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Supplement Brand: Nutrex
Vitargo-CGL Information
Vitargo GCL

The Future of Creatine Supplementation is Here!

Creatine Glycogen Loader

> Creatine driven by the most advanced system EVER!!!

> Totally sugar-free

> Stimulates lean mass gains 4 times better than creatine alone due to glycogen induced super-hydration of muscle cells.

> Causes unprecedented muscle fullness and massive pumps.

> Replaces your muscle energy 70% faster than ever before.

> Drives protein and other nutrients more efficiently into your muscles.


Patented Formula

Loading CREATINE and GLYCOGEN simultaneously into your muscles with Vitargo-CGL is the new frontier in achieving maximum muscle growth naturally. Since both creatine and glycogen increase muscle cell volume through separate pathways, the overall results you get from Vitargo-CGL are beyond what any creatine product can do for you. Welcome to the world of CREATINE and GLYCOGEN loading!

The fusion of Creatine with Vitargo as seen in Vitargo-CGL marks the most significant advance in creatine technology. Vitargo is a newly developed and patented sugar-free high molecular weight carbohydrate from Sweden that is revolutionizing the way we take creatine and build muscle. Vitargo has been clinically tested in Europe at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, it is patented and possesses such unique characteristics that you will never again consume creatine by itself, or in any combination with sugars like dextrose or maltodextrin. Vitargo-CGL by Nutrex is pure dynamite.

> Vitargo-CGL stimulates lean mass gains 4 times better than creatine alone due to glycogen induced super-hydration of the muscle cells. This causes unprecedented muscle fullness, enormous strength increases and massive pumps. Furthermore, Vitargo-CGL drives protein and other nutrients more efficiently into your muscles, quickly shifting your metabolism into an anabolic muscle-building state.

> Vitargo-CGL acts like a pump, pulling creatine and water along with it into the bloodstream, thus synchronizing creatine and insulin levels for maximum creatine transport to the muscles. This avoids a premature insulin spike as seen in creatine/dextrose formulas, where dextrose is absorbed faster than creatine. More creatine can now be transported to the muscles resulting in significantly better muscle and strength gains as compared to non-Vitargo creatine formulas.
Vitargo restores muscle energy (glycogen) 70% faster than dextrose, thus super-hydrating the muscles cells in record time. No other creatine product in the world makes you recover quicker from your workouts and puts you into an anabolic, muscle-building state faster, than Vitargo-CGL. Vitargo-CGL is the perfect post-workout creatine supplement.

> Vitargo passes through the stomach 80% faster than dextrose, thus eliminating the risk of stomach discomfort as often seen in creatine/dextrose formulas. There is no loss of creatine due to diarrhea, no stomach cramping and no bloated feeling with Vitargo-CGL. Since Vitargo-CGL is absorbed so rapidly it can easily be consumed directly before or even during workouts without upsetting your stomach!

> Vitargo is as potent in stimulating insulin as dextrose, yet it is completely SUGAR-FREE. No need to ever consume creatine products overloaded with simple sugars like dextrose. Look at your current creatine label and compare its sugar content to Vitargo-CGL. Does your creatine product contain 20, 30, 50 or even 75 grams of sugar per serving? Vitargo-CGL has ZERO sugar and yet it stimulates the same massive insulin spike needed for maximum creatine transport as 75 grams of sugar do.

Scientific Studies Prove Vitargos Superior Effects!

No need for hype. Vitargo is scientifically validated by clinical studies carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can find the complete Vitargo study in the prestigious European Jounal of Applied Physiology, Abstract Volume 981, issue 4 (2000) pp 346-351.

K. Piehl Aulin, E. Hultman, European Journal of Applied Physiology, 81:346-351, 2000: Muscle glycogen resynthesis rate in humans after supplementation of drinks containing carbohydrates with low and high molecular masses (Vitargo).
J.B. Leiper, K. Sderlund, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology Karolinska Institute and Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden: Improved gastric emptying rate in humans of a unique carbohydrate polymer (Vitargo) with gel forming properties.


*These statements about Vitargo-CGL have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vitargo-CGL is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Vitargo-CGL Reviews

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    Vitargo is great! My muscle recovery has shot through the roof, nomore waking up to a sore body. The taste is great, Fruit Punch is great. You feel it get to work after a hard w/o, it really helps you as well the next day you work out, my strength has been rising ever since the first 3 days of taking it. Great Product!
    Reviewer: Gary from Connecticut on January 11, 2007

  1.  vitargo review
    i am a competetive bber and vitargo really does work. for post workout recovery it is second to none. it makes all of your supplements twice as effective... vitargo may be a little pricey but it is worth it because you get what you pay for. Vitargo should be a mainstay in anyones supplement arsenal.
    Reviewer: cv from mt on November 01, 2006

    this stuff is awesome! it tastes so good, no upset stomcah or anything bad. as you keep taking it the strength goes up, the muscles get bigger, and the intensity goes thru the friggin roof! this shit is for serious bodybuilders, and if you wanna gain like 15 lbs of pure muscle take this shit
    Reviewer: tommy from canada on August 23, 2006

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