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MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine Reviews

(54 customer reviews)
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  1.  donman
    this is the best stuff out there
    Reviewer: don from on February 07, 2008

  1.  Mediocre At Best...
    Okay listen up people... I've tried Cell-tech a couple of times before and must say that it is simply mediocre at best. It is outdated creatine (monohydrate), it is loaded with sugar (dextrose), and its ridiculously overpriced. Now let's break this down a litle for all of you who are reading this and saying..."But I Gained 40lbs in two weeks, and added 100lbs to my bench!" Firstly, the weight that you gained is most likely water weight. Ask your significant other, and I guarantee they 'll most likely say you look a little bloated. That's because the outdated creatine in Cell-Tech makes you retain water. Its okay I guess for all of you thats trying to gain "Water" instead of "muscle". But stop taking it, and you most likely will lose this newfound "Water" that now you so dearly covet. And boom now the 40lbs you thought you gained is actually only a measly 5ibs. Not bad, but like I stated earlier, mediocre. Secondly, this stuff is Loaded with Sugar! Now I have read numerous articles suggesting that ingesting this much sugar at once is in no shape, form, or fashion, healthy for you. Any type of huge spike in your body, no matter the hormone is unhealthy. Not including the havoc you are wreaking on your liver and kidneys. Not bad if you want to be a 45 year old muscle man with looming kidney failure. And let me clear something up, for all of you that are saying that the sugar is okay if you're working out for two to three hours a day. "Health Experts" recommend that you only lift weights for 75 minutes max, or else your body starts to release the "Catabolic" hormone cortisol. The problem is, to gain muscle you need to be in an "Anabolic" state. So lets see, um you work out for 3 hours putting your body in a catabolic state. Just so you can ingest 75 grams of sugar "safely" with outdated creatine to put you back into an anabolic state. Seems a little dumb to me! Do I need to even mention the price people! The facts speak for themselves of why this stuff is overpriced. But hey, its your perogative. "If you want to be a Bloated, Water Retaining, Diabetic, Fatso, with Kidney Failure in a few years than I say "Cell-Tech Is The Best Product On The Market! Go get two buckets!!! Otherwise save yourself some time and discomfort and try some creatine ester. Its 10 times better and 50 times better for you than this stuff. But I don't know, thats just my opinion. Maybe I'm just "playa-hatin". I guess you'll have to risk it to find out. And when you're at the beach, and you look to the left and you see your girl sitting on that guys lap with the "Real Muscles", that'll be me. But come on over, don 't be shy...I'll give you some Creatine Ester.
    Reviewer: B. A. from Orlando, Florida on November 07, 2007

  1.  ridiculous
    in just one week i ganied 8 pounds and picked my weight up from 193 (6'1) to 201. My benched went from 225 to 240. The product really worked and I felt it was better than cell mass.
    Reviewer: paul from bronx, ny usa on July 22, 2007

  1.  CELL TECH IS RUSTED!!! read now...
    Cell tech could really give you extra WEIGHT because of water retention. Plus some extra strenght but it is quite unsafe and does not work on 1/4 people.. I've tried and seen the effects ofter products and BSN: Cellmass just stepped on celltech... i gain SOLID 40LBS in just 90days/3months.. from 140-185lbs.... i really mean SOLID since i only lost 5-8lbs of weight during my off-cycle of 2 months... here you don't bloat, you gain solid muscles... but if you don't work out properly and follow your program strictly then.... you will just waste your money on ANY supplements you get..... it is true... NO PAIN, NO GAIN.... cell tech will most likely give you a lot of ugly stretch marks... in summary, cell tech is like a hor air balloon and the new ethyl ester products like cellmass is the space shuttle...
    Reviewer: Brian Parkson from New York, NY USA on June 29, 2007

  1.  Great
    I know it says cell tech but i've been taking cell tech hardcore and that really works. when i first started lifting a month and a half ago, i weighed 175 and benched 185, now i weight 217 and bench 210. i work out 4 times a week. drink plenty of water.
    Reviewer: Castro from CA on May 10, 2007

