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Pinnacle NOX2 Reviews

(49 customer reviews)
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  1.  pumps
    This is a good product it gave me good pumps. The first bottle was ok i got decent pumps and a little gain in strength but the second bottle was amazing overall i gained 0 wieght and 40 lbs on my max bench after the both of the two bottles, i would recommend buying at least 2 bottles
    Reviewer: tim from st.louis, Mo on June 13, 2006

  1.  No Xplode is better
    This stuff is okay, but no-xplode is better in my opinion.
    Reviewer: Arnold from Swiftball, Montana, USA on March 29, 2006

  1.  dumbasses
    most not all of yall are idiots.. read the back of the bottle.. it doesnt say it has protein.. fats.. and so on its not a ****ing magic maker its made to increase oxygen in the blood flow.. heal faster so u can work out more... which is how you make gains... WORK OUT.. if u bench 215 everyday of course u wont gain because ur not pushing ur self. ASSSSSSSSSSS
    Reviewer: charlie from dallas, tx usa on November 17, 2005

  1.  Not bad
    This aint bad really. Been using it for only 2 days and I can work out harder and longer then I usually did before i started using this and I am also less sore the day after workouts. Only side effects Ive had was the increase of sweat but its probably from drinking all that water!
    Reviewer: Lex from Chicago on September 08, 2005

  1.  Raging Bull
    I've taken the product for over 3 months with no massive weight gain and no dramatic increase in strength. However, my pumps last longer after a workout and my endurance has increased. This product also gives me erections and orgasisms "like a raging bull"
    Reviewer: Joe from FL USA on August 24, 2005

  1.  I thought I had Chlamydia
    This shit made my piss burn. I saw the doctor about it and he said that it was depositing heavy amounts of acid in my piss. I stopped taking it and the razor-blades out of my dick feeling went away. I would rather beat my self to death with a hammer than try this shit again.
    Reviewer: Woody from Salt Lake on July 30, 2005

  1.  Recovery
    I have noticed the pumps, gains come from pushing yourself not a pill. The person that is still at 215 after 5 weeks that is all you, push for more. I use NoX2 for recovery, I have noticed that I am not as sore for my next workout. This is not going to give you great gains that is just hard work and eating right. But it will help you recovery faster from your workouts a lot faster. Which in turn you will be able to push yourself more the next time around.
    Reviewer: Craig from Shawnee, Kansas on July 14, 2005

  1.  Its ok if you know what your doing.
    Ok...well i have been using this product for about 3 months and i mean it doesnt do what cell tech or creatine does for you but its good for its price and all the pills you get. I gained about 6 lbs. give or take a little and my bench went from 335 to 340 yeah nothing big but i got some for my little brother(he is 16) and he was taking it and working in the gym and pushing himself but nothing really happened for him so i told him to stop taking it. I think it doesnt work so well for kids in highchool where there bodies are still growing and i think people have all different bodies. If you asked me if im still going to take NoX2 i would say no im going back onto other supplements such as creatine or cell tech. If you got a low budget and you dont went to get huge then take this product. DRINK A LOT A LOT A LOT OF WATER WHEN ON THIS AND ANY OTHER PRODUCT IT HELPS BREAK DOWN THE PRODUCT AND BUILD MUSCLE MASS AND MABYE THATS ALSO WHY IT DOESNT WORK FOR SOME PEOPLE BUT DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!! PEACE
    Reviewer: Bruss da Moose from Chi Town, Ill USA on July 06, 2005

  1.  headache anyone?
    this shit gave me terrible headaches and that was with a shitload of water. Some other products like this wasn't bad but this stuff just didnt do it for me.
    Reviewer: Gorilla from denver, co on July 06, 2005

  1.  I like it
    Personally i liked Nox2... Of course it isnt gonna do anything for you at the gym if you dont work out hard ... I felt it give me extra energy to pump out 3 or more reps each time.. Thats where it makes its mark... Each day just add a little bit more and you would be surprised what you can do if you just push a little more... I gained 25 pounds in the month and a half that i took it... Just remember to drink a lot of water :)
    Reviewer: Scott from Ny on June 01, 2005

