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BSN No-Xplode Reviews

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  1.  aight!
    believe me this stuff really works but you will crash hard afterwards
    Reviewer: kev from tx on March 06, 2008

  1.  Shits great.
    I've taken it for 2 days now...and it works great. I have a ton of energy now in practice...and when im done with practice I still have energy to come home and life weights. Don't listen to the stupid ass people who are probably competiters below me trying to nock the product. Stuff is good, and its worth every penny.
    Reviewer: Logan from Freeport, Illinois USA on February 20, 2008

  1.  bsn(bullshit nutrition)
    The 1st day taking this stuff was the bomb, what a rush. From day 2 onwards for a whole month there was no kick whatsoever. This product is pricy and it is bull shit.
    Reviewer: dhiren from Johannesburg, South Africa on September 10, 2007

    I have tried NO-Xplode a few times and did not think much of it. It had a pretty good taste but did not think much else of it plus the fact that I crashed like a freakin tidal wave. It gave me a little energy but that is about and gave me a headache. I recently purchased this new shit out there my friend recommended called the Basix. It gave me a lot of energy and I did not crash at all. It actually has some Vitamin C which is awesome, because no other preworkout drinks, at least that I know of has it, and everyone knows that Vitamin C is mad good for recovery. it has some other good shit in it too and tastes mad good. I highly recommend the product plus it is cool that the product was actually made by a couple college kids who are into nutrition and exercise. I bought the Basix at
    Reviewer: David from Ewing, NJ USA on September 05, 2007

  1.  CANNONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this product rocks!!! i stacked it with roids, whey protein, and a testosterone amplifier and i saw awesome gains!!! this product is amazing!!!
    Reviewer: Earl from Austin, TX on July 18, 2007

  1.  average joe
    Great stuff. I started slow one scoop then moved up. I really like it, don't want to work out with out it.
    Reviewer: Frankie jones from north carolina, USA on June 24, 2007

    This product does make me SICK! it seems to me that they just throw in random chemicals and hope that something will happen. look at the long list of chemical name in there, do you really want to put those things into your body?
    Reviewer: SS from Maryland USA on June 18, 2007

  1.  good stuff
    used NO for the third time today but had to leave the gym early and threw up right when i got home....i do like it though and ive had no problems with sleeping
    Reviewer: tommy from Boston, MA on May 16, 2007

  1.  everyone is different.. but it worked well for me
    I've been on BSN stuff for a while now.. all the people who said it didn't work for them are 90% wrong bc a person has to take this stuff for at least 8 weeks. I think another reason that it worked good is bc I stacked it with cellmass, nitrix, and axis-ht.. I don't get tired with N.O. explode, it makes stay in the gym a lot more and longer. I've increased my bench from 260 to 305 in less than 3 months..
    Reviewer: Peter Mirnyi from Bradenton, FL. on April 30, 2007

  1.  wow
    I took 3 scoops the first day and i'm all jacked up on it!! Just go out of the gym and trained like a beast!! i feel like i'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight though...a good hot shower and a green tea should help
    Reviewer: matt from Montreal, Canada on April 10, 2007

  1.  Cycles
    I've been taking this stuff for about 5 weeks now and it is absolutely a great product but not something you want to use everyday for an extended amount of time. I've found that the best way to do it is to use it for a one week every third week. Not saying that's right for everyone, but its working great for me because it keeps me from being dependent but helps me push more weight every third week.
    Reviewer: Evan from USA on April 06, 2007

  1.  Does its Job
    Lets face it there is no such things as miracle drugs (ones that are legal at least), so when I look at a product I see if it does what it says. No-Xplode delivers well, i get massive pumps, more energy, and it keeps me wanting to hit the gym. I've went thru 3 bottles of it and i plan to never train without it. This stuff is definently the kick I need to push my lifts heavier and heavier. Great Product
    Reviewer: Buster Jackson from Lost City of New Orleans on April 03, 2007

