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Endurox R4

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Endurox R4
Endurox R4 Information
Endurox R4 - Following Exercise

Endurox R4 Performance/Recovery Drink was developed by leading exercise physiologists and based on landmark research redefining how the exercising muscle recovers. Endurox R4 contains the patented 4 to1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein to speed muscle glycogen replenishment and rebuild muscle protein after exercise, antioxidants to reduce post-exercise muscle damage and glutamine to help reduce muscle stress.

In clinical studies against the leading sports drink was proven to enhance performance and extend endurance by 55% in a subsequent workout and decrease post-exercise muscle damage by 36%. Endurox R4 enables you to train harder and better the next day and everyday.

The R4 System

The R4 System is an important milestone in our understanding of exercise physiology and is the basis of a new book, Optimal Muscle Recovery by Dr. Edmund Burke (Avery Publishing). Based on leading edge science, the R4 System establishes a new model that explains how the interaction of key physiological and nutritional factors enable muscles to operate at peak levels. Equally important, the R4 System establishes four simple, practical principles that every aerobic athlete can incorporate into his/her daily training to optimize recovery and achieve full muscle potential.

To understand why the R4 System represents a major breakthrough, one must look at research in exercise physiology conducted over the last 30 years. The first important milestone was the finding in the late 60's that showed that fluid and electrolyte replenishment play an essential role in muscle performance before, during and after exercise. The second milestone, in the 70's, defined the role carbohydrate supplementation plays in extending endurance and speeding recovery. These studies led to the technique of carbohydrate loading.

In the 90's research conducted at leading universities has significantly advanced our understanding of muscle physiology and has identified additional factors that influence muscle performance. This research has shown that:

Insulin stimulates the replenishment of muscle glycogen stores and prevents protein breakdown

Insulin is so essential in the post exercise recovery process that it can be termed the master recovery hormone

Protein and specific amino acids can enhance the insulin response thereby speeding muscle recovery

Free radicals buildup (oxidative stress) is an important component of exercise induced muscle damage

Anti-oxidants, amino acids and certain natural supplements can help reduce muscle damage and prevent oxidative and muscle stress
These scientific findings coupled with previous research on hydration and carbohydrate utilization has led to a new model of exercise physiology - the R4 System. The R4 System is based on four core principles:

Restore electrolytes and water.

Replenish glycogen stores rapidly.

Reduce muscle and oxidative stress.

Rebuild muscle protein.
The R4 System provides simple framework for the aerobic athlete to optimize muscle performance and speed recovery.

How the R4 System Enhances Aerobic Performance

By understanding the science behind the four principles of the R4 System and how they interrelate, the aerobic athlete can make enormous strides in improving individual performance.

1. Restore Electrolytes and Water

Fluid and electrolyte restoration is the cornerstone of the R4 System and should be the cornerstone of any training program. Fluid and electrolyte replenishment is crucial in maintaining cardiac output and regulating body temperature during exercise. Elevations in body temperature can sharply impair performance. Studies have shown that fluid replacement must occur both during and after exercise. Electrolytes, now usually added to sports hydration drinks, can accelerate rehydration by speeding intestinal reabsorption of fluids and improve fluid retention.

2. Replenish Glycogen Stores Rapidly

The role carbohydrate plays as a fuel source during exercise has shaped modern sports nutrition. Early studies primarily focused on replenishment of glycogen stores by consumption of a carbohydrate supplement both during and after exercise. Carbohydrate supplementation stimulates insulin, a key element in the glycogen replenishment process. Insulin has two major roles: (1) Facilitates the transport of glucose into the muscle cell; (2) Stimulates enzymes responsible for the synthesis of glycogen from glucose.

Recent studies have extended our understanding of how glycogen is replenished. A post exercise carbohydrate supplement composed of high Glycemic Index Carbohydrates (such as simple sugar) is more rapidly transported into the muscle cell in the critical post recovery period. Enzymes responsible for manufacture of muscle glycogen are maximally stimulated 0-2 hours after exercise. Therefore it is essential that a carbohydrate supplement be taken in this time frame to optimize recovery.