  1.  MIKE IZ A dumbAZZ
    MIKE if you only increased 10lbs in 5 weeks then thats your problem I can increase 10lbs in 1-2 weeks. Maybe you not working out right or your diet sucks..
    Reviewer: JAy-D from Wicktown, GA USA on June 01, 2005

    i finished 2 bottles of this shit and nothing has happended... i maintain a good workout program and diet but this shit suckssss...only increased my bench by 10 pounds in 4-5 weeks...**** NOX2
    Reviewer: mike from LA on May 17, 2005

  1.  nice product
    this product was amazing did everything it said it would including pumps and huge *** veins (i personally liked that one). i personally dont understand what people like mike from new york are talking about this stuff does what its says it does. its not this stuff that gains muscle for yourself its you that does and this stuff help you in the gym by pumping your *** up.
    Reviewer: andrew from austin, texas usa on May 11, 2005

  1.  No Goodd
    I bought this product because I heard it was good. but honestly dont waste your money, it didn't do shit, at first i felt some alright pumps and that was it, no weight gain at all, no strength increase at all, all in all this product was no good
    Reviewer: Mike from New York on May 07, 2005

  1.  NOverratedX2
    this product doesnt do much. i experienced the nice pumps in the first two weeks and then it all felt the same as before. i took the overnight extender so that may have something to do with the ineffectiveness. this product put no weight on me and probably did more harm to my body than good
    Reviewer: schizer from fleetville PA on March 05, 2005

  1.  golfing
    My husband took this product. Throughout the time he took this, he was extremely moody. It was almost like me was completely emotion-less. I have heard mivxed reviews on the erection situation. Some say that it acts like Viagra;yet, some say that it acts in the opposite manner. I tend to agree with the second version. My husband does not have the urge to have sex, nor can he keep an erection the entire time we have sex. I, myself, am not a fan of this product.
    Reviewer: Elizabeth Carmine from Cleveland, OH USA on February 08, 2005

  1.  omg omg111 omg333 omg222
    i was 5'8 and 161 pounds after taking this stuff i gained 20 pounds of pure muscle and lost 2 pounds of fat and not the only one but i took a whole bunch of other mysterious pills(roids) like papa always said if it doesn;t increase your testocerone it doesn't work True why are snakes made of mostly muscle ever wonder why it has been proven a fact that drinking snake blood can increase your testocerone tremendously thats why snakes are naturally muscular
    Reviewer: my nuts are small from Thailand on December 15, 2004

  1.  This stuff is broken!!!
    I took this stuff for about six weeks. I was benching 215, I expected to go up. Now, six weeks later, I'm benching an incredible 215! How about that! This stuff must be broken. Tip: Don't waste your money, and don't depend too highly on it!
    Reviewer: Dean Ryan Jordan Fairbanks Jeffery from Modesto, CA USA on December 08, 2004

  1.  The small guys at the Gym
    You can tell who are the small guys at the Gym, All the ones writing they gained pounds and pound of muscle from this product. Its all smoke and mirrors people. You get your gains from eating clean and DEDICATION at the GYM!!! Yes I tried a bottle. nothing from it.
    Reviewer: Dan from Phoenix on December 03, 2004

  1.  NOx2
    Ive been taking Nox2 for about a week now. At first i felt my heart beating faster, but that eventually went away, Im drinkin more water and now starting already to see the extended pump and the veins are starting to get out of control-----I wouldnt use this product when boozing though, my buddy drank pretty serious one night and his heart beat started racing and he had to sit down for 1 hour to get it back to normal....So far i enjoy this product and we'll see how it ends up after I'm done with this bottle
    Reviewer: Lifter from Jersey on November 10, 2004