  1.  WOW!!!!!!!!
    This stuff really is great and it does work. It usually takes me 30 mins or so fo it to be working good. dont take too early like i did yesterday, i got stuck in trafic and then it kicked in. Ended up a bit like that film crank!!!!, seriously tho good stuff but make sure to go through the tolerance process.once you start lifting with no xplode you will see the difference within days. could not sleep last night 2.
    Reviewer: dave from Ireland on March 27, 2007

  1.  NO-Xplose is pointless. Dont waste ur money!!!!
    NO-xplode does work, but whats the point. I was working out with this stuff for about 1 month and i was dumbell pressing about 65 lbs(yeah thas shiet), after i stopped i went down to 60 lbs. The next 4 months i hit the gym hard, and increased my dumbell press to almost 90lbs. When working out all u need is a proper diet high in protein, and offcourse hitting the gym.
    Reviewer: Kyle from Texas on March 18, 2007

  1.  This stuff makes you huge
    I'm 16 years old and I starting taking this stuff to gain muscle mass. It worked and fast after the 2nd week i started noticing huge veins and increase in pumps. My muscels also grew a whole lot
    Reviewer: Matt from Chicago Il on February 16, 2007

  1.  Be prepared!
    This stuff definately works although i'd seriously advise pushing yourself for about four weeks before beginning it, i've had a year off from weights did one week back and then started the NO as i was impatient as usual..... needless to say that's slightly more stiffness than a guy can take :) the NO lets you push out so much more pumps that i'm currently feeling like a tenderised steak lol
    Reviewer: mookie from uk on February 13, 2007

  1.  Excellent Product
    Well like every product some aren't for everybody, and there's alot of products i've had problems with an i almost gave up hope until....No-Explode! I've been using it for 2 months now an its awesome. An Excellent Product i would recommend for anyone to try
    Reviewer: Stefan Bodden from Cayman Islands on February 08, 2007

  1.  No personal trainner needed!!!!
    This stuff does work!!! Ive been taking it for a couple months, and I have seen much gain in my lifting, however, It does have side effects, the worst one: not being able to fall sleep at night, which is extremely anoying. I guess it's a matter of what's more important to you, everything has a price...
    Reviewer: Gerardo from Virginia, USA on February 05, 2007

  1.  Amazing stuff!!!! ;)
    This stuff is great.... WOW!! The first day i took it i got BIG cramps and i felt sick to my stomach, but then i realized that you have to build a tolerance for it by taking a little at a time. Oh, and there headaches ppl are getting... Its cuz they probably dont breathe right when they lift. Well overall, N.O.-Explode is a geat product esp. when you stack with Nitrix and Cellmass. I recommend this product for anyone! ENJOY!!
    Reviewer: Johnathan from Killeen, TX US on January 09, 2007

  1.  sick
    ive been taking this for one week and during the workout i feel fine but when im done i take cell mass and muscle juice and feel bloated and sick to my stomach. any ideas why?
    Reviewer: brandon from seattle, wa usa on January 02, 2007

  1.  just try it!
    Been on and off this product for a year now. Gotta stop after so many weeks and then get back on it to feel the effect. Take 2 scoops and you'll be lifting like a maniac. You'll be trying to lift after you hit muscle failure because you'll be so damn cracked out on this shit all you want to do is lift more and more.
    Reviewer: Johnny from Garden Grove, CA USA on December 22, 2006

  1.  darn good
    A great energy burst.A little costly for me.But over all a good product.Creatine monohydrate works good for me.A few cramps.I found more water during workouts helps.I would recommend n.o.explode.Phil
    Reviewer: phillip pitts from White Hall Ak. on December 10, 2006

  1.  No-xplode and coffee
    I have been taking no-xplode for few weeks and have found it to be a good product. Did not have any problems with it until today. I woke up at 6 am and had a cup of black coffee and an hour later went to the gym. I did 30 minutes of cardio and it was great. I then took 2 scoops of no-xplode in the gym and about 20 minutes later after my warm up started my workout. After about 30 minutes, I really started to feel nauseated though my lifting capacity never diminished. I had to end my workout early because I was feeling very nauseated. I got back home and threw up badly. It never happened to me before. I am almost certain it is because of having coffee before my cardio and then no-xplode just before my workout. So no-xplode is a great product and it works. Just don't drink coffee like I did near the time of taking no-xplode. I guess it could be because of lots of caffeine floating in my system. But all in all, no-xplode is a good product if taken sensibly.
    Reviewer: MA from UK on December 05, 2006

