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Supplement Brand: Worldwide Sports Nutritional

We've discontinued Shredder and we no longer have it in stock.

Shredder Reviews

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  1.  Fat Shredder - Excellent Product For Workouts and Fat Loss
    It is a shame that you have discontinued a product that promotes safe and effective weight loss. The results for me were most noticeable when I was using the drink during a workout. Also, I was able to purchase the product at GNC locations which made obtaining and using the product convenient. Please reconsider offering this fine product with the same ingredients and adding the colada flavor. Frankly, this is the only product that I have used because it doesn't hace ephedra or caffiene and I don't care to switch.
    Reviewer: Hess Phofsky from West Newton, MA on July 11, 2006

  1.  Why did you discontinue this drink
    I used this drink a while back and loved it. When i went to the store to purchase some more now, they said they didn,t have it any more. Why would you discontinue something that works???? I lost almost 30lbs. while drinkining this drink before.
    Reviewer: Mary Ann from Port Charlotte, Fl.USA on January 23, 2005


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