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MMUSA Creatine Serum Reviews

(18 customer reviews)
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  1.  HAHA this stuff is a joke
    This stuff is total BS, its a scam dont buy it, no effect what so ever, i can get a better workout on my friends mom.
    Reviewer: hulk from ca on August 28, 2007

  1.  Lactic Acid...See ya
    I started taking MMUSA's Endurus Runner's serum for cardio. I took it on a day that I though I was going to the gym but ended up kayaking instead. My arms and legs got a work out but there was no lactic acid build up. For that reason alone I will continue to use their products
    Reviewer: Rose from San Diego on November 28, 2006

  1.  Creatine
    Actually the creatine powder turns into creatinine (waste product) in alot faster time than one hour, when mixed with liquid. It only takes about 5 minutes, that's why they say as soon as you mix it, you have to chug it down. If you look at the ingredients of this serum there are other ingredients in it, and the taste is sweet and sour, so in my humble opinion, this product is crap and the only rush of energy that you get is from the glucose in the mixture.
    Reviewer: Jacked from Orlando, FL on September 14, 2006

  1.  This Shit sucks
    This shit does not work wotht a damn, i took it and did not get any thing out of it
    Reviewer: mike from Marietta, ga on March 29, 2006

  1.  crap
    Creatine serum products don't work people... stopw asting your money on this and cell tech and buy something worth buying.
    Reviewer: miike from Brookfield, MA USA on March 26, 2006

  1.  It works
    As far as I'm concerned it's the best form there is, period.
    Reviewer: Andy from Jefferson City, TN on January 30, 2006

  1.  Pure Bullshit
    This stuff is pure crap no liquid creatine works i even fell for this shit when i was younger....pure garbage...micronized is the best...this stuff ifs more like hawain punch than creatine...waste of money and time, i get a better workout jerkin off
    Reviewer: Simon from The Bronx, NY on January 22, 2006

  1.  its fo real y0
    I have already taken a bottle of Xtra Advantage creatine serum and let me tell you i got more cut than i would have on anything else and fast too, jus drink tons of water.
    Reviewer: joey from BAY AREA on July 12, 2005

  1.  It does work
    I use it to weight train, I am mostly a runner, but after trying many creatine products, this stuff is so easy and convenient, I can't get it at GNC anymore and the stuff they have now is horrible there.
    Reviewer: Ricardo from Los Angeles on April 08, 2005

  1.  crap
    this serum thing is waste of money ....believe me all the effects they claim are only placebo effect ( psychological effect) . just try any creatine powder ( e.g cell tech or san V12 and try that crap and u will notice the huge difference!
    Reviewer: ironMan from saudi arabia on April 03, 2005

  1.  fitness 1st tanuj suryavanshi
    this serum works ok, not too good, powder is much better and cell tech is the best, i used it found average increase in my strength i doubt whether liquid form is a good source for ATP'S. think bfore going for it and for best results take atleast 6 ml.taste's pungent .drink water. now hit the gym n work
    Reviewer: TANUJ SURYAVANSHI from delhi,india on March 05, 2005

  1.  The stuff WORKS!!!!!
    I've been using this for over a year. Both for workouts and running. IT WORKS!!!! In fact, it works so well you should be careful when using it. I've overworked my biceps a couple of times with it, not paying attention and doing more reps than I should've. Ouch! Point is, you don't tire as easily when you're using it. Its also great for running, if you do any distance running. I'm in the Army and we have PT tests every six months. I use it all the time. Tried the powders and wasn't impressed like I am with this. Only thing I can say is.... you should try it yourself and see. Don't listen to all the clap-trap. THIS WORKS!!!!
    Reviewer: R V. Carvalho from Waverly, TN on March 02, 2005

    You can NOT get muscles from looking in the mirror and swallowing some new and improved product. PERIOD. I am 21 years old and play a college sport. I have worked out with several guidelines and supplements. This product when used properly, along with INTENSE workouts and proper nutrition, DOES WORK! DONT LET THOSE FOOLS tell you different who aren't decicated enough, and do not have a good workout program. THIS PRODUCT IS WORTH THE MONEY, i recommend this over Cell-tech.
    Reviewer: Mike from Chicago, IL on January 18, 2005

  1.  Update ...
    Degussa LOST their pending litigation with MMUSA, as of only a few days ago. That's right, they LOST - the judge agreed that Degussa was deliberately trying to slander MMUSA and steal their formula. As soon as you use it, you will understand what we do already: this products is AWESOME.
    Reviewer: Clarkson from Seattle, WAS on July 06, 2004

  1.  Think about it.....
    ..... yes it degrades in an hour, before it even leaves the warehouse. Idiot, think about it. This stuff RULES - as noted above, it ROCKED my workouts instantly !! And btw they aren't being investigated by anyone, only angry competitors eager to steal their formula. Think about it, and go by results, not corporate fluff.
    Reviewer: Clarkson from Seattle, WAS on June 22, 2004

  1.  Load of crap
    I cannot see how MMUSA can claim this serum is better than powder, Creatine is creatine and all they claims flys right in the face of current scientific research. Basically you cannot produce a creatine supplement thats water based. I've used this product and its crap. It should be withdrawn from the market. Do you rersearch people the results will astound you.
    Reviewer: Mark Dennehy from Melbourne AUS on April 25, 2004

  1.  It worked for me
    I've heard people saying it degrades quickly to creatinine, but I've been using this for 2 weeks, and all I can say is it worked very well for me. In the absence of real scientific data, all one has to go on is personal experience. I'm 41 and started working out a year ago after a 10-year layoff, and I was able to do longer workouts at a faster pace and heavier weight immediately upon using this stuff, so that's proof enough for me.
    Reviewer: Marshall from Sacramento, CA on April 03, 2004

  1.  This stuff is a scam
    Thats why they are being investigated by the FDA. Creatine turns into creatinine in about a hour after being put in a liquid
    Reviewer: Ed from Mass on March 05, 2004


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