  1.  Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!for a while
    About a week ago I decided to pick up BSN's N.O.-XPLODE. The first day I toook this stuff I was a pumped monster, but after that workout I did not have the same effect in my next three. My energy was crazy but my system already feels immune to it after a week period. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a one day blast.
    Reviewer: adam benson from st. louis, MO USA on November 23, 2006

  1.  Good product, unless your not use to high caffiene
    The surge is about 20mins after the one scoop serving is incredible! It does contain creatine, although that doesn't seem to be as effective as a creatine alone (possibly due to the caffiene.) Also it does have a LOT of caffiene in it. If you're used to drinking four or five cops of coffee in the morning, then this is definately the thing you need before that afternoon workout. Recovery is fast, and it does make you feel like an animal. Beware though it does seem to be mildly addictive. Just switching from morning to afternoon dosings left a big enough window to notice some mild withdrawal symptoms (easily agitated, depressed, etc.) Nowhere near as bad as coming off nicotine, but noticeable if you know what to look for.
    Reviewer: Rocdragon from NC, USA on September 08, 2006

  1.  Great but be weary
    For real, this stuff has almost instant results. Within 30 minutes of ingestion, your muscles start feeling tigether and youll notice you're able to get those last reps in on your bench alot easier. In fact, your bench may increase a good 5-10 pounds in one day. However, it is absolutely neccessary to take on an empty stomach and start off with a small scoop. I made the mistake of trying 1 1/2 the second time of use, and I felt like I was going to faint. Nothing major happened, i just had to stop working out that day. Nevertheless, I ate a bowl of cereal 30 minutes prior to taking NO-XPLODE, and found that after the workout I had hella stomach cramps. But all in all, if used like the directions say and following most people's advice on having an empty stomach, it works quite well for that extra boost you've longed for!
    Reviewer: David from Colorado, USA on September 01, 2006

  1.  Efficient Enough
    I have just finished by 40 servings of no-explode and i have gained total of 10 lbs and have seen a real positive change in physique and endurance. however i did realize that this product occasionally gives me the shits, and sometimes sleeplessness. Not a bad product, but right now im 3 days off the cycle and feel somewhat depedent on the daily fix
    Reviewer: Phatdat03 from Greenville, NC on August 03, 2006

  1.  Good sh*t
    Good stuff to get you "boosted" for a workout, don't rely on it for strength or mass building, but for energy- nuthin beats it. I take 2-21/2 scoops 20min before workout- it says 45min but by 20min im ready 2go, u can feel the energy surge! cell mass is not worth the money, take this with tribulus and glutamine for recovery, you'll do fine.
    Reviewer: c-money from Canada on July 27, 2006

  1.  Dangerous
    Caused enormous stomach cramps, hypertension and anxiety with minimal gains. I cannot advise more strongly against this product.
    Reviewer: David Parr from London, UK on July 17, 2006

  1.  Caution
    This product is incredible. After insanley barbaric workouts I feel like I can tear a house down. Massive pumps/ endurance/strength/gains. HOWEVER, though I don't know why, N.O.-Xplode makes me very loose. I'm talking five-ten minuets on the throne every 45 minutes for several hours after taking, and usually sleepless nights (even after eight-12 hours after consumption). Benefits outweigh the side effects. well, gotta go!
    Reviewer: Brandon from Kansas City, KS on July 14, 2006

  1.  good and bad
    i have to say that the pump is excellent i havent tried anything like it ever....but and a big but this is... libido---gone!! which is a completely horrible thing to lose
    Reviewer: matt from ny on July 14, 2006