  1.  Does it really work?
    Well, I've been using NoX2 for about 2 weeks. I've noticed the pump and I do feel stronger, the product seems to be working great. I've also gained about 4lbs of muscle mass. I started a 165lbs and now i'm at 169lbs it seems to be working for me... I'll keep you posted.
    Reviewer: Daniel Gottilla from GA on September 29, 2004

  1.  a good product...but not enough to do what people have been claiming
    You guys have some pretty big claims for the stuff. 100lb gains never working out in your life and then being cut. No this is not a steroid and even steroids take a lot of work. However if you are a dedicated athlete and spend plenty of time in the gym you will start to notice gains with the product, this does not mean that the product has made you lift a hundred pounds more!!! That would take a lot of work and the gain would be more likely from your 3 and 1/2 hour work outs every day than the N0X2. So i have to say pal that your claim was false and i seriously doubt your fact i wouldnt even believe it with steriods. For me what i noticed with this product in combination with the overnight extender and a pro-hormone was that my muscles were getting really tight. (especially at night with the overnight extender, personally i think it might be almost too much arginine to take them together) I also noticed that my veins were enlarged, especially during heavy workouts. In conjunction with the other supplements i was able to lift slightly more weights, but like i said that is mostly because of hard work and dedication to the gym. I and anyone dedicated could do that with out the supplements, they just help ya out a bit. All around i will say that this is a pretty good product and worth just about every penny i paid for it.
    Reviewer: aaron from California USA on September 06, 2004

  1.  Nice look/Works
    I went through a bottle of 90 pills. On about the fifth day my pumps, viens, and and muscles were making it easy to notice that this was working. My biceps really improved from what they were before I started NoX2. My friends at school were in shock about my 16lb. wieght gain in 2 weeks, not to mention it was all mass. Man guys at my school are looking for this stuff like crazy. I'm only 15 years old but i've tried many, many things and this by far is great if your looking for snake like viens, and pumps that last long. I've witnessed no side effects and overall this is excellent.
    Reviewer: Cody from Genoa, WV on August 30, 2004

  1.  It was decent
    NoX2 was decent. Im not going to lie it did work.I took it for about 2 months. I weighed 220 lbs when i began it and ended at 230. My dumbell bench went from benching 75lb dumbells 10x to being able to bench 90lb dumbells 10x and 105 5x. It also helps with cardio considering it gives you a pump. Its a good product. Just dont make the mistake i did at first.. get off all fat burners while taking it. Works well if your on a CLA product also.
    Reviewer: Adam from Old Bridge, NJ USA on August 25, 2004

  1.  Pumped Up???
    No massive weight gain and no dramatic increase in strength. I have been taking this for about 2 weeks now. So far nothing to really get excitexd about. I did notice two things. One positive and one negative. The positive is that my pumps last longer after a workout, several hours. The negative. This procuct seems to inhibit erections. I don't know where the claim that this product works similar to Viagra but for me, it is having the opposite effect. Although that may not be a bad thing considering I workout a lot, my testoserone levels have increased and I am always excited.
    Reviewer: tyrone from Los Angeles, CA on August 22, 2004

  1.  Get Real people
    Some of your reviews are simply out of this world not possible. The fact that some people gained massive amounts of mass in a week and could increase their bench 100lbs in a week.. Please stop writing FALSE REVIEWS for those coming here to look for REAL reviews of this product. You high school kids need to be careful supplimenting your still growing bodies as well.
    Reviewer: John from L.A. on July 29, 2004

  1.  3 stars so far...
    going on my 5th day and have noticed good strength increases and the ability to tack on some extra weight with each rep. No too much different when it comes to larger vein sizes but I'm not (nor will) expecting a miracle in a week. I'll keep ya posted with further news as the week/s go by. Just remember kats--eat at least 1gm of protein per. 1lb. of body weight to build the muscle. No amino acid chain or miracle drug is going to keep the muscle but eating right will!!
    Reviewer: N.T. from Southern California on July 19, 2004