  1.  Pretty good stuff and all true
    Now I dont know how people gain like 30 lbs on their lifts in like 2 weeks.. thats rediculous but i have real results from this product as a junior in high school , Before I started taking cell tech i couldnt gain a pound... so when i started I didnt even do the loading stage *which is probably the most important part* and i didnt even take it on weekends... well still i had great results when the 8 weeks were up... i went from 165 lbs to 176 lbs and my bench went up 205-235 and my squat to 305-350 so it really does work but be sure to stay hydrated but i am on a very good lifting program and be sure to push your self all the time for more massive and better gains .. I really recommend this product!
    Reviewer: Colton Clay from Princeton, TX on March 13, 2007

  1.  GREAT.. ready for round 2
    About a year ago I weighed about 160 and went to 175 in about 2-3 weeks.. im by no means a bodybuilder but when your friends are alll meatheads lol you kinda wanna fit in a little bit more... i love the way i look and I feel alot more comfortable with myself. I'm gonna stasrt taking it again..i weigh still about 175 6'1, and am lookin to go to the next level because I have been stuck at this weight for here we goooooo...
    Reviewer: john from schererville. indiana on March 12, 2007

  1.  It works wonders but you HAVE to CYCLE!!
    lISTEN guys i started lifting when i was a junior in high school i started off weighing 160 and benching a puny 135 the end of my school year (9 months) i was up 100 pounds on my bench and gained 60 pounds. But you will hit a sticking point with this stuff so you have to cycle once you notice your gains have topped off .....let your body get use to not having to juice in your muscles and in about a month hit hard again and i swear you will bust right through...and yes it works fast so dont be let down when your strength tops off just do as i say and cycle.....and one other thing is you have to add protein into your diet and not necessarily nitro tech....i use eas protein but i blend it with with frozen fruits and orange juice and it taste like something that would come from smoothie king. im now 20 years old and a sophmore at va tech i weigh 238 bench 345 and work as bouncer at a local night club thanks to this product dont forget your vitamins either animal stak is where its at.....BUT REMEMBER!!!!! to cycle once you hit the sticking point. It will rejuvinate you once you come back on it STUFF out there bros ....
    Reviewer: Julien "Tank" Collins from Blacksburg VA )VATECH !!!! on February 26, 2007

  1.  love it
    i have been taking muscle milk for about a month and i have been noticing small spurts but after i baught cell-tech my loading stage (two times a day for 7 days) my bench has gone up 10lbs. i couldnt belive it i didnt think my body could do it before taking it i weighed 130.2 and benched 200 10 days of taking cell-tech i weighed 140.7 and bench 220 it really works
    Reviewer: mike from pa on February 19, 2007

  1.  Pleasant Surprise
    I started taking creatine about a week ago to bulk up and lift more. My bench has already increased about 10 pounds and i look much bigger. It works, no lie.
    Reviewer: Nick from Jacksonville, FL on February 18, 2007

  1.  This crap works
    IDK what you other ppl think but it helped me... it increases my strength drastically... i took it for a month weighing at 140 and bencing 205 a month later got up to 155 bencing 255... if you dont believe it... your workout is soft! sure it might have a lot of sugar but if you workout 2-3 hrs a day it wouldnt matter!
    Reviewer: verak from Kansas Cuty, MO on January 18, 2007

    This king of creao is just water retaining formula, if you want real muscle building performance with more pumps and longer lasting workouts with permanent improvements, take N.O. XPLODE!!! it works and you will love it!!!
    Reviewer: seann from WASHINGTON on January 16, 2007

  1.  Incredible
    I started taking cell tech weighing 165lbs and struggling to put up 135. After about two months of faithfully using cell tech and hitting up the gym I was up to 182 and able to put up 225. I gained 17lbs and 90lbs on my bench in only 8wks, incredible! I was very impressed with this product! I have since stopped taking cell tech and lost only about 2lbs. I’m guessing water weight. For anyone that wants to gain strength and muscle mass I suggest cell tech...
    Reviewer: Bryan from Berlin, CT USA on January 16, 2007

  1.  MASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used Cell Tech for track because I new it was supposed to help athletic performance.So I tried it at the track meet I did awsome ,gets you pumped up big time.Also This was the only supplement I was using at the time so don't think it was all the other supplements out there it was all cell -tech.After that i started weight training for football .I GAINED 20 POUNDS ON MY MAX BENCH PRESS AFTER ONE USE!!!!!! Thats right the first day!After using it for about a month I gained a rumbling 25 POUNDS!!! I took it once a day for 4 weeks and 3 day s and thats what i gained.I worked out for about 45 min every day to do that.Plus i'm a hardgainer so to do that i had to of done something good. I took Cell-Tech.
    Reviewer: Caleb from Elkhart IN on December 26, 2006

