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VHT Extreme Smoothie Reviews

(9 customer reviews)
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  1.  great
    I have tried Muscle milk. I used to be a big fan of myoplex carb sense in strawberry, but once tasted this WOW!! I tried the chocolate dream. I'm curious to see what the other flavors taste like, but Chocolate dream has my heart for now. :-)
    Reviewer: Jennifer from Charlotte, NC on September 01, 2006

  1.  Hate it
    Taste okay, but too pricey and it mad me have the runs. I normally dont poop at all
    Reviewer: Jack Robinson from San Diego, CA USA on April 15, 2006

  1.  chunky
    great taste but i got a bunch of chunky white things in 3 of mine. think i got food poisoning.
    Reviewer: mike from ft lauderdale,fl on January 11, 2006

  1.  Awesome - great taste
    I love the chocolate smoothie. It has a great taste, low carb and sugar and HIGH protein. It is one of the best out there.
    Reviewer: Brandi from Atlanta, GA USA on January 07, 2006

  1.  chocolate is the best of the 4 available
    other 3 flavors (strawberry, vanilla, praline) are ok but chocolate as it says "chocolate dream"! Paul
    Reviewer: Paul from Dallas, TX on September 14, 2005

  1.  I only made one mistake !!! I didnt buy enough
    WOW is all I can say. I bought the cappuccino because I was missing starbucks, well now I DONT!!! Best of all im healthier for it !
    Reviewer: Colleen from Redding, Ca on June 13, 2005

  1.  very god
    great taste :)
    Reviewer: boner from tx on May 19, 2005

  1.  Yum and tons of protein
    Rich, creamy...smooth going down. Leaves a choclately aftertaste; but all in all, very desirable.
    Reviewer: Mike from Columbus, OH USA on April 13, 2004

  1.  35 grams of protein and tastes great!
    The days of gaging down nasty protein shakes are over. This Vanilla Cream rocks!!!
    Reviewer: J Evans from Iowa on February 13, 2004


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