  1.  Nox2 Vs Placebo
    I train highschool baseball players in the local gym. Naturally they all want to be as big as possible. I've been taking NO2 and i noticed a few gains. However when i shared the info. i told them most of my mass was because of Nitric oxide. I distributed each athlete in the morning sessions a bottle of NOX2(cheaper). I then gave the 3 individuals in my noon session sugar pills. "Im a premed student, i called it a field study" Anyways the results were that, naturally, everyone gained mass, NOX2 Users gained an average of 8lbs in a months use. my placebo group gained an average of 6lbs. Granted there are 2 more people in my morning session than noon. Does NoX2 really make a 2lb difference? * I eventually told the placebo group what i had done. They were excited to hear the results.
    Reviewer: Doc from Evansville, IN on July 16, 2004

  1.  stud alert...
    My husband started taking this a week ago, he has never worked out a day in his life, he was only 160 lbs. He gained about 15 lbs in one week and his arms and chest are firm and much bigger. He also lasts alot longer (if ya know what i mean!! Ladies, it also helps you get a much better 'cut' to your biceps, triceps and especially your abs. I have been working out 6 days a week for the past 5 yrs.(lifting weights and doing Taebo) and i just couldnt seem to get the definition i wanted. After taking this for about 10 days i got those rock hard abs i have always wanted (especially after having a baby!! It is an awesome confidence booster too. I also noticed a complete sense of well being. JUST DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER, AND ABSOLUTELY NO SWEETS!!!!
    Reviewer: JES from pENsAcOLA, fLOrIDa on July 14, 2004

  1.  I gained 40 POUNDS of MUSCLE in just 3 weeks!
    I used to be 5'11" and 155..kinda skinny but i started taking this NOX2 and now i weight an incredible 195 lbs of pure shredded mass and I am an inch taller too!! Thanks Pinnacle!!
    Reviewer: Andrew Rodham from New York, NY on July 13, 2004

  1.  better than roids
    i started taking this product 2 weeks ago. then i was 98 lbs and benched ust a 45 lb bar with no weights on it. today, i weigh 195 lbs. and can bench 275 lbs. incredible !!!
    Reviewer: aldo from st cloud fl on July 09, 2004

  1.  Daniel M. From San Angelo,TX
    I've been working out for a little less than a year and when i started i couldn't do 135 lbs on bench now I lift 215-225 lbs on bench not to mention I only weigh 155 an im 15yrs old. But not till about 3 months ago i started going to use cell-tech and barley started this NoX2 stuff but I haven't seen any dramatic results.
    Reviewer: Daniel Munoz from San AnGelo,Texas USA on July 04, 2004

  1.  Not Sure
    After taking this stuff for 3 days, I noticed my heart beats are up (felling uncomfortable) and also i do have a slide headaches. starting today I'm dropping my dozes in half and see how it goes. If I still having the same felling in the next couple of days then I would stop taking this product.
    Reviewer: MB from hOUSTON on June 11, 2004

  1.  freshman
    when i was a freshman 2 years ago i could bench 285 now as a jr i can do 325
    Reviewer: bobby from tx on May 31, 2004

  1.  NoX2 vs NP2
    NP2 is the #1 Hyperdilation product on the market. In my opinion, better than Pinnacle's NoX2 and MRI's NO2. Taken with creatine and pro-hormones, you'll add more lean muscle mass than you'd have ever expected.... I did. NP2 seems to allow your body to utilize near 100% of all supplements taken along side it. I never expected that any product could/would rival MRI, but I was obviously wrong. IDS has done it, and done it well. I don't endorse IDS in anyway, but they've definately won my business with the production of NP2, as well as their Methyl-1 Testosterone. Taken together, I gained 23 lbs in 5 weeks, which is almost unheard of and has never happened while taking any other supplement.
    Reviewer: Graham from Texas, USA on May 18, 2004