  1.  Cant beat it
    I started lifting when i was 18... weighed 130 and benched 135. I went 3 years without using any supplements and by the time i turned 21 i was 140 benching 205....after 3 damn years though. I starting using cell tech and after 3 months i weigh 150 and put up 255 and im still gaining like crazy.
    Reviewer: Dan Halstead from Kenosha, WI on December 01, 2006

  1.  It works, but too pricey.
    Cell-Tech is probably the only supplement I would reccomend to anyone who's getting into weight training or who needs that extra push to get passed a plateau. I've tried tons of different supplements and none of them had the successful effects of Cell-Tech. Granted it may not work for everybody but it sure as hell did for me. I've usually use it when i'm getting back into lifting heavy. Unlike others, I don't gain too much weight from it and when I do, its just water retention. However, it takes me about 2-3 weeks for it to really "kick in" of taking it everyday. Once its in full effect, I'm able to do more reps and thus move up in weights. I also recover a lot quicker. From taking Cell-tech, I was able to go from barely benching 135 to repping 245 in about 4 months. Cell-tech has been known to cause a slight burning sensation in your throat if you don't mix enough water. My first couple of days of taking it messed up my stomach but after less than a week my body was fully adjusted to it. But thats normal for any supplements. I'm off Celltech now for a month and I'm noticing that i'm getting a bit weaker. Especially on shoulders workout. I use to be able to shoulder press 75lb dumb bells fairly easily and now i'm struggling to get 4 reps. My bench however has continued to rise though... The only issue I have with Cell-tech is that its too damm expensive. Is it worth it? Yeah, for short term usages. Long term will cause a big dent in you're bank account. I'm planning on going back on Cell-tech in about a month. Seems like i'm going into plateau mode with shoulders which i don't like...
    Reviewer: Dolomite from Bethesda, MD USA on October 02, 2006

  1.  Solid
    I started using this stuff when I got to college last year. I weighed 175 and could bench about 160. After I used it for about 3 months, I weighed 205 and could bench about 200. This stuff kicks ass.
    Reviewer: Andy Bovaird from Altoona, PA 16601 on September 11, 2006

  1.  sucked
    i fellt like i wanted to work out more and got a few more pumps a day but i didnt gain anything and i worked out 5 to 6 times a week
    Reviewer: dmwalsh7 from tx on August 20, 2006

  1.  Sugar Loading
    I used this stuff for a year and the strength increase is great but at a price, and i aint just talking the sticker price neither. The amount of sugar in this stuff is ridiculous, i felt it flowing thru my face in the bloodstream! You retain massive amounts of water so sure you'll get bigger fast- but with water retention is extremely temporary and not real weight gain. It tastes like sh** too. Go with a creatine esther instead.
    Reviewer: c-money from Canada on July 29, 2006

    Reviewer: Mike from Cali on July 28, 2006

  1.  Its Good
    Im 16 years old i play football so i decided to buy something that would get me stronger and bigger.. I started off weight 160 lbs and I was benching 215.. iv been on cell tech for 2 weeks now and I now weigh 175 lbs and bench 235 no joke, and i tend not to get as tired as fast.. i can work out alot longer.. it helped me out alot.. i recommend it to any one who wants quick results.. the orange flavor is really good..
    Reviewer: duncan from cali on July 27, 2006

  1.  Results Were Noticable.
    I took Cell-Tech from January to March. I gained only about 4-7 pounds, but the muscles looked much better. In about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks I looked better than I've ever had. It was a relief to be off of it only because of the burn in your throat after you took it. I'm going to go on Creakic tomorrow. I hope the pills will have the same results without the taste and burn. I'd suggest this product to anyone.
    Reviewer: Scotty Mac from Freehold, NJ on May 27, 2006

  1.  Running while taking creatine
    I have read all the reviews and they all say the same thing. Yes, creatine has alot of sugar and only 10g of creatine. But for runners, the more sugar you have, the faster you will recover. In addition to the fast recover of the glycogen levels, the 10g of creatine kicks in after the body is recovered. I'm well past my loading stage and i can actually see results and i haven't been working out any harder or any less. This week i will workout harder to test my limitations. Overall i think this is a great product to buy if you are a skinny runner wanting to get a little bigger. Make sure you take a protein shake after you take the creatine ::very important::
    Reviewer: Andrew from NY on April 28, 2006