Even more significant are research findings showing that protein and the amino acid, arginine, when combined with a carbohydrate supplement can strongly stimulate insulin levels in a synergistic fashion. The ratio of carbohydrate to protein is extremely important to obtain this synergy. The Optimum Recovery Ratio (OR2) should be 4:1 (four grams of carbohydrate to one gram of protein.) By further stimulating insulin with protein and arginine, muscle glycogen is restored quicker. The result - improved performance and a faster recovery.

Insulin, the Master Recovery Hormone

Investigators have shown the importance of carbohydrate supplementation in improving performance. The regulator of glycogen replenishment is the hormone insulin which increases the transport of glucose from the blood into the muscle and stimulates the enzyme responsible for the conversion of glucose into glycogen. Recent research has shown that insulin is so important in recovery from exercise that it should be termed the master recovery hormone. In addition to its vital role in glycogen replenishment insulin helps rebuild and maintain muscle protein. These studies demonstrate that insulin:

stimulates the transport of amino acids into the muscle. By increasing the cell's amino acid levels insulin speeds the protein rebuilding process following exercise.

blunts the rise in cortisol following exercise. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for protein breakdown. By decreasing cortisol levels, insulin helps maintain muscle protein.
This research also calls into doubt the usefulness of products based on the 40-30-30 formula. Since these products reduce insulin levels, they may actually slow the recovery process.

3. Reduce Oxidative/Muscle Stress

The muscle cell undergoes considerable trauma during exercise. This trauma leads to soreness and rebuilding of muscle post exercise. It is only recently that the causes of oxidative and muscle stress have been better defined. During exercise there is a buildup of free radicals. Free radicals are largely responsible for damage to the muscle cell membrane. In addition to free radical buildup, exercise stimulates cortisol; the body's stress hormone. Cortisol increases the breakdown of protein. A third consequence of hard exercise is a negative effect on the immune system.

As researchers better understood the causes of muscle stress, they have identified agents to help minimize it. Vitamin C and E are strong anti oxidants shown to reduce free radical buildup during exercise. Insulin has been shown to blunt the cortisol rise normally seen during exercise thereby helping maintain muscle protein. The amino acid glutamine has been shown to stimulate the immune system. Reducing muscle damage, bolstering the immune system and preventing soreness results in a faster recovery and the ability to maintain a higher training level.

4. Rebuild Muscle

Immediately following exercise a rebuilding process is initiated to repair muscle proteins damaged during exercise. Recent evidence suggests that insulin is a strong stimulus of the muscle rebuilding process by increasing amino acid transport into the muscle and by preventing the breakdown of protein. This interrelationship between glycogen replenishment, insulin and muscle rebuilding is a cornerstone of the R4 System.

A second aspect of the rebuilding process is the need for protein, glutamine and branched chain amino acids. Protein not only stimulates the replenishment of glycogen stores by activating insulin, but also provides the essential building blocks for muscle repair.

The Development of Endurox R4

In 1997, leading exercise physiologists met in Colorado Springs, Colorado to review the latest studies on exercise performance and to formulate a new sports nutrition product based on the R4 System. These experts speculated that such a product would offer major advantages over the wide array of sports nutrition products and drinks because it would:

Significantly improve endurance

Protect the muscle cell from post exercise muscle damage by preventing free radical buildup thereby accelerating muscle recovery

Stimulate insulin response thereby speeding the replenishment of muscle glycogen stores enabling a faster recovery from exercise

Facilitate the rebuilding of muscle tissue damaged as a consequence of exercise

Three trials were fielded to determine if a drink based on the R4 System would deliver these benefits. The results from the two trials are powerful proof that the R4 System can improve muscle performance and facilitate recovery following exercise. The researchers found that the Endurox R4 Performance/Recovery drink when compared to Gatorade:

Increased mean performance up to 55%

Reduced total free radical buildup by 69%

Stimulated insulin levels by 70%

Increased muscle glycogen replenishment by 220%

Produced equivalent rates of rehydration

Decreased post exercise muscle damage by 36%
Endurox R4 is more than a sports drink. It is an advanced nutritional system proven to dramatically enhance exercise performance and speed recovery.

