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Xenadrine NRG

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Supplement Brand: Cytodyne
Xenadrine NRG
Xenadrine NRG Information
New! One Dose Helps Keep You Energized and Burning Fat For Up to 8 Hours

Works Fast and it Lasts!
With new patented Norambrolide, the cAMP Accelerator Xenadrine NRG's new extended-release power-pellet system helps increase energy levels within 30 minutes and then keeps on working to maintain those levels for up to 8 hours.* Its exclusive blend of potent thermogenic methylxanthine compounds that have been clinically tested to increase the body's metabolic rate and energy expenditure to help promote reductions in weight and body fat.

Xenadrine NRG

*These statements about Xenadrine NRG have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Xenadrine NRG is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Xenadrine NRG and we no longer have it in stock.

Xenadrine NRG Reviews

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  1.  Will buy again
    I can definitely see results from using this product. Taking 2 caplets a day along with working out has helped me to lose weight in my stomach.
    Reviewer: Jill from NC on February 09, 2006

  1.  waste
    this product is waste of money and time. never use it. go and buy yourself a cup of coffee instead.
    Reviewer: fredd chappel from NY on August 01, 2005

  1.  xenadrine
    it gives me energy throughout the day i recommend it
    Reviewer: claudia kopec from miami on May 16, 2005


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