  1.  Powerfull Stuff
    Started using this a week ago and the results are awesome! Only use 1-2 scoops as it is all that is needed. I have been lifting weights that were out of the question before using NO-Xplode. I can highly recommend this product. I have been taking it with Nitrix and Cellmass and I can't wait to see how much my body is going to transform using this stack.
    Reviewer: davo from Australia on July 12, 2006

  1.  Stuff really works
    I got on NO-XPLODE about a year ago for the first time and gained 10 pounds within the first month. I havn't gained much weight since then because i have topped out in terms of growth but this product is incredible. I started lifting way more in all my exercises and the fatigue was never a factor. You have to put in a good effort though to see results. I would say a good 5 to 6 days a week is more than enough. Only bad thing i see about NO-XPLODE is that your body eventually gets immune to its effects and you have to stop taking it for awhile. Once you get back on it you see the same results though.
    Reviewer: Marcelo from Miami, FL USA on July 09, 2006

  1.  the real deal
    NOxplode is the real deal. this stuff makes workouts seem easy, even though they would be absolutely intense workouts without it. there is no pain in my arms when im done working out, or even the day after. i just graduated high school and decided to get in better shape. this stuff keeps you going for as long as you want. i actually lift more weight after 2 hours of lifting then i do right when i get there. this stuff is absolutey amazing. i have used it for a month and have not had the shits or had any headaches like some other people say. BUY THIS ASAP trust me.
    Reviewer: john from st louis, MO on June 26, 2006

  1.  Hell of a headache
    It left me with one hell of a headache. If you are sensitive to stimulants, avoid this stuff. I wish there was a mixture without stimulants, I would look into taking it.
    Reviewer: A from Tx on June 20, 2006

  1.  gets u pumped
    i just got this stuff yesterday and i took it for the 1st time today and worked out it really pumped me up and i lifted harder and more than i have ever done in my life amazing product!
    Reviewer: thomas from NY on June 16, 2006

  1.  Works awesome the first month and a half
    Well this product works aeewsome i was lifting on everything like 15 or 20 pounds more than usual but the after a month or two it stop working.
    Reviewer: Rob from atlanta, ga on May 09, 2006

    No Xplode is the best lifting supplement on the market. I have been using it for 3 weeks taking only one scoop before lifting and this stuff has given me awesome results. I feel a huge rush of energy come over me after about 45 minutes after taking No Xplode. The first time i took it there was no doubt all of my lifts increased. I could easily do more reps and sets of everything. Ive been taking this along with Nitrix. Nitrix is great, you wont feel tight and achy the days after you lift. After three weeks of taking No Xplode i have put on 8 pounds of solid muscle. The best stack i can reccomend is No Xplode, Nitrix, and Creatine(Monohydrate, Burst, or whatever you like) I highly recommend this product. Its the only one ive found so far that gives me real results and isnt dangerous. tastes great too
    Reviewer: Mike from Williamstown, NJ USA on May 08, 2006

  1.  A-freakin'-mazing.
    I just started to work out around a month ago. I found that NO-Explode helps, a lot! MY pumps were great and I wanted to work out. Although I do have a sensitive stomach and I get cramps afterwards and have to piss a lot, but it's worth it besides those side effects. I also stack with Nitrix.
    Reviewer: Ricky from Blue Point, LI USA on April 24, 2006

  1.  proper way to use it
    I have tried alot of stuff in the past, but this stuff makes you more focused, pumped and stronger than anything I ever tried. I just take it before I work out and NOT on my off day. I dont care what the directions say. I only stick to 2 scoops, that is more than plenty for anyone, they recommend more because they want you to buy more. Take on an empty stomach and just drink plenty of water during your workout and you will have no problems. People that experience side effects take to much and take it with food in there stomach which defeats the purpose of taking it. After the workout if you eat a meal then the effects immediately go away which is a huge plus for me. Just take 2 scoops only before you are about to work out on an empty stomach and after the workout drink some protein and EAT SOMETHING and this will provide amazing results with no side effects.
    Reviewer: James(nutrientist) from Las Vegas on April 24, 2006