Product Profile

The introduction of Endurox R4 Performance/Recovery Drink begins a new chapter in how nutrition can enhance aerobic performance. In l997, leading exercise physiologists met in Colorado Springs, Colorado and developed a new model built on leading edge research that explains how the interaction of key physiological and nutritional factors enable muscles to operate at peak performance.

Endurox R4 is a technologically advanced sports drink based on this new model. In three clinical trials the researchers found, compared to Gatorade, Endurox R4:

Enhanced performance and extended endurance by 55%

Reduced free radical buildup by 69%

Increased muscle glycogen replenishment by 220%

Reduced post exercise muscle damage by 36%
The patented Endurox R4 formula includes electrolytes, high glycemic carbohydrates and whey protein in a 4:1 ratio (Optimal Recovery Ratio), arginine, antioxidant vitamins E and C, glutamine and branched chain amino acids. Endurox R4 is a total nutritional approach to muscle performance and recovery because it is specifically designed to:

Restore electrolytes and water.

Replenish glycogen stores rapidly.

Reduce muscle and oxidative stress.

Rebuild muscle protein.
The results of the clinical trials provide powerful support that Endurox R4, by improving muscle performance and enhancing recovery, should be the product of choice for any athlete engaged in aerobic activities such as running, biking or swimming or team sports such as basketball, football or soccer.

Serving Sizes

Endurox R4 Performance/Recovery Drink comes in a ready-to-mix powder in the following flavors and sizes:

Fruit Punch Flavor (Single Serving Packet, 14 or 28 Servings Canister)

All Natural Tangy Orange (Single Serving Packet, 14 or 28 Servings Canister)

Lemon Lime Flavor (Single Serving Packet, 14 or 28 Servings Canister)
Directions For Use

Endurox R4 should be taken within two hours after exercise. During this time your muscle cells are far more efficient in replenishing muscle glycogen stores when there is sufficient amount of carbohydrate available and insulin is stimulated. Endurox R4 provides the necessary carbohydrate and protein in the correct proportion to stimulate insulin, the body's master recovery hormone. The amount of Endurox R4 you should consume depends on your body weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect with Endurox R4?

In studies against the leading sports drink, Endurox R4 delivered equal hydration effectiveness and was proven to:

Enhance performance and extend endurance by 55%

Decrease post-exercise muscle damage by 36%

Reduce free radical build-up by 69%, thereby protecting against muscle stress and soreness

Increase muscle glycogen replenishment by 220%

Increase insulin levels by 70%, thereby speeding the replenishment of muscle glycogen stores and the rebuilding of protein
Why is insulin the master recovery hormone?

Insulin regulates glycogen replenishment post exercise and also maintains muscle protein by both preventing breakdown and stimulating rebuilding of protein. Because Endurox R4 maximizes insulin levels, it produces a faster and stronger recovery.

What is the importance of OR2 (Optimum Recovery Ratio)?

Although researchers have noted that protein can provide a number of essential benefits in the recovery process, too much protein can actually slow restoration of glycogen and rehydration. Endurox R4 is unique because it provides the ideal Optimum Recovery Ratio of 4:1 (4 grams of carbohydrate to one gram of protein) to deliver the benefits of protein without negatively affecting rehydration and glycogen restoration. Endurox R4 is so unique it has a patent.

How does glutamine help in the recovery process?

Glutamine has been shown to bolster the body's defense mechanisms, a key benefit for the training athlete, as well as to reduce stress during exercise.

What is the difference between ACCELERADE and Endurox R4?

ACCELERADE and Endurox R4 are based on groundbreaking research showing how nutrition can improve muscle performance and recovery. Both products contain the patented 4-1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein to speed glycogen replenishment plus antioxidants to reduce post exercise muscle.

ACCELERADE helps you achieve optimum performance during exercise because it increases the energy efficiency of every gram of carbohydrate to extend endurance up to 24%.

Endurox R4 speeds recovery because it contains a higher level of carbohydrate, protein, antioxidants, the amino acids, arginine and glutamine, as well as branched chain amino acids. Endurox R4 reduces muscle soreness by 36% and improves performance during the next workout up to 55%.

Endurox R4

*These statements about Endurox R4 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Endurox R4 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Endurox R4 and we no longer have it in stock.

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