire workout. I will never train without it. I have tried them all(cell mass,synthatrex,muscletech,etc.)this is by far the best.
    Reviewer: Jeff from Tucson Az on October 13, 2006

  1.  Good Stuff
    This stuff was helped me get with ladies and increased my arm size from 12 inches to 18 inches....its also helped me last longer during intense workouts.
    Reviewer: Chinky Man from San Diego, CA USA on February 14, 2006

    It Increased my size(length and girth) by approximately 13 wife gets scared in bed because it glows
    Reviewer: HAPPY MAN from San Diego, CA USA on February 09, 2006

  1.  Well worth it
    The results are awsome. You will feel stronger immediately.
    Reviewer: kahrook from Louisville on February 08, 2005

    took the whole bottle. followed instructions perfectly. waste of money. stick to the powder creatine.
    Reviewer: hashish from ny on September 21, 2004

  1.  fucking sweet
    i put 110 pounds on my bench press in 4 weeks holy shit
    Reviewer: kyle from usa on August 26, 2004

  1.  fantastic results
    Great product! Doesn't cause cramps, no need to stack, can take on lift days only, no bloating! Does cause a little cotton mouth during extreme workouts, but that's my only complaint.
    Reviewer: Stoph from LA, CA, USA on February 12, 2004


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