  1.  N0X2
    I dont feel the \"pump\" that im supposed to be feeling, however it does give me more endurence at the gym and I have increased weights a little bit. I suppose that this product works differently with other people.
    Reviewer: steve from new york on May 15, 2004

  1.  for real bro
    I've benn taking NOx2 for about 3 weeks now with multi-vitamins and i try to drink as much water as i can. I just keep going out and partyin though so its just neutralizing all my boozing, but other then that it gives u a nice look with the veins in your arms.
    Reviewer: Ryan from Buffalo ny on May 05, 2004

  1.  nox2 review
    ive been taking nox2 for 3 months when lifting for football and i have goten huge from it. ive gained about 10 - 15 lbs since i started. i have not been as tired after workouts as i used to be. i would definetly reccomend this stuff for any athlete to take in the offseason when trying to lift and get big.
    Reviewer: andrew from cincinnati, oh on April 23, 2004

  1.  Good Stuff!
    After about 4 days I noticed I had alot more strengh. I worked out at the gym and was able to pick up heavier weights and do a few more reps. After 2 weeks my arms and my chest became noticibly bigger and harder. It made more veins visible too. People started asking me what I was taking. I look like I was weightlifting for years! This supplement is awesome!! I also take protein shakes for even more results.
    Reviewer: Joe from AZ on March 31, 2004

  1.  great!
    this stuff is great!. its my third day and already i feel alot more energy and strength. its a good product and works good if you take protein shakes when you use it. thank you nox2 for helping me acheive my goal in weightlifting.
    Reviewer: j from new jersey on March 29, 2004

  1.  Massive Pump and Recovery
    What the hell is this stuff? By day 5 I was completely swollen. Lay off the creatine for at least 10 days, then recycle and you friends and family wil think your a freak of nature. By far it the best thing since creatine.
    Reviewer: J from Michigan on March 22, 2004

  1.  side effects
    Although this product proves to be highly effective initially, after a few months usage the user begins to experience side effects. Sudden cramps, difficulty managing erection (despite claims), and fatigue the morning after excercise. Frequent headaches may occur, and if the customer decides to discontinue product, symptoms of withdrawal also become evident. A failed Viagra and steroid wanna-be. BEWARE OF BEER BELLY (side effect).
    Reviewer: Concerned User from Maryland on March 22, 2004

  1.  To the "kid" below
    GET REAL! 30 lbs in a day? Right. This product works, but nobody will see real results until about the 10th day... Please don't mislead people like you're trying to do, He-Man.
    Reviewer: Louis from Connecticut on March 17, 2004

  1.  nox2
    i started takign this produce on a wensday, the next day my bench literally went up 30lbs. but has been down since and i had to rebuild it to 195. i am a freshman in highschool and i ahve been off it for about 3 weeks. it doesnt last and u need a few weeks to actually see somehting.
    Reviewer: M from new york on March 12, 2004

    Reviewer: DONALD from MESA, AZ USA on March 02, 2004

  1.  NoX2
    It works decently
    Reviewer: Bill from Ohio on January 29, 2004

  1.  nox2 study
    i cycled off the stuff after taking it for a month. i couldnt afford it anymore. each day i wasnt taking my nox2 was dreadful. i lost the vasodialation. now i am on it again and have all of my friends taking it. were all bulking up pretty huge. i am 20 years old. this stuff rocks man. like before i could hit maybe 8 reps of 160 on the b press. now it just keeps going. i hit 15 yesterday. theres no limit to this stuff.
    Reviewer: Timothy Conley from california on January 27, 2004

  1.  it works
    i got on it and increased my max. bench by 50 pounds.....and i had an erection anytime i wanted to have one......good product
    Reviewer: Flex from Houma, LA...USA on January 20, 2004

  1.  garbage
    It worked only untill i felt sick to my stomach and drained every single training day, as for sexual vigor i couldent acheive a erection for the whole month i was on it. Makes me wonder sometimes how these people can write these mis conseptions.
    Reviewer: Snake from Canada on January 16, 2004


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