  1.  Best supplement i've had
    I love No xplode because of the wonderful taste. Whenever i had a protein shake i almost felt like gaggin from the awful taste and results were very slow. But now with NO its given me a motivation to work out at the gym more often. Within a month i saw a great increase in my muscle toneness. I wasn't even taking it every day and i still gained alot of muscle from it. I went from leg pressin 440 to around 500. Its insane. I definetely reccomend it. The only side effect is i've had some stomach problems but i think its worth it. lol
    Reviewer: Josh from Newport Beach, Ca, USA on April 09, 2006

  1.  DAMN!
    This stiff is awesome. I just finished my first tub of it and the results i got were great. I started off benching 160 and now my max is 195(35 lbs. stronger). i have also packed on 8 lbs of muscle mass. I would highly recommend NO-Xplode because it really does work. The only thing i didnt like was the taste, i got the lemonade. GREAT PRODUCT
    Reviewer: Roger from Austin, TX USA on April 07, 2006

  1.  Not recommended for people with chemical sensitivities
    This stuff really set off my allergies. Do not use this if you cannot tolerate caffeine. It does make you want to workout harder though. But for me i had bloating and shooting pains in my intestinal tract for the first 24 hours after i took it. That night I couldn't fall asleep until 5 am. The next morning i had to take a day off from work because my left abdomen was in severe pain. Caveat Emptor .
    Reviewer: James from Charlotte, NC on April 07, 2006

  1.  This stuff is awesome..will always train with it
    I was skeptical at first, but that ceased immediately once i began taking No-Xplode. This product really gives you a kick even without sugar or high carbs. It allows me to mentally focus during my workouts, which are now more intense. I definetely think that my stamina, which was already decent has increased dramatically. I recommend this product to anybody that wants to increase their stamina and/or motivation to weight lift. Typically, i do not take it on my off days, rather i just consume creatine in the morning for recovery of lost ATP. I will always use this when i train until they come out with something even better. Any suggestions (fast twitch?) let me know..Bought to start taking Nitrix hopefully it works as well!! Go george mason
    Reviewer: Nick from Naptown, IN on March 29, 2006

  1.  It works
    I bought this on monday and my work out have really accellerate. I am able to liife more and do more reps. Which would explain why I am still sore. But that is a sign that I worked out hard. I reccomend it.
    Reviewer: Joe from Omaha, NE on March 22, 2006

  1.  This stuff really works!!!
    This is only my first week of taking NO Xplode and I've never felt so hardcore about wanting to lift. I have also increased weight 10-15lbs in about every workout I've done. If you're not sure about which supplements work and which ones don't, trust me, NO Xplode gets the job done.
    Reviewer: Clint from Indiana, PA USA on March 21, 2006

  1.  What's wrong
    Man this shit is the real deal!!!!! it's better than HGC!!! ny weight 4 wks ago was 224lbs. am now 236lbs. body fat went down mass index shot up thats good since i play outside linebacker!!!!!!!
    Reviewer: Randy from Kansas on February 21, 2006

  1.  the sh*t
    i weigh a 133 lbs (yea i know), using this my bench went from 215-225 lbs, and im not even done with it yet, i am stacking it with t3 and protein. it makes u not wanna stop working out, im mad when i know im done, cuz i wanna keep going. lemonade frost tastes pretty good. get this, it'll work
    Reviewer: Brian from Sterling heights, MI on February 16, 2006

  1.  WOW!
    I am not a very big guy when it comes to the world of weightlifting. I've only been taking this about a week and already I can get 10 more pounds on bench then I could before I took it. Maybe it's just a mental thing? I dont know, but this stuff works. I went from fighting 215, to throwing up 225 with somewhat ease today. I high recommend this supplement. Just make sure you do drink the amount of water they say, that's the hardest part of me becase I'm not a big water drinker.
    Reviewer: Jordan Noble from Corbin, KY USA on February 14, 2006

  1.  WOW
    I play football and do my Monday chest workout at 10-8-5-3-1-1-1-6.......last week I did my 3rd set of 1 @ 300 and this week i did my 3rd set of 1 @ 315 and today was the first day I took it...No bullshit.
    Reviewer: Josh from Allentown, PA on February 13, 2006

