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Superpump 250

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Supplement Brand: Gaspari Nutrition
Superpump 250
Superpump 250 Information
The clinical trials have it! SuperPump 250 (SuperPump250) has been developed through extensive research and has been shown in independent laboratory testing to promote explosive increases in lean mass and muscle size in your very first workout! SuperPump 250 (SuperPump250) has also been shown to illicit a simultaneous reduction in unwanted body fat! In one fell swoop, Gaspari Nutrition has made all other nitric oxide and creatine supplements obsolete. Thanks to a precise formulation of ingredients designed to enhance anabolic signaling and nutrient delivery, SuperPump 250 delivers skin-tearing pumps, road-map vascularity and incredible, explosive workouts!

Clinical Trial Shows New Novel Compound Substantially Increases Muscle Mass AND Reduces Body Fat In 1 Dose.

The Study

Subjects completed two trials, in random order, separated by ~ one-week: 1) workout only, 2) same workout with SuperPump250. During the SuperPump trial, subjects ingested one serving of the supplement 30-minutes before starting the workout. During the placebo trial, subjects drank water. The workout consisted of 10 sets: 5 sets for the biceps and 5 sets for the triceps. All weights, reps and rest periods were tightly controlled and kept the same from one trial to the next. That way, any differences seen would be due to the supplement. Changes in lean mass (muscle) and body fat were measured with ¡°gold standard¡± and one of the most sensitive tools available: dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA).

SuperPump 250 Advantages

  • Increase the muscle building power of your workout by 250% as compared to placebo!
  • Up to 5 times the muscle building power of a regular workout!
  • Same workout - Up to FIVE TIMES more muscle!
  • Drop Body Fat in a single dose!

Superpump 250 Ingredients

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 scoop (20g)
Servins Per Container: 40
Amount Per Servin % Daily Value
Calories 32
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 180mg 10%
Potassium 90mg 3%
Total Carbohydrates 8g 3%
Sugars 0g 0%
Protein 0g 0%
Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 25mg 1,250%
Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 140mcg 2,333%
Folic Acid 420mcg 105%
Magnesium (Phosphate & Oxide) 350mg 90%
Phosphorus 280mg 32%

Superpump 250 Suggested Usage
RECOMMENDED USE ON TRAINING DAYS: As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 scoops with 8-12 oz. of cold water or juice 30-40 minutes prior to training (preferably on an empty stomach). For maximum results, avoid consuming a meal or protein shake within 45 minutes to an hour of taking SuperPump250. Caution: Individuals sensitive to stimulants should start by using half the recommended dose (1-2 scoops) to help assess their tolerance. Do not exceed more than three (3) scoops at any given time.

RECOMMENDED USE ON NON-TRAINING DAYS: As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 4-8 oz. of cold water or juice.

Superpump 250 Contains
Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Phosphate, Natural Orange Flavor, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Sucralose, Beta Carotene.

Superpump 250

*These statements about Superpump 250 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Superpump 250 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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40 Servings

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