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100% Egg Protein

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Supplement Brand: Vitol
100% Egg Protein
100% Egg Protein Information
Egg Protein Powder is energizing formula providing nutrients beneficial for muscle growth and healing after workouts with added bee pollen for enhanced energy.

Manufacturer's Product Research:
Enzyme Activated. P.E.R. 3.9 supports muscle growth. 100% Egg Protein was formulated by Val Vasilef; N.D.; winner of over 80 physique; power and weight lifting awards including Mr. America and also a researcher of longevity in the field of gerontology; sport science and advanced nutrition; who advocates protein as a necessary daily essential food to build muscle growth and repair the body. Bee Pollen which is being used by many super athletes is included in Vitol's formula along with Papain and Bromelain which aids in digestion.

A delicious milk shake can be made by adding your choice of the following: honey; malt; maple syrup; molasses or natural cherry concentrate. P.E.R. The Protein Efficiency Ratio is now the U.S. Government standard for determining the quality of protein. It measures a protein's ability to support growth as determined by extensive experiments with laboratory animals. Vital's 100% Egg Protein has a P.E.R. of 3.9 being more efficient; greater and higher than any other protein available.

Manufacturer's Directions/Recommended Usage:
Beverage: As a protein supplement add two tablespoonfuls in any juice of your choice. For best results use a blender. Foods: This powder may also be mixed with soup; cereals; gravies; ground meat and pastries.
Natural Pure Egg White Albumin (with a P.E.Rof 3.9)100%; Natural Bee Pollen; Natural Papaya Enzymes (papain); Natural Pineapple Enzymes (bromelain); Natural Vanilla Flavoring

Papain; Bromelain; Bee Pollen
Additional Ingredients:
Methionine975mg*; Tryptophane420mg*; Valine..1820mg*; Leucine1985mg*; Alanine1225mg; Arginine1252mg; Aspartic Acid2410mg; Cystine701mg; Glutamic Acid3012mg; Isoleucine1450mg*; Lysine1624mg*; Phenylalanine1425mg*; Threonine1154mg*; Glycine796mg; Histidine534mg; Proline811mg; Serine1548mg; Tyrosine925mg; [*The Essential Amino Acids]

100% Egg Protein Ingredients
Natural Pure Egg White Albumin (with a P.E.Rof 3.9) - 100%, Natural Bee Pollen, Natural Papaya Enzymes (papain), Natural Pineapple Enzymes (bromelain), Natural Vanilla Flavoring

100% Egg Protein Suggested Usage
Beverage: As a protein supplement add two tablespoonfuls in any juice of your choice. For best results use a blender. Foods: This powder may also be mixed with soup, cereals, gravies, ground meat and pastries.

100% Egg Protein Recommended Daily Allowance
Calories - 102, Protein - 24gm, Carbohydrate - 0gm, Fat - 0gm, Protein - 51%, Riboflavin - 35%, Vitamin B6 - 25%, Biotin - 5%, Iodine - 10%, Vitamin A - less than - 2%, Vitamin C - less than - 2%, Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - less than - 2%, Calcium - less than - 2%, Vitamin B3 (niacin) - less than - 2%, Iron - less than - 2%, [% U.S. Daily Recommended Allowances (U.S. RDA)]

100% Egg Protein Contains
Papain, Bromelain, Bee Pollen

100% Egg Protein Does Not Contain
Fat, Sugar, Starch, Salt, Cholesterol, Carbohydrate, Synthetic Coloring, Artificial Sweetener, Coal Tar Derivatives.

100% Egg Protein

*These statements about 100% Egg Protein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 100% Egg Protein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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100% Egg Protein Reviews

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  1.  finally a product that stops the waste of money!
    This is the highest quality product I have used.. much better than all the "ion exhanged whey supplements" out there. PERIOD. I used to spend $150-$200 every month or so trying products until I found this one on the shelf and out of sheer curiosity I tried it.. - No hype, no long pseudoscientific technical studies published on the back, no flashy colors or free "protein packet" samples... Mixes instantly iinto plain water and has no after taste.. ( it can get to be slightly gritty- if you add 2 tablespoons but suck it up-- you can't have it all!) No bloat no gas at all and no splenda- (sucralose)/ I use it on empty stomach in morning and it curbs any cravings for crappy breakfast foods you normally give into. I now spend $50 or so on this a month and I have money left over to do somethings else besided waste it on protein suppliments that collect dust it the pantry
    Reviewer: machine from Pittston PA on November 18, 2007

  1.  Superior to any other Egg on the market
    I have tried all the egg protein powders on the market. This is by far the best one. It is all natural and what makes this egg protein good is a former Mr. America developed it years ago. The company has been in business for over 25 years
    Reviewer: Bill from Tampa, FL on August 09, 2007

  1.  AMAZING !
    I use this stuff as a post workout supplement. It mixes well in milk and taste like a milk shake. This is the only supplement I have been on for several weeks and have had amazing results in muscle gains. Don't get sucked in to the hype that you have to use whey for real muscle gains. This stuff works!
    Reviewer: Steve from South Carolina on December 07, 2006

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