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Sterobol Suspension

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Supplement Brand: UltraLab Nutrition
Sterobol Suspension
Sterobol Suspension Information

STEROBOL SUSPENSION is a new product from UltraLabs BEAST Sports Nutrition Line. Their Research & Development team has discovered several unique compounds that enhance muscle mass and strength. The one ingredient in STEROBOL SUSPENSION that will take the sports nutrition world by storm is Cissus Quadrangularis (Cissus). Ultra Lab is the first Sports Nutrition Company to introduce Cissus to the Sports Nutrition market. Most of you have never heard of Cissus , but according to the company, you will. Clinical studies proving its Anabolic effects are forthcoming. This rare herb from Central Asia is actually a phytosteroid rich in ketosterones that exibit a tremendous anabolic effect on the body. The other major components of this powerful non-Andro formula include:

Mumie pronounced (moomiyo)- which stimulates the immune system, reduces pain and inflammation, increases endurance and overall health.

Cyanotis Vaga (20-hydroxyecdysterone) dramatically increases protein synthesis and reduces catabolism (muscle breakdown).

Kre-Alkalyn- Increases ATP uptake in the muscle tissue cells thereby maximizing muscle volume and density. Does not lose its potency in suspension like creatine as it is prepared in a buffered state to prevent breakdown.

Mucuna Pruriens- A highly concentrated extract of L-Dopa that initiates the production of Growth Hormone production (GH) for added lean mass and body fat reduction.

Vanadium Citrate has the utmost bio-availability to increase nutrient absorption and breakdown within the muscle cells.

STEROBOL SUSPENSION should be used before and after training. The company claims users will achieve results like never before. Most of the competitors currently working with THE BEAST Sports Nutrition Crew using STEROBOL have been placing in the top of their classes. You can be a winner too. Dont be left behind, join THE BEAST team and look and feel your best ever!

Sterobol Suspension

*These statements about Sterobol Suspension have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Sterobol Suspension is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Sterobol Suspension and we no longer have it in stock.

Sterobol Suspension Reviews

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  1.  depends on how ya stack it
    I gained 10lbs in one week taking this last december, and about 25lbs once the bottle was gone. But it was stacked with Methyl-Depot (now banned so don't even try), pump tech, and 4 servings of muscle milk a day. Never tried it by myself but if you've got the money stack it with whatever you're taking. Fizogen gear, blitz and mass cycles with this would definately be a good investment if you're looking for size that won't fade.
    Reviewer: Woody from Salt Lake on July 30, 2005

  1.  Scam Artist
    This stuff is sold by a crook in Boca. It does not work. Save your money, buy a Flintstone vitamin, it works just as well as this crap.
    Reviewer: Tom from San Fran, CA on July 05, 2005

  1.  Awesome
    iv been working out since i was 14 and im 20 now iv taken pretty mutch everything that you can think of. This has to be one of the few products that actully work the way that it says it does. In 2 months ic gaind 40Lb on everything iv done and iv gaind about 20Lb in muscle. You can work out as hard as you wont and the next day you will be ready to go do it agian. Ultra Labs anabolic actavator doesnt even work this well. A lil warning tho dont take this if you dont workout atleast a hour a day and 6 days a week it wont do you any good. and you have to work out hard. Push yourself to the limit everyday and you will be happy with the results. if you have any questions e mail me at
    Reviewer: Thomas from Corpus Christi, Tx on May 31, 2005

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