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ABB Extreme Body RTD 50 Shake Reviews

(19 customer reviews)
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  1.  my thoughts on this supplement
    there are many supplements out there and most are not worth wasting hard earned money on them. I have tried many over the years and have seen little or no results at all. A good diet high in protein with real food might be the best answer along with protein shakes or muscle milk.This product is really good and has very little sugar.
    Reviewer: mitch from Sugarland Tx. on August 07, 2007

  1.  mana from heaven
    I love this stuf. The vanilla is good, but the bananna is like candy. i almost feel gulty after drinking one. As for the chocolat ones i don't much care for them. After a good work out i have to go get one. I'm really impersed with the minerals in it. i have a hard time keeping copper in my diet. I will get copper deficient anemia if i don't take the effort of getting extra in my diet.
    Reviewer: Eric Wagner from nashville, TN on November 14, 2006

  1.  Excellent supplement.
    ABB hit it right on the head. If you want a mass building drink that not only packs on the protein, but also cuts down the carbs and calories..well then RTD 50 is probably one of the best on the market. And yes, it actually tastes good. My favorite is chocolate. If you think this tastes like crap and you compare it to products such as Mass Recovery and XXX....Then you are probably right. Those products should taste great because the compared to RTD 50 they have about double the amounts of calories (XXX has 1100 calories!!) and ten times as many total carbs (XXX..220 carbs!) And yes the sodium levels are higher also and then you lose the potassium you would get with RTD 50. I'm just saying that if you are trying to pack on weight with a hint of blubber try the other products. But if you want lean mass go with RTD 50.
    Reviewer: pornstar from Akron, Ohio on June 29, 2006

  1.  After reading all the great reviews.............
    After reading all the glorious reviews on this item, I bought a case. BIg mistake for me, if you want a super low calorie, super high protien, and do not give a shit about taste, this is for you. It tastes like shit, though I have never eatten it, I imagine the taste is similar. I got some ABB Mass Recovery and some XXL ABB's from here, they are the bomb, gained 15lbs lean mass in 2 months. Amazing....
    Reviewer: Justin Woollis from Big D on June 03, 2006

  1.  The Banana Cream is really good
    Try this flavor it's pretty awesome. You need to shake this drink up good to make it thicker. The colder the better. I'm getting sick of Myoplex, so this is a good alternative. The chocolate is my second choice. I don't care for the Vanilla much.
    Reviewer: Nick from NY, NY on June 03, 2006

  1.  Tasted like SHIT!!
    I tried a can of this shit yesterday. It tasted like it had already been drank, digested, shit and recycled!
    Reviewer: Slam from New York, USA on May 23, 2006

  1.  Great Stuff
    Great Taste...Good Price/ This stuff is awesome i recommend it to anyone who hasnt tried it
    Reviewer: Elova Annul from Chicago on April 15, 2006

  1.  This stuff is the shit
    Taste good as hell..This stuff made my bench increase from 210 lbs to 215lbs in only 3.5 months. I only did bench three times a week during those weeks too. That is proof that this causes gains 50 grams of protein cant beat that!!!! However, my squat went down from 375 max to only 250 max, which could be do to the fact that I swing both representing San Fran baybee>>
    Reviewer: Paoul Gomez from San Francisco, CA, USA on March 29, 2006

  1.  Great Taste!
    Tried both strawberry and vanilla.. normally my preference is for strawberry but with this shake, the vanilla really does taste better. However, both taste just great. Hardly tastes like a protein-shake. I like it a lot! Pretty expensive though.
    Reviewer: musclehorse from New York on March 24, 2006

  1.  Great So Far
    Only used a few times so far. Think i'll choose the vanilla flavour next time as you guys seem to rate it alot. I drink 1 can of this after my workout and my whole body feels great! Will definetly be buying more of this when my current case runs out!
    Reviewer: Kyle from United Kingdom on March 16, 2006

  1.  safe and THE BEST SO FAR"
    Reviewer: LIL" BOLIVIAN from NAPLES, FL on December 11, 2005

  1.  Great Price! Great Taste
    I am a type II Diabetic and really have to watch my carbs. This stuff is great! Hi protein and very low carbs. The taste is great and it satifies my sweet cravings too! Prices are the best I have found and the shipping is fast too.
    Reviewer: msr from Loveland CO, USA on October 20, 2005

  1.  Absolutely Amazing!
    this drink tastes amazing and has more than enough nutrients i need for after my workout. love it! vanilla been tastes like ass but gotta take the negatives with the positives and in this case the positives outweigh the negatives. and i outweigh them all with my new 50g protein PWO!
    Reviewer: Kevin from NJ on September 25, 2005

    Ordered it on a sunday at night received it on thursday pretty fast for me... and ive checked around the net for this product most is at least a couple dollars more expensive. The shipping price is pretty fair also. They recommend 3 of these a day and 12 in a not that rich....
    Reviewer: Larry from New york on September 08, 2005

  1.  the shit
    this drink is the best ever after a 3 week spand i have gained 25 lbs. and my strenght index has gone up by about 30 lbs also. this is a great drink and is very productive. get u some of that shit!
    Reviewer: Lil Bizzle from Greer, South Carolina USA on April 28, 2005

  1.  Extreme is an understatment!!!!
    I crave this after every workout. Vanilla bean is off the charts and its head and shoulders above the rest of the rtd's. I cant say enough about this shake. David, Chicago
    Reviewer: David from Chicago il. on March 29, 2005

  1.  The Only Protien you Should Drink
    I have tried many protien drinks and this the only one that tastes good. I tried the Vanilla Bean and it was just like a smooth milkshake. Also it has a whopping 50 grams of protien per drink which is great. I will from now on only buy this protien because of the ingredients and the great taste. Hopefully you will enjoy this product as much as me.
    Reviewer: Cody from Genoa WV on January 28, 2005

  1.  Excellent - the best I have had
    I have tried so many protein drinks. This is by far the one that doesn't "taste" per se like a typical protein drink. Plus it has 50 grams of protein in the can. Incredible.
    Reviewer: Donna from Atlanta GA on November 02, 2004

  1.  Best I've ever had.
    This shake is by far the best protein shake I have ever had. I personally prefer the vanilla bean over the chocolate, because it is very very smooth. This truly has a great taste and has just the right amount of carbs and calories, and the 50 grams of whey protein top it off wonderfully.
    Reviewer: Eric from Texas on January 18, 2004


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