  1.  awesome
    Absolutly awesome!! Im 17 and am in highschool football i am a D Tackel and an Offencive Tackle i weigh 245 .... i took it before my last period (gym) and it lasted from 145-430 it was insane.... when i got into the gym i was so intence and my arms and forearms looked gigantic! Also noticed a gain in strenth immediatly! RECOMEND FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!1
    Reviewer: Jim from New Jersey on February 01, 2006

  1.  not too bad
    i started the gym again after bein out for 6 months due to a shoulder dislocation ... i went to the gym for about 4 days b4 buying the no xplode and nitrix .. noticed results the first day lost 15 lbs in the 6 months looked like i was back to the way i was after the first chest workout on this shit ... first time i ever seen viens in my arms and shoulders ... not bad at all ...
    Reviewer: snook the coochie crook from new york NY on January 31, 2006

  1.  This stuff is amazing!
    Usually I'm like "sh*t, i don't want to lift today," but once i take no-explode i get going. before i know it, it's been two hours and i still feel like lifting. I'm on my second jug of it, and i'm lifting 10-20 pounds more than what i did before in just about everything.
    Reviewer: D.J. from Chicago, IL USA on January 28, 2006

  1.  NO-Xplode
    i've been taking creatine monohydrate for 2 wks along with cyto-gainer. I started off at 162, and after 2 wks i was 165. I then started on NO-Xplode, and no joke, after 1 week and 2 days i'm 176 pounds. The pump and mental focus is insane, and the creatine in it gets to your system so much faster, with no pre-loading needed. So far, it's amazing!
    Reviewer: Chad from Houston, TX on January 27, 2006

  1.  this sh*t should be illegal
    I just recently bought the mass stack kit from BSN all i wanted was the nitrix but it came with samples for cell mass and NOXPLODE i thought hey what the hell so i mixed only half of the packet in a dasani bottle i was going to meet my buddy at the gym at around 5:45 after i got off work i read the instructions and it said it may take between 15 and 45min to feel the effects so i took it at 5:10 at 5:20 i couldnt stop moving i left work early just to get to the gym as fast as i could i was dressed and ready in the weight room at 5:35 i drove like a maniac just so i could get there faster this stuff almost makes you feel like your on something its crazy i did like 50 pushups and whole bunch of dips before my friend even got there i was so focused on what i was doing at the same time though and the pump i got from it was amazing and my veins were sticking out farther than they ever had it was the best training experience i have ever had and this was just a sample serving so in my eyes it would be worth the money to buy the whole jug i pretty sure you would get ripped im stacking nitrix, Anavol, and serious mass and i have gained 8lbs in 2 weeks so i pretty sure if you took NOXplode in place of Nitrix you would probably gain a lot more than that.
    Reviewer: wade lawson from Tulsa,OK on January 17, 2006

  1.  GREAT PUMPS but some bad consequences
    i just started takin NO explode along with nitrix and i feel great. it gets you really pumped and focused. i got a great arm workout and went up 5-10 pounds on some exercises. the only bad thing is the side effects. it really makes you shit... a lot.. so be careful to not take it near bed time.. you will be up all night!
    Reviewer: pumpman from USA on January 04, 2006

  1.  "IM GOING TO PUMP...YOU...UPPP!!!"
    I recently finished No-xplode, i havent taken cell mass or nitrix at all with that. No-Xplode alone made my max at bench go from about 245lbs to 260lbs. I just bought another No and now am goin to try cell mass. IM convinced these products work, one of the first days i took No...i felt a kind of high...these pumps make my arms feel like there bleeding, i joke with my cuzin at the gym....i feel like goin to pummppp you uppp!! DA gym is dat wayy!
    Reviewer: Jack from Buffalo on December 23, 2005

  1.  A+
    I work-out early in the am. Get up have my No-Xplode, watch the news and in 45 minutes I am primed. I highly recommend!
    Reviewer: RA from AZ, USA on December 22, 2005

