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MHP XPel Reviews

(11 customer reviews)
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  1.  IT\'s not bad
    Ok here is the deal. Before you do this start increasing you water intake. Once you are up to a good galon and a half (that\'s for me it might be less for you depending on your size) then start taking Xpel and increase water intake to 2 galons. It should work right
    Reviewer: Tastan from USA on April 08, 2008

  1.  So far so good
    I am trying a product liike this for the 1st time ever to lose some wait for an upcoming vacation. So far after 3 days I had had zero side effects. I have lost about a pound and a 1/2 and look and feel a little leaner. My exercise and diet have been a constant.Seems fine so far but nothing super dramatic yet.
    Reviewer: Jon from Orlando,FL. on January 28, 2008

  1.  no visible results yet & some side effects
    I've taken this product for 2 days now and had the nausea also and the heartburn. Haven't lost a single pound yet and no water loss yet. Don't know if it works if you take it for a longer time. Will continue to take. May be too early to tell yet.
    Reviewer: Armando from Naples, Florida on October 28, 2007

  1.  still waiting for results
    Not sure if the product is working, I haven't experienced any stomach problems but have had a new onset of lower back pain, near my kidneys, will continue to watch for changes.
    Reviewer: Angela from Phoenix, AZ on September 19, 2007

  1.  Not for me
    I took Xpel and immediately after I took my first four pills I became very nauseous and tired. I also suffered from extreme heart burn. I would not recommend this product to anyone
    Reviewer: keke from Chicago, IL on June 05, 2007

  1.  Bad reaction
    I took the 4 pills with a turkey sandwich. Within 1 hour, I was feeling sickly, heavy headed and wobbly on my feet. It was like I had the flu. I was going to exercise and these sick feelings killed my spirit and drive. I was worried about blood pressure. I strapped into a computerized blood pressure machine and I found something odd: My blood pressure was virtually the same over 5 different readings. My blood pressure only varied 1 or 2 points distolic or systolic. Normally it varies 6-9 points over 5-6 readings. My heart beat was slow at 62 beats. This product has caffeine in it. I don't want to be a caffeine addict. One 4 capsule serving equals 2/3's cup of coffee. Caffeine is a diuretic you see. My side (kidneys?) hurt just alittle. I am not allergic to anything. After 4 hours the sick feeling lifted. My feeling is that if you really, really need a diuretic, go to a doctor. Also, seek exercise and keep your metabolism burning. I cannot recommend this product.
    Reviewer: Timber from San Francisco, CA on May 14, 2007

  1.  Hard to tell
    I've been taking the product for 2 days now. I haven't seen any results yet, but I'm going to keep taking it until I do...No side effects so far.
    Reviewer: Chris from Bothell, WA on April 06, 2007

  1.  Good Stuff
    I purchased Xpel to help with my weight loss efforts and new exercise routine. It has worked well. I never felt sick or had any other side effects. Usually, diet aids leave me shaky and light headed, but not this one. Xpel has helped me lose 5-10 lbs each time I use it!
    Reviewer: K from Kentucky, USA on February 18, 2007

  1.  Worked for me!
    I initially purchased XPEL because during \"my time of the month\" I tend to pack on 5 lbs of pure water weight. Diurex & other diuretics just weren\'t cutting it. I took XPEL on a full stomach (after breakfast and after lunch) and within 12 hours (like the bottle says) I felt heavenly relief! Since I first purchased XPEL I have occasionally used it to slip into my little black dress (my weight fluctuates up to 5lbs at any given time) Awesome product! Had no side effects! Worked for me!
    Reviewer: * from USA on August 13, 2006

  1.  too early to tell
    my first day and i feel nausiated as well. i just took the am dose on an empty tummy. i've been nibbling on the same crossiant all day. now, i'm drinking perrier which is helping my stomack ache since 9am this morning. i'm desperate to lose weight so i'm going to continue.
    Reviewer: skeptic but desporate from ny, ny on July 18, 2006

  1.  Not for everyone
    I purchased Xpel because it does not have side effects, but I had some. It made my stomach sick and I had a weird taste in my mouth. I felt nauseous all day just by having the morning dose.
    Reviewer: Eva. from NY on February 07, 2006


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