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4-AD Ethergel

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Supplement Brand: Molecular Nutrition
4-AD Ethergel Information

Molecular Nutrition's 4-AD Ethergels contain the steroidal nutrient 4-androstenediol tetrahydropyranyl (THP ether), dissolved in sesame oil and sealed in a soft gelatin capsule for maximum lymphatic system absorption and oral bioavailability. This type of delivery vehicle is absolutely essential for ether-modified hormones, as it allows for a level of absorption many times greater than simply putting the compound in a regular hard-shell capsule. Our Ethergels are a revolutionary line of new oil-solubilized, softgel encapsulated prohormones that promise to tackle, once and for all, the issue of poor prohormone bioavailability.

...a revolutionary line of new prohormones from Molecular that promise to tackle, once and for all, the issue of poor prohormone bioavailability.

Ether-Modified 4-AD

Ether-Modification is a breakthrough in the field of steroidal nutrients, as it allows us to drastically increase the oral bioavailability of hormonal supplements by altering the way they are absorbed by the body. The technology works by attaching an ether molecule to a steroidal hormone, which tremendously increases its lipophilic (fat-soluble) nature. This allows much of the active hormone to bypass the destructive first-pass through the liver, and instead enter circulation, intact, through the lymphatic system. With this technology there is simply no longer a need for high doses or alternate forms of delivery!

Superior Softgel Formulation

But if we just put our 4-AD ether in a regular capsule we would have wasted its true potential! Maximum lymphatic absorption is achieved only when the ether-modified hormone is dissolved in a proper oily vehicle. The graph below illustrates this significance extremely well with mepitiostane, an ether-modified form of the steroid epitiostanol. Here steroid absorption by the lymphatic system was more than 5 times greater when dissolved in sesame oil rather than a water-based solution. This is a monumental difference, and the reason our softgels use exactly sesame oil as their vehicle. With unquestionably the best possible oral absorption and anabolic potency of any steroidal nutrient on the market, our 4-AD EtherGels are without doubt the ultimate andro supplement, Hands Down!

absorption by the lymphatic system was more than 5 times greater when dissolved in sesame oil

Figure 1. Differences in lymph absorption when ether-modified steroid is administered in sesame oil vs. a water-based vehicle to the small intestine of rats. SOURCE: Effect of oily vehicles on absorption of mepitiostane by the lymphatic system in rats. Ichihashi T, Kinoshita H, Takakishi Y, Yamada H. J Pharm Pharmacol 44 (1992) 560-4.

How Supplied

25mg 4-androstenediol tetrahydropyranyl per capsule, 120 capsules per bottle.


Take 2 capsules, 3 to 4 times daily. For optimal results take with meals.

4-AD Ethergel

*These statements about 4-AD Ethergel have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 4-AD Ethergel is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued 4-AD Ethergel and we no longer have it in stock.

4-AD Ethergel Reviews

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  1.  Good mass gainer
    this product put a decent amout of weight on me in only a month, i recommend this product for someone who want to throw 10-15 pounds on quick
    Reviewer: Scott from Stockton, Ca on February 20, 2004


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