  1.  Great product
    Works very well. Definatly gets you dialed in. Only problem was the diarreah and my heart would go pumping like crazy every once in a while. Also when I drank a red bull, my heart starting pumping like crazy. I think its because the xplode dilated my veins and the caffeine and stuff went straight to me thruout my body. Probably not the safest supplement I've use but definatly the best. Im still going to use it agian in the future.
    Reviewer: Chris from NJ on December 01, 2005

  1.  Loved it!
    I loved this stuff! I'm off it now because I think I became immune to it, but I will be back on it one day! At first when I was taking it I didn't want to leave the gym! AWESOME!!!!! But like I said I got immune. But I really would tell anyone to try it!!
    Reviewer: Chris from Tuscaloosa, Al on November 29, 2005

  1.  no-xplode
    I started taking NO-Xplode with nitrix and cell-u-mass, the whole stack routine. Being 6'7" and 160 lbs i tried everything to get myself to be able to get me modivated at the gym. The gains are impressive, even the first day i took them. Every max i had was easily replaced by 5-10lbs more, and the gains havn't stoped. I get so much energy and mental modivation that i feel like i could never stop. I recommend no-explode for everyone. This stuff is amazing and ill be buying it for the rest of my life.
    Reviewer: Marshall from Milwaukee,WI USA on October 28, 2005

    Reviewer: BOBBY from McALLEN, TX USA on October 09, 2005

  1.  Benefits come with disadvantages
    I like the ammount of energy and focus it gives me in the gym, its insane. The ammount I get out of each workout is great. However, I have had a serious problem with diarhea directly after my workouts and even sometimes during while using this product. The bouts with diarhea have in some instances caused be to use the bathroom from 2-10 times in a day. I don't know why this is happening but it is almost not worth the gains I am seeing. I am also pairing this with Nitrix, GNC Mega Men, and a high cal/ high protein diet. 3000-4000 cals and 150-250g protein either in the form of food or with a shake once a day.
    Reviewer: Matt from San Francisco, CA on August 29, 2005

  1.  iron_mover
    The stuff in it is great but man I have to totally chug it down becasue it tastes awful in my opinion. It wires you to the moon and it really helps you get in the zone. It made me want to get back into the gym, and it makes you want to tear up the weight.
    Reviewer: Luke Owens from Houston Tx on August 24, 2005

  1.  Best Pump Ever!!!!!
    I have taken this stuff for 2 days now and I can already see a difference in my size! The only bad thing is it give me a little gas? Dont know why. When you take it, you feel invencable and unstopable. Make sure you DO NOT have heart problems before you start taking this stuff! Do not take the orange citris or what ever flavor that is because it taste like SH@T! I'm going to exchange mine for fruit punch tomarrow because I heard that was the best flavot. Altogether though this stuff is F@CKING awsome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!
    Reviewer: TC Fortenberry from Orlando, FL USA on August 18, 2005

  1.  Great Price, Great Pumps, Great Results (visible ones too)
    I just finished my first container of this after about 3 weeks of use. I'm very dedicated to my workout plans (3+ hrs/day, 6 days/week). NO-explode has helped me to focus more and improved my muscular strength and endurance when working out. After about 12 days i noticed major changes in my definition, including improved vascularity. 2 of my friends (they're brothers actually) left for brazil the week i started NO-explode and didnt come back until 2 days ago, and thought i took roids when they were away. I am turning even more heads in the gym now, and everyone is asking me for workout advice. I highly recommend this to anyone. NOTE: most people don't notice major changes until between the 5th and 7th day. So don't quit on it, just give it a little time to kick in. And I just purchased my second container the other day, and will continue to use it for another 3 weeks or so, but i am also adding in BSN's Nitrix(as of yesterday, and noticed an incredible increase in pumps) along with my usual Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein.
    Reviewer: Todd from Sacramento, California on July 01, 2005

