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Supplement Brand: Cytodyne
Taraxatone Information
Taraxatone is so powerful it replaces every other diuretic on the market.

An amazing botanical breakthrough, Maximum Strength Taraxatone naturally helps the body dramatically reduce excess water retention from beneath the skin. At the same time, Taraxatone adds critical electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, which are extremely important for maintaining maximum muscle fullness. As a result, Taraxatone brings your muscle definition and vascularity to the most extreme levels possible, and faster than ever. Expect a lean, chiseled physique in less than three days use!

This advanced, new complex utilizes a higher-potency blend of the same bio-active botanical compounds as Cytodyne's original Taraxatone formula. Plus, it also includes an all-new, ultra-potent standardized equisetum extract that exerts diuretic activity beyond any natural compound tested to date. This is the one product you can absolutely rely on for maximum definition when you need it most.

Maximum Strength Taraxatone is specifically designed to propel high-level competitive bodybuilders to "championship condition."

For a truly extraordinary transformation, turn to Maximum Strength Taraxatonethe most powerful and fastest-acting natural definition formula available today.


*These statements about Taraxatone have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Taraxatone is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Taraxatone Reviews

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  1.  A diaretic not weight loss pill
    Taraxatone is an amazing product IF you understand that you will be loosing water weight NOT fat. If you are lean and need definition or relief of monthly water weight gain this is your product. I managed a corporate nutrition store for 3 years; this product was popular by heavy body builders to "cut up" as well as the everyday consumer looking for a "jump start" in their diet. In a lot of cases the weight people loose at the beginning of a diet is water weight. If you are looking to cut up or hoping to see a faster result in dieting this is your product. Keep in mind everyone's body is different but I think I can speak for the majority when I say that Taraxatone is the best!
    Reviewer: Cpiper from New York on August 28, 2006

  1.  what it's for
    This stuff is great for water loss not fat loss. I used it for three days , after I loss the fat . It's not going to work for you if your not under 10% BF. I have water under my skin on my abs even at 5-7% bf and thats what it's for.
    Reviewer: Brad from Elkins, WV on June 23, 2005

  1.  trying it but wish i could more weight loss
    i started taking the taraxatone for almost a week and i do go to the bathroom alot and i do drink from my 64oz mug four times so that is like 32 glasses of water a day or even more. they say muscles will see definition i do in some areas but the way they say you culd loose 12pds in 72 hours not . in my case not everyone is different and al. sorry but thisis the truth and i am not going to lie about it .if you can give me a suggestion in how and why or what i can do then pleas do
    Reviewer: meena from texas.usa on September 11, 2004


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