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Animal Max Protein

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Supplement Brand: Universal Nutrition
Animal Max Protein
Animal Max Protein Information
Animal Max

If you want to join the big leagues, then youd better start feeding your body with protein, the bodybuilders lifeblood. Its not just the amount that countsits the quality and the variety. Today, serious bodybuilders cycle proteins. Why? Each protein source has a unique amino acid profile. By combining them, you get the best profile availablescience has proven that every protein has unique functional properties. For instance, while whey is best for protein synthesis, casein is better at preventing protein breakdown. When youre looking for a comprehensive and complete protein shake to maximize muscle gains and size, look no further than Animal Max. Every serving of Animal Max provides a days requirement of creatine, rendering your other creatine supplements obsolete. Animal Max is available in two flavors, Vanilla Cream and Chocolate, and two sizes, 3/4lb and 1kg.

Animal Max Protein

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