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Testagen Depot

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Supplement Brand: German American Tech
Testagen Depot Information
Testagen Depot (1-Testosterone Ether)
Mass & Hardening Compound

42 Tablets (3 Week Supply)

- Better than regular 1-AD
- Gain 10-20 of lean mass per cycle
- No conversion to estrogen
- Real 1-Testosterone Ether

Increase Size, Strength and Hardness
Some research shows oral 1-Testosterone Ether to be even more potent than many painful injectables. Do you want potent? Do you want Pure? Testagen Depot integrates precise pharmaceutical matrix doses of 110 mg of 1-Testosterone Ether combined with 60 mg of Bergamottin per serving. In numerous clinical trials, Bergamottin has shown to play a crucial role in increased absorption and bio-availability of substances such as 1-Testosterone Ether.
Testagen Depot An Advanced 9 Week Cycle:
German Research on 1-Testosterone Ether has concluded that only proper cycling helps your body avoid muscle cell receptor down-regulation, adjusted reduced response and diminished effects. Divided doses is crucial to maximize effects; with daily oral applications such as this, take one capsule, then wait four hours until the next dose this enables long-lasting anabolic activity. Cycle properly for consistent gains: Take three weeks one, then one week off to properly complete an effective 9 week cycle.

High Potency. German Quality Assurance with TestiPure
We realize how important it is that you can rely on the quality and purity of your supplementation. Many other brands of pro-steroids contain many impurities, solvents, and unpurified chemicals still left in the product. It has been highly publicized, and it is well known that compounds such as creatine monohydrate and numerous dietary compounds contain such impurities. This problem was solved when leading German Researchers developed a process to recognize and remove these impurities, using a unique triple purification process known as Testipure.Most individuals have shown dramatic increases in size and strength over unpurified ethers. In a recent 9 week study, 78% of individuals using Testipure 1-Testosterone Ether reported an average increase of 12.85 lbs of lean muscle mass and a decrease of 6.27% body fat without any reports of side effects. Every batch of TestiPure is evaluated thru our strict quality assurance team so you know you are getting the very best. Do to the many processes that TestiPure must go thru during the manufacturing process, we are only able to produce limited quantities of this anabolic substance. However, we are able to secure limited amounts.

Suggested Use:
Take 2 tablet daily on a light to empty stomach.

If Testagen Depot is not part of your training arsenal, youre going to have to wait a lot longer to see results in the gym, if any as you know for yourself. Jumpstart your training today and build a muscular, sexier, and powerful physique!

Testagen Depot

*These statements about Testagen Depot have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Testagen Depot is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Testagen Depot and we no longer have it in stock.

Testagen Depot Reviews

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  1.  I lose 35 pound in 4 months!
    Excellent product. No extreme side effects. However, if taking this product avoid running or any other type of cardio training. I did and my heart rate was over 200 in only 7 minutes of running.
    Reviewer: CMC from Denver on April 08, 2004

  1.  o.k. results
    I gained 15 pounds, but 5 of it was fat.
    Reviewer: Aaron Clary from Eugene, OR, usa on February 02, 2004


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