  1.  Only works for a small percentage
    This product only works for certain people. I have just finished my tub and i only noticed minimal gains. I was much more pleased with the gains i had when i was taking whey, which is a lot better for your body. It costs too much for the benefits you get. Whey is a lot less expensive and works a lot better. I recommend optimum nutrition.
    Reviewer: Jack from San Diego, CA on April 06, 2006

  1.  It works, but not miracles.
    There are many reviews about this that claim a large increase in bench press, yada yada... this is not true. If you are new at working out, creatine will help you do more reps or bench more. Bench press will be an increase of 5 pounds a month MAX! If you do more youd have to use illicit steroids, anyone who claims it did more is probably lying. As for me, ive been doing strength training for 3 years and have used creatine off and on. Creatine is an efficient way to do more reps and lift more. Like i said, it doesnt work miracles but it helps. So why give it 5 stars? Well anyone serious about weight lifting knows every pound counts. After working out for so long you plateau and anything that helps you beat the plateau is worth using. Cell tech is one of the "main stream" brands. It does do scientific research on its products and add nutrients that some brands. The truth is, pretty much any creatine helps reguardless of gender, age, race, etc. This is a good product for beginners because it can help them get going. It can help professionals keep going. There is even some mild cardio improvement when taken. It also helps cardio in a sense that your legs dont burn as bad.
    Reviewer: Matt from Missouri on February 17, 2006

  1.  You guys are BS
    You people are full of BS.... nobody is going to go from 145 to 315 on the bench press in 6 months. Nobody is gonna go from 225 to 300 in 60 days, you people just need to stop giving false hopes to consumers. Yes cell-tech may work but for future customers dont expect to be bench pressing 400lbs by the next montb
    Reviewer: Matt from maryland on January 20, 2006

  1.  terriblee
    ahah do you guys read the ingridents?? i have the advanced formula and i made the mistake at not looking at it b4 i bought it...75grams of sugar and 75grams of carbs....i dont think i need to say more then that
    Reviewer: aaron o from Long Island, NY USA on January 05, 2006

  1.  no weight gained but strength increased tons
    i stayed around 195 the entire time but have increased all of my lifts and went froma 240 bench to 265..
    Reviewer: Lemonhead from Anchorage on July 27, 2005

  1.  this stuff is pretty good
    this stuff is pretty good, i just got it about a week ago. i am already noticing small gains in strength and ive gained 4lbs(its mostly water). i think this stuff is worth it b/c it does what it claims to do. the burning in the back of the troat is nothing to complain about.
    Reviewer: mac from austin, tx usa on June 24, 2005

  1.  it works for great gains
    i have tried other creatine supplements and i have to say that cell-tech is up there with the greats. i dont know what others are saying about it not working and burning throats. youre throat will only burn if you dont drink enough water. it really works with mass and gains. it may be mostly water weight but it works if you are wanting to bulk up for a while. all supplements will have a negative effect on you when you get off them. i think the ones who are saying negative comments about cell-tech must work for other companies or just didnt use cell-tech right. another factor could have been not eating enough protein. think about that and give it a try.
    Reviewer: michael from fresno,ca on May 24, 2005

  1.  This stuff is ausome
    When I first started using this product I weighed and ausome 120 pounds and benched 145 ive been taking this product for 6 months now and my weight is 175 and im benching 315 this stuff really works!!!
    Reviewer: john from New orlens on May 23, 2005

  1.  Yes it works..
    I dont know what all these people are talking about. If you take cell-tech everyday you will def. notice a stregth, and recovery gain. It takes about a week to kick in, just make sure you take it everyday. I took it for about 3 months. It worked best the 1st. I did increase my bench about 30lbs the 1st month but about 10lbs the 2nd two. When i wasnt taking cell-tech my bench would not increase. It made my recovery 10x better. Its worth a try.
    Reviewer: gavin from fl on May 12, 2005

  1.  It works but....
    I've used creatine on and off for 3 years now and I have to say this stuff really works. I noticed my strength increased and I could do more reps with hevier weight and the pumps are incredible, sometimes lasting a whole day!, I gained 15 lbs of what I thought was all muslce, but most of it is water retention. After I stoped using it my muscle size decreased, thus loosing a few lbs of my body. And yes if you eat right and give it 100%+ at the gym every day you'll look good, but once you off of Cell-Tech for lets say... a month or so you'll notice the decrease in muscle size and strength. So if you want to look and feel good this summer I highly recomend it.
    Reviewer: Cesar from Roseville on May 12, 2005