  1.  no joke...
    I began using NO-Xplode over one month ago. From the very first dose (I took 2.5 scoops in about 10oz of water) I was completely blown away. Aside from the most unbelievable pumps I've ever felt, the product connected my mind gracefully with all of my muscle groups. I could seriously feel my swollen muscles and veins bulging out. You can start feeling better focus, concentration and pump within ten minutes, but once about 45 minutes have gone by, your body is screaming for you to attack the weights. This is the most hard core training supplement I've ever taken. I use it every day as directed. My increased gains stay with me too. Awesome stuff, works instantly, tastes great.
    Reviewer: Keith Clayton from Dallas, TX USA on June 30, 2005

  1.  Great stuff...
    I have been out of the gym for over three mo nths and havent worked out since that time either due to a bad virus... and I started taking this stuff last week and started back where I left off its been almost like I never stopped. I will add another review after a month or two once I see if I get any gains but this stuff is good for energy alone.
    Reviewer: Kurt from GA on June 28, 2005

  1.  1st week results good
    gained 3 pounds in one week...shit makes me really concentrate in the gym noticing hardness and while flexing, my veins are poppin out
    Reviewer: Jay from Ft. Lauderdale on June 14, 2005

  1.  Really works but....
    This is a really good product. You can really feel the effect on you in the gym and more motivation. For a better workout try SUPER PUMP 250!!! I switched and this stuff is even better. Only problem I have noticed is serious shits. That's probably why it says lowere your body fat in one dose. If you can deal with that then buy it. I felt stonger and more cut with this and muscle milk. Good luck.
    Reviewer: Matt from NJ on May 27, 2005

  1.  WOW!!!
    I started on no-explode about 6 hours ago and did one heck-of-a arm workout. My arms still feel like they have balloons in them! They definently feel pumped. I'll check in in about 3 weeks to let everyone know how it's working, but so far, it feels GREAT.
    Reviewer: Joe from New Castle, IN on May 10, 2005

  1.  don't use it
    i have used this product last month and it didn't work at all. I was a natural weight lifter since last year but i wanted to see if these supplements really works or not for me. i know my body and weigt lifting. this product didn't give me nothing but some headaches after ingestion. But i could recommand other products like MRI NO2, or Fizogen Blitz cycle. My gosh these products worked so well. my bench press went up from 315 to about 355lbs in a month and I gained weight from 152 to about 160lbs. spend more to get better results!!!
    Reviewer: steve from new york, NY on May 10, 2005

  1.  it works so far...
    I have been taking NO-Xplode for about 3 days now, definately noticed the pumps at the gym, I can do more weight for more sets and reps. After taking it I cant wait to hit the gym.
    Reviewer: Rookie from Greensboro, NC USA on March 24, 2005

  1.  1 Week Later
    So it's one week later and I've been taking No Xplode as directed, 3 scoops before workout, 1 scoop on days off. I've seen a good increase in strength from 12-20% and, most impressive to me, an increse in focus. It's like you can't wait to rip into a great workout. At first I was sore from the intensity but now I'm recovering well, in 2-3 days, and I'm seeing the beginning of more perminant muscle and vascular growth. I typically lift after work around 5:30pm and see the pumps last until I fall to sleep but, where I used to wake up in the morning looking deflated, I now see more retention of the pump from the night before. The veins in my shoulders, legs and arms are more pronounced than they were just a week ago.
    Reviewer: O'DB from Houston on December 09, 2004

  1.  Just started and like it
    Just started using NO-Xplode yesterday I put one scoop into a shaker with about 8 oz of water and shook it up, the mix fizzed up and blew the top off but I only spilled a little then I drank it down. Within 10 minutes I felt great and was eager to get to the gym. Got there and worked on my back with an intensity that I haven’t seen in a while. As you all know it’s hard to see how your back looks while you’re working out but I did see my arms get pumped and I’m talking swelled and more vascular than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m a little sore today which is good but I think I’m going to add HMB into the mix for recovery purposes
    Reviewer: O'DB from Houston on December 01, 2004

  1.  largej74
    I just started on this product lastnight on a suggestion from the guy at my supplement store. On night one I could feel a difference. Not only concentration wise but pump wise. I will have to take it for a couple of weeks to make a full decision but not many supplements can you feel after one dose.
    Reviewer: Jason from Austin, Tx on November 30, 2004


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