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Build Mass

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Supplement Brand: Osmo
Build Mass
Build Mass Information
Build Mass

Build Mass the 100% natural way to pack on the muscle and add size. The most effective, most complete, fully bio-available, high calorie meal addition system. Our system works hard for you -- so your body can too!!

Build Mass can be used to start your day, or anytime you want a great tasting high protein, high calorie meal supplement. It can be mixed with cold water, milk or juice.

Each serving contains 12g glutamine, glutamine peptides, and glutamic acid, giving your body what it needs to build and repair muscle tissue. This will allow you to maintain balanced nitrogen levels required for your body to build and repair.

Between 100% & 500% of all the B Vitamins are present to help maximize cellular energy production. This will help maintain the immune system and regenerate your health.

Build Mass contains rice bran and soy fiber to aid digestion and ensure proper intestinal function for optimum protein processing. Tocotrienols, sourced from rice bran oil, are present and potent antioxidants varying between 40 and 6000 times the activity of alpha tocopherol.

This formula is high in calories and protein making it ideal for adding muscle, and weight. This is designed to be used as an addition to your daily meals. Perfect for high calorie diets!

Build Mass contains nothing artificial. It is sweetened with insulin spiking glucose and sucrose. Both are high on the glycemic index.

VanillaCreme, DoubleChocolate
Each 5.8 oz serving provides: 655 calories
48g protein, 100g carbohydrates
48g simple carbs, 7g fat, 5g fiber
205 mg (elemental) magnesium citrate
405mg choline, 335mg inositol
100 - 500% RDA of B Vitamins
700 mg potassium (elemental)

Available in Single Serve or 3.6 lbs size

* 100g total / 48 g simple
* glycogen loading, high glycemic
* decreases catabolism
* spikes insulin to transport amino acid to muscle

* necessary for intestinal function
* assists in nitrogen processing
* 5g soluble/insoluble

Glutamine Peptides
* nitrogen increasing
* BCAA sparing
* increases recovery
* stimulate immune system

* supports C.N.S. activity
* helps to ensure brain and liver function
* positive action on the cell membrane fluidity

Timed Release Protein
* protein control blend
* 2:1 carb\ protein ratio
* soy protein concentrate & isolate
* whey protein concentrate
* hydrolyzed whey protein peptides
* glutamine peptides
* easily/ completely digestible
* superior amino acid profile


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Whey-Pro USPF (micro-ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate, Micro-diafiltrated hydrolyzed whey protein peptides , glutamine peptides); Regena-Pro USPF (micro-ultra filtrated whey protein Concentrate, SoyRich soy protein concentrate, SUPRO soy protein isolate, micro-diafiltrated Hydrolyzed whey protein peptides, glutamine Peptides); maltodextrin (complex carbohydrates); Sucrose, dextrose (glucose); RiBranol (stabilized enhanced rice bran); 100% Natural Flavor; emulsified vegetable oil; rice starch; lecithin; vitamin and mineral blend (magnesium citrate, ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, thiamine, riboflavin, chromium nicotinate, folic acid, cobalamin concentrate).

More Nutrients per Serving
(% RDA)

B1 100%
B2 100%
B3 133%
B5 400%
B6 500%
B12 500%
Folic Acid 50%
Zinc 100%
Chromium 200%
Magnesium 50%
Choline 405mg
Inositol 335mg
Phosphorous 44%
Potassium 700mg

Build Mass

*These statements about Build Mass have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Build Mass is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Build Mass and we no longer have it in stock.

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