  1.  It's been 1 week
    This product is really pricey. However, I've used it for only one week and I notice a huge difference in my lean muscle mass. Fat is being stripped off of my muscle like wild fire. Last week I could only rep 185lbs 5 times... This week, I repped it 5x10! I've gained about 5lbs, but it's most likely water weight. My muscles look bigger...So far, i'm very happy. I am worried though about the high carb and sugar count though.
    Reviewer: Kevin from Atlanta, GA on May 09, 2005

  1.  Worked good for me
    I was recently deployed for 60 days and decided to finally try out a supplement. Cell Tech was the only thing available at that location so I tried it........After the loading stage my strength went up incredibly. By the end of the month I could harldy fit in my uniform anymore! I started out struggling with 225lbs. The day before I left I maxed out at 315lbs. Of course there was nothing else to do but work eat and go to the gym so my workouts were pretty intense. I had almost no muscle fatigue as well. But like many reviews say...the weight gained is mostly water weight. If you don't get enough protein your size will reduce quickly. All in all it was the right product for me!
    Reviewer: Kevin from Florida on April 21, 2005

  1.  Did good for me
    I used it for a month. I started at maxing 125, which is pathetic. Within 3 1/2 weeks of using Cell-Tech working out 3 times a week, because I woked to much, I was doing 185 then 195. Good thing and this was all before spring break. Some people might not get the same results but that wont stop me from using the products.
    Reviewer: Tony from Calexico, CA on April 14, 2005

  1.  Dont Use It
    I used Cell-Tech and I must say it sucks. It's chalky and burns your throat. Also it is nothing but sugar, and once you drink it makes you feel bloated. It doesn't work.
    Reviewer: Justin from Myrtle Beach, SC on March 24, 2005

  1.  give me a break
    i give a big congrats to muscle tech. they are finally earning the con artist reputation they crave. their products are so overrated and overpriced. cell tech did nothing for me after i had taken a whole container. its nothing but glorified fruit juice. dont waste your money
    Reviewer: schizer from fleetville PA on March 08, 2005

  1.  TommyD from MA IS RIGHT
    If this could et a minus in rating i would give it. Tommy was 100% correct it is A LOT OF Sugar and a little creatine. The marketing is purely for the neophites who think because it is writing it has to be true. Just get Pure creatine mix 5 g in with your protien shake and your even better off.
    Reviewer: Dan from Phoenix on December 03, 2004

  1.  I Recommend it
    I have been on Cell-Tech since June (approx. 5 months) and have been pleased with the results. I started at about 170 lbs. and now weigh around 185. My bench has gone up considerably and my squat is up around 335 lbs. I've also been getting loads of compliments lately about how good I look. Have I busted it in the gym? Yes (4-5x per week). Is it expensive? Somewhat. But it hasn't made me weaker and I feel like it works.
    Reviewer: gentball12 from Shreveport, LA on November 22, 2004

  1.  Garbage
    It's as simple as this - cell-tech is just creatine mixed with dextrose with a little bit of alpha lipoic acid thrown in to burn your throat. It's not a miracle supplement and it will not give you the gains some of the people on this board are describing. They are merely victims of advertising psychology. Basically it goes like this. Cell-tech's advertising is so convincing that it actually makes people feel better in the gym and work out harder because they actually believe this garbage works. Thus, they see results which they mistakenly think are from this crap, but are actually due to their own hard work.
    Reviewer: TommyD from MA on September 26, 2004

    Reviewer: ZEUS from PHILLY on September 03, 2004

  1.  Not Worth it, new Creatine Ethyl Ester HClway better
    I gained 60lbs on my bench press in six weeks, but as soon as i got sick of the taste and the price and discontinued use, i lost 30lbs off of my bench press. Try new Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl, it's more effective for less money
    Reviewer: Kevin from Columbus OH on August 11, 2004

  1.  for skinny guys only
    this product i only recomend for hard gainers it has extra calories and sugar that chubby guys dont need and if you are diobetic forget it. however ive had good results with this creatine the only thing i dont like are the sugar head rushes i get although it may not happen to everybody.
    Reviewer: tim from houston on August 09, 2004

