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NutraSport Cutting Gel Reviews

(10 customer reviews)
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  1.  It works if you use it right!
    Put in on 10 minutes before you do 45 minutes of cardio, massage it for 1 minute so that it is absorbed and wear a long sleeve t shirt. Make sure you take a shower before so that it is well absorbed. take a shower right after because if you do not, it will be reversal. Unfortunately it is very expensive. But thats the best product that works for my abs. I do eat 6 times a day and do weights as well and 45 minutes of cardio 3 times a week.
    Reviewer: Candy from Provo, Utah, USA on February 07, 2007

  1.  Seems to work
    I've used this product for some time now and although it is no miracle product if used as recommended it seems to cause greater warmth in the areas applied whic leads to a more vigorous workout. My wife has just started using it and the fat on her thighs and stomach are melting fast!!! But remember she is using it with a daily aerobic session to maximise fat burning. I WOULD RECOMMEND ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE INVOLVED IN HIGH AEROBIC ACTIVITY FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES PER DAY.
    Reviewer: Stephan Laurent from London, England on January 02, 2007

  1.  customization
    I would like to hear from somebody who's used it about the fact that it allows you to choose where you want the fat burnt off from. It's fine that they say you must work out, but there are plenty of people who work out strenuously and are "cut" everywhere else except for a little spot they want, such as abs. I think That's the beauty of this product. You can decide where that fat comes off of. If this really works it is a huge advantage.
    Reviewer: Darell from FL on December 05, 2005

  1.  not good
    They should be SUED!!!!!! does not work......keep lifting weights.
    Reviewer: JT from north carolina usa on October 17, 2005

  1.  TRUTH
    I am sorry but the people on here who say it doesnt ork and havent tried it shouldnt really be leaving a negative review. I my self havent used it but its obvious that you will have to exercise becasue the gel forces the fat into the bloddstream which if not execise off will jus absorb back and be diposited as fat again.
    Reviewer: Tom from ENGALND on April 12, 2005

  1.  cant expect to see results without a good diet and low intensityt cardio workouts
    This product helped a lot in helping to cut the fat away from my abs. After one week ive already started to see my abs being sculpted into a piece of beuty. THe thign is you cant just use it and expect a miracle, without cardio workouts and a good diet this product will do very minimal work. Stop sitting on your ass and go out their and run.
    Reviewer: Jay from USA on November 29, 2004

    Please don't buy into these lies. This gel will not ignore the layers of skin and sink into the body and "melt" fat exactly like claimed. I'm just a martial artist with no actual doctor's degree so I won't try to explain why it won't but use your head before buying into miracle fat melters. I won't say it has any bad side effects because I do not personally know and will not claim that but I can guarantee that you will feel bad for spending this much cash for the most minimum effects. Just drink water, take vitamins/minerals, keep your protein high, healthy diet, and moderate to high cardiovascular training will be far more productive than rubbing this on you. Kain S. of Team KotN (MMA 2004)
    Reviewer: Kain S. of Team KotN (MMA 2004) from USA on October 07, 2004

  1.  Scrap
    Cutting Gel? The only thing this product cuts is a big chunk of change from your wallet. Seriously, this product does not work what so ever. Honestly, DO NOT waste your money on "Cutting Gel." It is not worth it, if you want to get rid of fat the only way to do it is through a cardio work-out.
    Reviewer: Sean from Marquette MI, USA on May 26, 2004

  1.  works quite well
    I have been useing the cutting gel for 5 days now , and have lost a good 50% of fat from my abs, it does help to watch your fat intake and exercize so the fat burns off more quickly but it does not mean the product doesnt work , I have had 4 babys and low carb diets and exercize just was not enough to burn all the fat off my abs , but this product does work , you just cant expect a miracle over night , you must help it along the way , and it helps you burn fat alot easyer and faster then just diet and exercize alone . god bless ,
    Reviewer: Lisa E from portland ,oregon on April 20, 2004

  1.  RIP OFF
    Talk about a waste of money. This product is absoutley horrible. It is no more then a scam to try to trick you in that you will seamlessly shed the fat to the specfic location applied. Read carefully on the back... "Results improve while on vigirous exersise and healthy diet." Well ya. i guess it would considering that the gel dose not work.
    Reviewer: Hennery from IL on February 03, 2004


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