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Yeast Fighters

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Supplement Brand: TwinLab
Yeast Fighters
Yeast Fighters Information
Yeast Fighters is a scientifically advanced formula suggested for Yeast Infections. Extra Strength Capsule Concentrate. The concentrated garlic extract is imported from Japan and is of the highest quality available. Approved for allergy sensitive individuals.

Yeast Fighters Ingredients
High Potency Freeze Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus (supplying 2.5 billion viable cells) - 1000mg*, Concentrated Odorless Garlic Extract Powder (equivalent to 1500 mg of fresh garlic) - 100mg, Natural Caprylic Acid - 100mg**, Biotin - 900mcg, Fiber Blend (psyllium seed husks, guar gum, apple pectin) - 3000mg,
In a concentrated specially prepared herbal tea extract base of Pau D'Arco, Onion, Black Walnut, Echinacea and Golden Seal Root [* When encapsulated, The Acidophilus used in this product has been tested to be quite stable at room temperature over long periods of time], [** Complexed with a newly developed all-natural ion exchange-like Resin to prevent denaturation and for slow release in the gastro-intestinal tract]

Yeast Fighters Suggested Usage
As a dietary supplement, take five capsules once daily with 8-16 oz. of water.

Yeast Fighters Does Not Contain
Tablet Coatings, Binders, Colors, Corn, Soy, Yeast, Wheat, Egg, Citrus, Milk Products.

Yeast Fighters

*These statements about Yeast Fighters have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Yeast Fighters is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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  1.  The Cure for Acne
    I have never found a better product to clear my face AND body of ance. Cleansing your body of candida yeast can save you the embarrassment of acne, and this is the product to do just that. Through Yeast Fighters I never battle with my acne. And I keep my beautiful youthful skin.
    Reviewer: Jason Dally from Minneapolis, MN USA on October 04, 2005


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