  1.  it works
    It tastes great, dissolves quickly, and shows you results inside of 10--14 days. The results are indirect, which is to say that the way cell tech works is not by turning you into an incredible hulk overnight, but by preparing your muscles to lift heavier and heavier weights each time you go to the gym. I'm taking this in conjunction w/ Isopure whey protein and am getting results. However, I still feel going to the gym 3-4x a week and pushing yourself "to failure" is the best method. Ask yourself: "What are my goals?" Then do whatever it takes to achieve them. Read Nietzsche. Eat like an animal. Relax and be patient.
    Reviewer: Dan from NYC on July 21, 2004

  1.  Try Trans X
    cell tech doesn't even come close to comparing to Trans X. Some of you newbies need to understand that you don't always have to buy the most expensive product to get GREAT results.
    Reviewer: Josh from Texas on April 30, 2004

  1.  My max bench went up by 90 lbs.!
    After I had separated my sternoclavicular joint during my football season, i was unable to work out and i lost a few pounds. At seasons end i weighed 160 lbs and could only bench 180 (3 sets of 10, because maxing out put too much stress on my shoulder). Then i started using cell tech to get my strength back. After about four weeks, i had gotten back to the 235 max that i was able to do before my injury. I kept using the product without ever skipping days. My chest workout consisted of benching in 3 sets of ten, and using the pec deck in 3 sets of ten as well. I made it my goal to be able to max out at 300 lbs by June. Every week in a half or so i added 5 or ten lbs. on the bar for my reps. During week eleven, some kid in my gym class was trying to see if he could bench 300 lbs. 20 kids or so crowded around to watch him to see if he could do it. He failed and everyone was about to leave, then i stepped up and gave it a try. I put an extra five lbs on the bar because nobody was sure if the bar weighed 45 lbs or 50 lbs(it was fatter in the middle than our other bars). With everyone watching me, i threw that weight up easily! I was shocked! This meant that i was the lightest person (176.5 lbs.) in my school's history to bench 300 lbs.! Though i failed at my next attempt of 320, i had earned the applause of all my classmates. I now weigh 183 lbs. and i rep the same amount of weight (230 lbs.) that i was maxing out at during the same time last year! This product is a Godsend! The only thing bad about it is that got sick of the taste and had to rotate flavors with every new jug that i bought.
    Reviewer: P Milla from Bloomfield Hills, MI on April 23, 2004

  1.  This stuff is good!!!!!!!!!!!
    i've gained massive weight from this stuff!!!! in workin out for 2 months that i been takin it, i've gained 13 lbs. of lean mass!!!!!!! this stuff is great!!!!!
    Reviewer: footballstud from Cincinnati, Ohio on April 23, 2004

  1.  common sense
    you just payed around $60 for 5lb right? Well close enough. Almost all of that weight is sugar. Most MuscleTech products are worthless. They have a huge marketing team to rip of newbies. I've been in the iron game for years just wanted everyone to know.
    Reviewer: Mike from USA on April 11, 2004

    Reviewer: MICHAEL VICK from SANFORD, NC USA on March 20, 2004

  1.  gets the job done
    it did me well, gained 15 pounds in 6 weeks. i will try other creatines, but i do know that cell-tech did me right. i would say give it a try.
    Reviewer: carlos from san antonio, tx usa on March 12, 2004

    I gained 7 pounds and lost a little bodyfat over 6 weeks working out hard 6 times a week, but I experienced almost identical results on pro performance mega creatine. I'm sure if I stayed on it for 12 weeks straight, I would see better results, but it's just too expensive.
    Reviewer: white tiger from asheville, nc on February 14, 2004

  1.  Its not all that
    I had recently bought a product for $15 and it was regular Eas's hp creatine. Cell tech is way over priced and the results are the same as other products out there the only difference is that it may taste alittle better, it kept me at the same weight, strenght and performance that the other creatine left me off at, so if your looking for ogood results look before you go breaking your wallet.
    Reviewer: Hector from USA on February 12, 2004

  1.  does what its says it does
    The best creatine product I have tried, but like all creatine products, some of the gains are not permanent, and it is not clear if gains can be attributed completely to the product and not in combination with andro- products.
    Reviewer: soflamusclehead from West Palm Beach FL USA on February 08, 2004


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