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100% Whey Protein

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Supplement Brand: Optimum Nutrition
100% Whey Protein
100% Whey Protein Information
Whey protein is the highest in all measures of protein quaility. Our extremely popular protein is produced with domestic Grade A Milk and is low temperature processed to preserve the biologically active microfractions. It is also concentrated, ultrafiltered and isolated using ion exchange and crossflow microfiltration to eliminate nearly all of the cholesterol and lactose making it perfect for low-fat and low carbohydrate diets.

Optimum Nutrition offers a very high quality whey protein at an affordable price. Customers consistently rank Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein as one of the best values on the market.

This is is a powerful pharmaceutical grade protein supplement. Each serving delivers 22 grams of high biologically valued protein and just 2 grams of fat.

This product contains absolutely no added carbohydrates. Each serving has just 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice for those on low carbohydrate diets.

100% Whey Protein is manufactured from non-denatured, specially filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate, and Low Molecular Weight Whey Peptides. This mixture provides the highest biological value and absorbability while eliminating the lactose.

This product delivers you the perfect balance of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids including a high concentration of Branch Chain Amino Acids. This improves nitrogen retention and muscle growth.

This is an instantized formula that is easy to mix with a spoon, and tastes delicious mixed with either skim milk or water. For added protein, try mixing a scoop of protein with your oatmeal, yogurt, muffins, or pancake recipes.

What's in It?
Serving Size: 1 heaping scoop
Servings per Container: 80
Calories: 110 Calories from fat: 18
Total Fat: 2g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 50mg
Sodium: 60mg
Potassium: 230mg
Total Carbohydrate: 1.5g
Dietary Fiber: <1g
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 22g
Calcium: 17%
Iron: 2%


QuadPlex Protein Blend (Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate, Cross Flow Microfiltration Whey Protein Isolate, Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate [All Three Sources Contain Concentrations of Lactoglobulin, alpha-Lactalbumen, Bovine Serum Albumen, Immunoglbulins, Glycomacropeptides, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Glycomacropeptides, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, other closely related Protein Molecules and Glutamine Peptides], Low Molecular Weight and Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides), Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame Potassium, FD and C Red #40.

Suggested use:
Mix 1 heaping scoop with 6 to 8 oz. of water or skim milk. Take 2 to 3 servings per day.

100% Whey Protein

*These statements about 100% Whey Protein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 100% Whey Protein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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100% Whey Protein Reviews

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  1.  Simply Awesome
    This product is simply awesome. i heard that supplements are not good for health but trainer asked me to take it once. i was 57 kg @ 181cm height. After 3 months im 65 kg and my bisecps increaed from 11 to 14 inches. Also it doesnt hav any side effects and its affordable.
    Reviewer: nisha gupta from New Delhi, India on September 20, 2007

  1.  Suggestion needed
    I have started bodybuding 6 months ago and now only i have started using Whey proteing. Already my weight is 74 kgs and my height is 5.8 Feet and age is 25. however my body shape not so good. my biceps and forarms are very small and thighs and hips are big (thighs 22 inches and hips 34). Could some one suggest me should i continue with Whey protein or not ? and what should i do to get my body in shape. Also my abs are average size but i want to get six pack abs, dont know wheather whey protein will help me in getting that target. Please suggest Thanks
    Reviewer: suraj from springfield on September 16, 2007

  1.  Awsome Muscle Building Protein
    I have been taking this for a couple of weeks and i have noticed great muscle gain i am a serious bodybuilder and tried this to see if it is really what it is hyped up to be. IT IS!!!!!!i have gained 9 pounds in 16 days of drinking one serving before and after my workout while working out 4 times a week.I reccomed the double rich chacolate flavor .
    Reviewer: Mike from Elkhart IN USA on June 17, 2007

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